Hot Wax

My Master and I have had many many kinky conversations but like they say, you always remember your first. And out first ever filthy chat focused quite heavily on the thought of hot wax.

We discussed it several times in the early days of our relationship (back when I was being a slow learner and hadn’t realised we were properly doing D/s) and I actually bought a big bag of soy wax in anticipation.

And then we got sidetracked with all the other ridiculously fun and filthy kink over the last three years and the bag of wax got forgotten about until a recent clear out brought it to mind again.

It is testament to how much I was determined not to miss hot wax with my Master this time that I actually sent him a specific date I had in mind for it and more or less gave him an order for the first time in our relationship.

Life has got in the way of my Master and I doing any full D/s for a few months and I’ve been missing it. Submission doesn’t just turn me on but sort of recharges my emotional batteries too so for me the scene started long before Sir got to my house.

Researching how best to melt the wax and what to apply it with, picking out what to wear or not wear on the night, incorporating Princess into what I was setting up and then laying out my living room so that it was as close to a dungeon as I can get it meant my excitement built all week.

By the time I was getting dressed for Sir with full slutty make up designed to smudge and smear over the scene for Princess, I had that excitement that you can feel in both your stomach and your cunt. I was the tiniest bit worried I’d built the anticipation up too much as I knelt blindfolded re-acquainting myself with John Holmes for the first time in months as I waited for them to arrive.

I think it was about thirty seconds in when I realised the evening was in fact going to exceed my wildest expectations. My Master started me off by sitting back in my armchair glass of whisky in his hand letting me find his cock with my mouth.

Not only did his cock taste particularly good but he pulled me deeper down on it than I can usually manage by raking his hands through my hair and up and down my back and shoulders which made melt down onto his cock like I couldn’t get enough. Just as I was so blissed I could barely move my mouth round him, he swapped places with Princess and I buried myself in her lap too.

Sir ordered us both onto the floor on our knees and took turns fucking us. He filled me up with his cock and left me wanting more as he pulled Princess on top of him with her ass in the air and told me to use her as my toy. It was time to get the temperature play part of the evening going.

Alongside my hot wax I’d laid out an ice bucket and buried my favourite curved glass butt plug inside it. I left Princess’s ass hot and stinging after a few hard slaps and then pressed the ice cold toy against her. She took the toy in one go and sat down so hard on Sir’s cock I was envious of how filled up she was.

They didn’t leave me for long though, working together as Princess put me in the spreader bar as Sir tied my hands and arms so I was flat on my back, legs spread wide and unable to stop either of them from doing anything to me. I was completely naked, totally immobile and very vulnerable.

It was exactly the moment I wasn’t sure if I could take the pain I thought would be coming and I almost wanted to safe word before we’d even begun. This amount of anticipation after a whole week of waiting was unbearable. I was so wrapped up in in that moment I almost didn’t notice the first drip of wax for a second until a sting of beeswax brought me out of my thoughts and right into the scene.

I didn’t have more than a split second to breathe in before a warm wave of hot wax washed over me. Smoother softer cooler soy wax felt like pure pleasure on my skin. I could feel myself slide into subspace where my body and mind feel incredibly sensitive and attuned yet in soft focus.

Sir flicked and dripped the wax over my tits, warming my nipple piercings with residual heat which gave me much more sensation than I ever get there especially as Princess was flicking her tongue over my clit at the same time. I was just basking on ripples of warmth and orgasms as the sensations built with layers of hardening wax.

It was the first time my Master and Princess have worked together on a kink scene where I am doing active submission rather than just being submissive as I fuck and it felt like being passed from hand to hand if they weren’t letting my feet touch the ground like floating completely securely.

The wax kept coming running and dripping down my torso and arms, flicking onto my legs and tightening as it dried. I knew my Master and Princess were taking turns with it concentrating in places while alternating with bright hot splashes of the beeswax anytime I looked like I was starting to zone too far out.

