A Real Change

Changing room Tk Maxx

It’s taken me two days to get out to fulfil my Master’s last order of fisting myself to orgasm in public again which meant that I was more than ready to come, but that my ginger was past its best.

I will definitely be buying some more tomorrow but today I had to make do with the black glass plug in my ass instead. I had a little difficulty finding somewhere with enough space and time to be able to slip the fist in and play with it.

Then I nipped into TK Maxx for some kitchen stuff and realised they had proper changing rooms with suitably impressive sized mirrors to perform in front of. Plus that place is packed. I’ve definitely started to make more noise when I come so even if I didn’t have the ginger, it would be a challenge to make any unusual sounds at all in there.

I wandered round outside for 10 minutes picking up the maximum number of awkward looking items to try on to justify taking my time in the changing room and then queued up. Every cubicle was taken and when I finally got one, I knew there were people mere inches away from me on either side as I stripped off and knelt down over the fist.

Watching from all angles as it slipped into me got me even wetter and I had no difficulty getting the toy in quickly and easily before lying back on the bench with my feet stretched out resting on the mirror in front of me, watching my cunt gape open as I fucked myself hard.

I was sure the wall was moving in rhythm with me and making noise for me and I was incredibly aware of the sounds of my soaking wet pussy enjoying the toy. I never get to see myself as stretched as that and I’m wishing now I’d remembered to take a photo of my gape when I had the mirror there.

But the bench was slightly the wrong height for me to fuck myself to orgasm so I stood up and let the toy slip in and out as deeply as possible and it took hardly any time before I came hard. Turns out there’s nothing like not being able to make noise to make you want to make noise and I could have roared when I came.

It’s just as well I didn’t or I’d have missed the sound of myself ejaculating onto the hardwood floor as I came. I had to bite my lip not to make any more sound as it happened and my legs gave way onto the bench behind me.

I had to sit there for a few minutes while my legs stopped shaking and I could get dressed again. I could feel how wet I still was as I stood in the queue afterwards. I might be keen to shop for more than ginger after discovering what fun changing rooms can be…

come on floor

A Real Change

Delayed Gratification

I’m not sure what’s up with me at the moment, but I seem to have great difficulty following my Master’s orders. Particularly around wearing the wig every day.

As soon as I have to wear around anyone I know who doesn’t know about Candi, I seem to freeze up. Wearing it round central London or away from home is fine. It makes me want to flirt in fact.

Wearing it close to home and in my day to day life has the opposite effect. It makes me incredibly self conscious to the point where when I went into the toilet while I was out yesterday, I ended up hiding instead of fisting myself until I came three times like my Master had instructed me to.

So today I need to try again. I need to go somewhere I can wear the wig without freaking out and have enough time, space and privacy to fist myself repeatedly. On a Saturday afternoon in London.

I’ve got one idea. I hope it works out as I think it might make things up to my Master.and because I can’t remember when I last came…

Delayed Gratification

Pussy Cat

I was planning a very sedate weekend but my Master’s order that I would go out each of the three days wearing one of my wigs and use the fist toy while I was there added a certain something to all my plans.

Saturday was one of those days you need to do practical stuff. I tried to get a table in between in my favourite cafe where they know me so well there was no chance they wouldn’t notice my new black hair instantly and ask questions. But all my nerves were for nothing as all the tables were full when I went.

The only other place I had to be before a friend called round to mine for a drink in the evening was calling in to feed my friend’s cat nearby. While the cat hid in fear after not recognising me with my new hair, I checked my email to see if any of the messages I’d sent on FetLife had replied. No luck. Probably all having brunch in the cafe I’d tried to go to.

But I had a task to complete with the fist toy while I was out. And if a cafe was out of question, I was going to have to take advantage of the fact my friend’s flat was empty and the cat wasn’t even watching.

The idea of fisting myself in my friend’s house felt both illicit and inappropriate with that mixture of getting wet at the thought of it and feeling it was somehow wrong. For some reason I’d have felt more comfortable with it in her living room but her neighbours slightly over look it and her blinds aren’t especially good.

It would have to be in her bedroom instead. Knowing I had been set the task, I’d worn a skirt and stockings and I knelt down on top of her duvet and rode the fist with my feet pressing down into the bed as I moved back and forth to fuck myself for five minutes.

It felt incredibly wrong in my mind and yet from how wet I was and how easily the fist toy slipped into me, my pussy clearly didn’t agree. It felt like being a teenager again. All muffled noises and secrecy as you learn how to make yourself come quietly. It took a lot of willpower to stop before that stage.

