Pussy Piercings

My Master was away on a stag do at the weekend and he came back both horny and full of ideas. I already knew about his liking for obviously fake tits and body modification but even I was surprised by his latest thought on new piercings.

It’s no coincidence that the collar he chose to denote ownership of me was a clit piercing as it combines form and function and I know he likes my other piercings too. But I was naively unaware that there are other female genital piercings until he mentioned them this morning.

Labial piercings have the effect of decoration and helping to stretch my cunt further and both of those things interest me enough that I’m spending my Sunday evening researching it online.

What you do think though? Three rings each side or more?


Pussy Piercings

Dress Up Doll

As I mentioned the other day my Master does love body modification both as a kink and a rather enjoyable hobby when you are fucking two different women who happen to look very different to each other.

And I aim to please my Master which is why I’ve changed my own body so much since I met him to the point where I see people notice it all the time and look like they want to comment but can’t without showing themselves to be thinking filthy thoughts when they shouldn’t be.

But I enjoyed being able to please him another way this week by helping him modify Princess’s body too. He very generously offered me an opportunity to combine my two great loves of online shopping and smut and look for some fake tits for her to wear day to day.

He set me the task of deciding whether breast forms or enhancers were a better idea and working out the size and shape they needed to be for maximum slutty look and yet comfort to be worn all the time.

Forms are fantastic but best if you are using them with little or no breast tissue behind them so in this case I simply gleaned the advice of crossdressing men and trans women and looked at some enhancers or ‘chicken fillets’ instead which are better for wearing inside a bra to push up what you already have.

My Master of course made the final decision and I was left to be surprised. Although not as surprised as Princess who had no idea what was being planned while she was away with friends at the weekend.

It seemed appropriate to welcome her home with a new body for us to both play with and my Master arranged that we would all play together the night after she returned. He instructed me to give her slutty make up and to wait for him to arrive with his shopping.

I seem to have forgotten blindfolds exist this week and gave Princess the same style of heavy eye make up I often wear and she swears is why people know I’m a slut as soon as they meet me. I wanted to see if it brought out even more of an inner slut in her too but forgot it was likely to smudge on a blindfold.

She managed to be almost as obedient as I am by keeping her eyes shut as my Master came in and ordered her to undress as he filled the new bra he’d bought with the enhancers and he and I dressed her in it. The one advantage to no blindfold was being able to see Princess’s facial expressions as she felt her body feel different but not knowing how.

There was also a matching thong that looked perfect on her ass and then a very tight black dress that slid over the top and showed off all the curves of new bigger breasts, tiny waist and gorgeous ass. All finished off with a long red wig and a pair of high heeled boots that made her legs ridiculously long.

She looked so good there was only one thing to do with her. My Master got her to kneel down and take his cock in her mouth and then ordered her to get up and go out dressed like that with the taste of cock on her lips and go and buy wine from the local shop so everyone else could admire how good she looked too.


He would take the opportunity to fuck me repeatedly to orgasm while she showed off her new look in public for the first time and point out to me that he was turning Princess into Candi and I should be flattered…


Dress Up Doll


I had so much to do yesterday. All kinds of boring domestic chores to make me feel like a 1950s housewife. But my Master had other plans to please him that didn’t involve doing the washing up.

He set me some research to find him some erotic stories about a girl becoming sluttier and physically changing her body in the process. And since I enjoyed scrolling smut on my phone with a huge cock in my cunt the other day, I asked if I could play the same way again now.

Unsurprisingly he agreed to my greed and allowed me to fill myself up with the John Holmes toy as I started searching for filth online. This afternoon’s scrolling was much less successful than the previous one though.

There was lots and lots of stories about girls getting sluttier, but all the body modification tales I could find were based around either sci fi or non consent which are personally my two greatest turn offs both in life and sex, even though I know lots of people enjoy aspects of both in their entertainment and fantasy lives.

But without getting into a debate about non consent as sexual fantasy I was disappointed to see so little consensual body modification erotica out there as if no one could enjoy or be wanting to have their body altered by someone or simply for themselves unless it’s in the realm of crossdressing or trans based sissification.

It taps into the idea that the only reason a man wants to change a woman’s body is because there’s something wrong with it rather than as a mutual project of him dominating and her willingly submitting. This also has shades of the belief many men have that women only dress up or wear make up for their attention rather because they also enjoy it.

I love that my Master takes such time and interest in modifying my body. My body being the operative word because he seeks to modify me differently to how he changes Princess. It’s individual and personal in the best of ways and it pushes me to submit rather than do things just for the sake of them.

So it irritated me that after almost three hours earlier I could only find one story that was even remotely consensually about body modification and featured a human woman. And then I realised that meant my Master’s kink is even kinkier than I realised seeing as he likes his sluts fully involved in their changes rather than given no choice.

And there’s really nothing hotter to me than that. No wonder I got nothing done except coming for him all afternoon and evening. Definitely the way to play housewife…



So I’m supposed to be going on a date tomorrow night and I’m conflicted about it for several reasons.