Usually when I submit to Sir I am very quiet, almost non verbal but this scene pushed me out of that habit because I knew that to keep this pleasure coming I needed to give feedback as it was so unlike anything we’ve played with before. I’ve always thought that talking during a scene would take me out of it but in fact I discovered it enhanced everything.

Although maybe my Master also likes me silent because he gave Princess the order to use the Doxy on me at this point. The way she pulsed it and pressed it against my cunt made me lose my voice into the pull of five orgasms one after like a complete slut as the wax ran across my bare cunt feeling exactly like the warmth of squirting.

I was utterly spent. And my Master and Princess were just ready to get started on each other. I lay back watching as Sir slid his cock into Princess’s stretched welcoming ass and fucked her so hard they both collapsed into me as he came into her.

It was the perfect way to crack the wax they’d worked so hard to build up so that when they untied me and pulled me up off the floor there was a perfect line of wax around my body to prove how we’d spent two kinky hours that were more than worth the wait….

wax lines

Hot Wax

Ass Play

One of my favourite views is the sight of Princess’s bare ass up in the air. Not only does she have a beautiful rounded ass and tiny waist that looks perfect at that angle, but it heralds other good things too.

Like the fact she is on her knees being spanked by my Master or face first in my cunt licking me to orgasm or swallowing his cock impossibly deeply. Or my new favourite thing, wearing a plug in her ass.

Princess plug

No wonder I was incredibly distracted the other day when she sent me that photo. So much promise right there…

Ass Play

Two At A Time

slut paddle

My Master clearly woke up horny yesterday because by 10.30 he’d fucked Princess in the ass, come in her throat and arranged a threesome with me. I found it extremely difficult to focus all afternoon with that in mind.

It’s been a while since we’ve all been able to play together so I wanted to make an effort and packed a bag of pure sluttery to take to their house. Two new toys to play with: a leather paddle with the word slut in it and a double ended dildo.

My Master was aware of both but Princess wasn’t at all so I was intrigued to see what he would have planned with them. I do like his ability to surprise me even when I know what he has in mind.

double dong

I started the evening by surprising both of them with my completely sheer black bodysuit that made the previous one look almost demure. Totally see through it only needed some black stockings and a quarter cup bra and black corset to finish it off to full effect.

It certainly declared how ready to fuck I was and neither of them made me wait too long to get started. Princess was so keen in fact she was being a little bit bratty so my Master had no choice but to tie her face down on the bed with her mouth on my cunt while he alternated the Doxy on the jiggle ball butt plug in her ass and the slut paddle on her skin to punish her.

Sadly the paddle didn’t brand her fully with the word slut, but it did offer several orgasms worth of fun for her from hard stinging spanks to soft thwacking slaps and almost soothing sounds as she squirmed into my soaking cunt and tried to pull away from the Doxy overloading her senses.

I think she thought my Master was taking pity on how helpless and being used she was when he allowed her to sit up again and took the cuffs off her arms and legs. Right up until the moment he blindfolded her that was.

But instead he slipped one end of the huge double dildo in her cunt and the other into mine and then held her arms behind her sliding us together on the same huge toy. He then guided her hands down so she could feel that we were sharing it and watched as she started to fuck the toy and by extension my cunt.

The toy was just a little bit too long for us to push our cunts together and feel the Doxy at the same time but putting it on full power allowed us to get a good effect as we fucked each other with an enormous cock as my Master enjoyed watching us.

I’m particularly looking forward to buying a slightly shorter double ended dildo for next time and not being so greedy about length for once…

Two At A Time

Ass Play

Several people recently have asked me about how to stretch their ass to allow for more play so I thought I’d give some advice on what I’ve done so far. Obviously  cis men get a very different experience from ass play than cis women but I think there’s enough overlap that I can share my stretching expertise.

When I met my Master I hadn’t had anal sex for about ten years and struggled to get a finger in my ass at all (although enjoyed it) so he immediately embraced the challenge to stretch til I could take a cock.

It didn’t take as long as I expected. He was able to fuck my ass within about three months which pleased both of us. He got to use plugs as much as possible in that time to get used to the sensation of something in my ass and to stretch me out.