I put the toy back in my bag, pulled my skirt down over my aching wet cunt and smoothed the duvet out so you couldn’t see any dents from my knees or my toes digging into it. I was so busy hiding the evidence of my inappropriate afternoon, that I was five minutes down the road when I realised I’d forgotten to feed the bloody cat after all that…

Pussy Cat

Three Tasks

Having failed to complete two orders my Master gave me last weekend, I was feeling extremely disobedient and rather disappointed in myself. So imagine how much I was determined to make it up to him when he reminded me I had actually managed to not to complete three orders in total.

For the next three days I am to wear one of my wigs each time I go out of the house no matter where I go. And I am to use the fist toy on myself while I am out. If any of the three women I am to have messaged on Craigslist or FetLife have replied, I may come at that point.

But if they haven’t, then I am to keep to myself on the edge for five minutes with the fist toy and not come and I must go back to normality stretched and wet and showing off my new hair at the same time.

My timing was impeccable that the first place I had to go to after this order was the doctor’s surgery. I’m a bit of a regular there so the receptionist definitely noticed the change in my hair.

Normally finding out your appointment is running 25 minutes late is infuriating. This time it allowed me to slip into the toilet and use the fist toy on myself. Keeping myself right on the edge felt all the more difficult and illicit as I was actually seeing the GP to have an internal examination as I was having my coil replaced after five years of baby-proofing me.

So within 10 minutes of fisting myself, I was lying down with the GP’s fingers inside me checking everything before the procedure began. I’ve never found these essential bits of being a woman particularly bearable before when I was so tight. It’s usually been a case of gritting my teeth to get on with it.

This time I barely felt her two fingers and the speculum slid in so easily we were chatting away while she did it. It almost popped out when she turned do something and she commented that I have clearly been doing my pelvic floor exercises because my muscles are so strong.

Lying there with my piercing on full view and Candi’s hair down my back, not even feeling that stretched this time, it was hard to not to laugh. I wonder what she’d have said if I told her I’ve mainly been doing those exercises by putting a can of Coke inside me or pushing an aubergine out of my gaping cunt on camera to go on a clips site?

I doubt she’d have believed me in fact. I find it incredible when I think how much Master has trained me into changing too and in such a short space of time…

Three Tasks

Out and Inside


My Master gave me an instruction when I was out and about today to carry the Belladonna Bitch Fist toy in my handbag.

I enjoyed knowing it was there as I shopped, feeling the weight of it as I browsed and having to be careful as I opened my bag for my purse each time making sure neither it or the bottle of lube were obvious.

Just knowing it was there felt deliciously illicit and had my mind wandering while I ran my errands. Yet I was still surprised when my Master messaged me and told me to find a bathroom immediately, spread my legs and slide the fist toy into my cunt.

Handily I was right by a hotel and know well that hotel toilets are very useful places for all kinds. And even more handily, after my little trip at rush hour yesterday, I’d decided to wear stockings again today instead of tights.

My smooth shaved cunt was already wet from my wandering mind and when my Master told me to picture my lips around his cock and and come hard and fast for him on my knees, it didn’t take much effort along with a little lube to slip the fist toy into me and make myself come.

Hearing people moving round outside as I fucked myself hard trying not to let my feet or back thud against the door or make any noise, even for me was both incredibly hot and incredibly difficult. Nothing makes you want to make noise like knowing you can’t.

I ended up gasping with my legs shaking and holding myself up with my bare ass against the wall before I could gather myself enough to thank my Master for the unexpected orgasmic distraction. Only when I’d got myself together again I realised in my rush I hadn’t locked the door properly.

I walked back out onto the street feeling my slippery pussy under my dress knowing my Master was looking at the photo I’d just sent him. I was almost more turned on by that than when I was following the order.

In fact when I got home a while later I was still so soaking I discovered I’d left a wet patch on the back of my dress from sitting down and squeezing my thighs together thinking about it…

Out and Inside

What a Day!

I was a little apprehensive about performing on camera (while someone else held it) for the first time, but today’s shoot was so much fun I wished it had gone on twice as long as it did.

They say no one likes a show off but I think when it’s your cunt that likes to show off, people make exceptions. Especially when they get to see the evidence of it.

I particularly enjoyed discovering that my trick of female ejaculation wasn’t a one off and that it was captured on camera today more than once.

Water bottles, aubergines, Coke cans, dildos, pighole, fist toy, butternut squashes. I lost count of how many things I played with today. Turns out being dressed up completely in rubber really does turn me into a sex toy…



What a Day!


I hate not doing what my Master tells me and I hate making excuses even when there are actual reasons. It’s been bothering me for days that I hadn’t managed to carry out last Sunday’s order…

But finally the video has uploaded and I can post it here. I need more practice at fisting myself while I film myself. It might make things up to my Master for being so slow as to be disobedient.