It came about unexpectedly when a guy I knew through work and I were out drinking and he kissed me. I liked the attention and I liked the kiss more than I expected, but I also felt cautious about the whole thing.

I belong to my Master and his ownership of me is literally marked on my body with the modification of my clit piercing. I am reminded of it repeatedly throughout the day that way but never more so than when another man is interested in me.

I don’t want to do anything to jeopardise that ownership nor my relationship with Princess but I do tend to respond to the attention of men. Prior to meeting my Master, I have never really done relationships of any length or commitment. I was more the fuck them and move on type in fact.

I am much more practised in the art of attracting men in both public and private settings than than keeping their interest. Most of my sexual encounters could be measured in evenings or maybe weeks and a lot of the allure was the chase rather than the connection per se.

It still comes relatively naturally to me to flirt and attract attention from the opposite sex. Partly through habit but also because the changes my Master has made to my body as Candi certainly catch men’s eye and Princess has encouraged me to be more of a show off.

I felt oddly guilty after the guy kissed me as if I was sharing something with him that was for my Master and Princess and it only calmed when my Master made it clear that he rather liked the idea of showing me off in person to another man and gave me orders if I went on the date.

But I’m still not sure. Part of me relishes the idea of showing off each slutty kinky little change my Master has made me as someone discovers my new waist, my pierced nipples or my changed stretched cunt.

And part of me likes that no one else has seen those things in person or touched them about from my Master and Princess. After years of exhibitionism through casual sex, I like the secrets I have from the outside world with only two other people and I’m not sure I’m ready to show those off to anyone else.

And that’s even more unexpected for me than the kiss was…




Today was a rather eventful day following my Master’s orders for changing and modifying my body. Firstly a consultation for laser hair removal to make sure my cunt is completely and permanently smooth.

My Master made sure I had ridden the big John Holmes toy for four minutes and come twice before I went. I was amused by the instruction for four minutes until I remembered that when he filmed Princess licking my cunt the other night it took me four minutes to come. His attention to detail does it for me every time.

I went to the clinic stretched and well fucked without any underwear and was mightily disappointed to discover that I’m not a suitable candidate for the hair removal. I’ll be sticking with razors from now on it seems.

But my second task of the day was more successful. I finally got to see my piercer and get my upper ear pierced on my Master’s instruction that it’s perfect for slutty girls with poor decision making.

This is my fourth piercing in a year, all since I met my Master and since he ordered me to modify my body for his approval. I’ve had both nipples, my clit hood, my nose and now my ear pierced and this won’t be my last piercing by any stretch of the imagination.

It was interestingly enough the most painful of all my piercings so far and I was very glad my Master had distracted me with making me go into a bar and play with my clit piercing first.

Between that and a very hot conversation between him and Princess, I was incredibly wet when the needle went through my ear and while it hurt, it was the kind of pain you want to breathe into instead of back away from.

Even now while my ear is quite tender, I don’t mind the pain. It’s like the warm ache from spanking Princess’s ass with my bare hand or when my Master was pinching my thighs and nipples while I sat on his knee and fucked him the other night. I’m starting to understand the connection between pleasure and pain finally…



laced corset and lingerie from behind

The warm weather this week means I’ve been doing practical things like putting away winter clothes and bringing out the ones for spring and summer. Usually is a fairly tedious task, but this time it’s been fascinating seeing how much my body has changed in the last six months.

I only started wearing a corset in early autumn and the first time I tried lacing myself into it I couldn’t believe how uncomfortable and awkward it felt. I could only take my waist down by millimetres to begin with and wear it for less than an hour at a time and my first corset wasn’t even steel boned.

By Christmas, I revelled in my Master bending me over and lacing it as tight as it would go. My waist seemed impossibly tiny compared to where I started and the corset didn’t feel as constricting as I expected.

That turned out to be because my Master’s training meant that I already in a couple of months reduced my waist enough that the 28″ corset was now loose on me and I needed to size down.

New Year meant sizing down to a 26″ steel boned corset to keep working on my order to be wearing a 24″ by the end of the year. I loved the snug feel of the boning right from the start this time, especially over my latex catsuit for added compression.

In between I started to wear a waist trainer everyday. Made from rubber, it’s designed to help size your waist down and shape you day to day without being as formal as a corset. I found it more uncomfortable than the corset to begin with and struggled to get it closed even on the first row of hooks.

Two months later and I hate not wearing it. The sleek shape it gives feels fantastic when it’s on and I can see an enormous difference in my waist when I’m not wearing it. My shape had started to change and I’m happily wearing it for hours at a time on the third row of hooks.

I hadn’t realised just how much my body has changed until I tried on clothes I haven’t worn since this time last year and none of them fit because my waist is now so nipped in and my hips look more rounded in comparison.

I can’t stop staring at the change by wearing dresses and skirts all the time instead of trousers. It seems that the more stretched my cunt gets, the narrower my waist becomes in contrast…