I had a bit of difficulty to begin with the the plug he suggested first. Although the jiggle balls in it felt amazing, I couldn’t walk at all without the plug slipping out and I found the base hurt after wearing it for more than a hour or so.

I was determined to fill his order of wearing a plug overnight so I went onto Lovehoney and did some research about different sizes and shapes of plugs and ordered a selection. They often do offers on anal toys and have a 365 day return policy that allows you to really try stuff out.

I was drawn to curved plugs. Mainly designed to hit the prostate on men, I find them more comfortable for sitting and walking as a not very tall woman. I shied away from bigger bases to start with and then discovered that for me finger loops and T bars are more wearable for long periods of time too.

I also found that if there’s any reason you might need to take the plug out (and put it back in) when you’re out and about, glass or stainless steel are the best materials to use. They are easy to clean, discreet to put in a bag or pocket and unlike silicone don’t pick up odours or fluff.

I started off with my plug when I was doing something else that distracted me. I did a lot of housework in fact. Then I built up to wearing it 30 to 60 minutes a day longer each time and then wore it overnight. I went from being intensely aware of it to forgetting I had it in there quite quickly.

Not rushing and finding the right plugs for me were key to stretching my ass and taught me to be able to come just through anal. I’m a little out of practise though, maybe I need my own advice…


Ass Play

A Whole Month

Nearly halfway through the year, it feels really good to have completely ticked something off the list my Master has given me for 2016.

Every single time I’ve gone out for the last month I’ve been wearing a wig and a butt plug as ordered and I’m convinced that it will be the most difficult thing I do from that list all year.

That’s partly because it’s almost 24/7 submission but done alone without my Master present which alters the dynamic in a way for me that things like waist training or not wearing underwear doesn’t.

Those things start out a challenge for me, something I am intensely aware of when I start. Every step was noticeable when I started wearing the jiggle balls, every breath in and out the first few days I wore the waist trainer or way I moved and bent over when I stopped wearing underwear.

And then they start to feel so normal, so usual that I forget I didn’t always do them and have to think back to how I was when I first met my Master. But I remained intensely conscious to the point of self conscious of the wig.

In contrast the only time I noticed the butt plug during that month was when I was walking back from my Master’s recently and due to the repeated orgasms he’d just given me mixed with a combination of lube and come, it slipped out as I was walking. A few more steps at a reduced speed proved to me that a latex catsuit would stop it crashing to the ground and I made it home unscathed and moderately amused.

The wig however became more and more challenging each time. I became so panicky about people who know me outside Candi seeing me with her that I had to message my Master and ask what to do when I thought I really couldn’t spend time with a mutual friend of ours the other night because of it.

I’ve been thinking a lot about why the wig is so problematic for me. Partly on a practical level of being used to short hair, it gets in my way far more than I’m used to and makes me impatient and too warm. But more than that, it’s a visible sign of my dynamic with my Master and I’m not used to that. It feels exposing and vulnerable in a way that the secrecy and privacy of our relationship doesn’t.

I have always thrived on secrets and hidden aspects in sexual relationships. Even where I’m open with someone on a personal level, if it suited our dynamic I might have been seeing someone else and not telling them or been having a relationship with someone I shouldn’t have been or doing things people who thought they knew me would be shocked by.

And in many ways my relationship with my Master carries on in that vein. It’s not public knowledge amongst people who know both of us, I don’t discuss it with friends and a huge part of it for me is about people not suspecting the level of sluttiness and kink just under the surface.

I revel in the fact that the average person I interact with in a week would never guess that I’ve been fisting myself in Selfridges or never wear underwear or suspect that under my fairly strong personality I’m incredibly sexually submissive. The wig is more overt, a more obvious sign of that to me than I’m used to or comfortable with.

Having to consider why I found the whole task so difficult it has made me more aware of why my Master set me as an order. I’m glad he did and even more glad I saw it through no matter how hard it became. I hate to disappoint or defy him, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t relieved to complete the task.

It has made me even more keen to move on to the rest of the list though in comparison…

A Whole Month