Quiet Afternoon

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that when my Master is hungover it makes him incredibly horny. And yesterday he was definitely hungover giving me orders to research erotic stories about fisting while I had the big John Holmes toy inside me and texting the links to him and Princess.

I was a tiny bit hungover to begin with and suspected I’d struggle to get turned on since they are time my sex drive calms down but seeing my Master and Princess texting filth to each from their respective weekends away definitely got me going.

And then I found several very hot stories about fisting on Literotica. The perk of a relative niche kink seems to be better smut on the subject and I found my three stories as instructed, particularly enjoying this MFF threesome one as it seemed particularly applicable.

By the time I read it I was ready to beg my Master for the next step of my task and be allowed to take the fist toy for the first time in a very long time. He agreed and gave me order that I could come once I’d taken it or twice if I could fuck myself with it like a cock.

It took me a little effort to take it. The thumb of the toy is incredibly solid while the wrist is slightly bendy which practically is the opposite of what you want when you’re trying to fuck yourself with a big toy and it took me longer to get everything lined up and ready than I wanted.

My cunt was greedy for the toy despite not being able to manage the logistics and I was getting frustrated in both sense of the word. I began alternating between slipping my own hand into my cunt and pressing the fist toy against it and after three or four goes, the fist toy slipped right in ease.

So my Master’s first response to tell me to pull it half way out again, leaving me feeling somewhat empty and frustrated and almost in pain but oddly pleasurably at the same time. And it proved that I could definitely fuck myself with the toy for two orgasms.

Greedily I asked him if I could use the Doxy on my clit as I fisted myself with the toy and he allowed me that as my second orgasm if I made myself come just with the toy sliding in and out.

I’d have been hard pushed not to come from the toy as it reminded me of his fist inside me and I’d barely finished coming from that when I put the Doxy on my clit and came again hard and fast to the point where I was so drained I could hardly move from how strong it was.

I lay there utterly relaxed, fist toy still inside me scrolling more erotica on my phone and almost comfortable enough that I could have fallen asleep like that. Then my Master gave me an order that woke me right up.

I was to be dressed and ready for his return home later so he could fuck my stretched cunt in person and feel the effects…


Quiet Afternoon


My Master was very generous with his slut last night. He let me borrow Princess all afternoon and then all evening until he asked where she was at 1am and I set her home.

I got a little bit distracted by playing with the wand between us again which this time made me squirt for the first time with another person. You can understand that I wanted to play with that time and time again…

Then there was more trying to fist her with the Belladonna Bitch Fist toy and watching how stretched and open her cunt was for it. Still didn’t quite manage it but my Master has given me a new task to remind me of my place.

Princess isn’t allowed to make me come again until I make her come with the pighole inside her as punishment for getting carried away last night. She hasn’t managed it at all yet so I have lots of work to do inside of playing around to redeem myself to my Master.

And in the meantime, he’s reminded me sluts need to be seen and shared and told me to put this photo of her gorgeous open cunt up for you all…

princess fist




changing room

So I needed to find somewhere I could wear a wig and fist myself to an orgasm three times in a row on a Saturday afternoon in London. I only had one place in mind. I needed to see what the deal with the lingerie department in Selfridges is still like.

I was ready with my fist toy in my bag and the ginger from last week’s figging and  wandered round looking for something sheer and slutty to try on, banking on the fact those changing rooms always had deep carpeting and heavy lockable doors to account for the fact women got their nipples out on the other side of them.

I went round and round that department looking for something to suit my needs. I wanted to be wearing something overtly sexual for this one and everything was functional. Even Agent Provocateur seemed tame. I worried that I wasn’t going to be able to impress my Master again.

Then I stumbled across a rack of barely there lingerie. Small, sheer, leopard print. no mistake why you’d wear it underwear. I took eight items into the changing room and lined them up.

And ignored them completely. I was already wearing a red velvet harness bra under my dress and all I wanted to do was strip off and get down on my hands and knees on that plush cream carpet as my Master instructed.

I had the black glass plug in my ass and I needed the ginger as well with the fist toy slipping in and out of my cunt til I came three times as I’d been told. I was down with my ass in the mirror trying to feed the ginger into my ass in no time.

I couldn’t get the base of the glass toy and the carved base of the ginger to share nicely. But I knew my Master wanted me choking back exclamations as my ass throbbed and my cunt clenched round the fist toy so I went with the ginger.

And then I leaned down and slipped the fist toy inside as I listened to the noise of the fitting rooms going on outside the door. I fucked myself to the first orgasm riding the toy, seeing my ass stuffed full of ginger in the mirror over my shoulder as my ass burned and my cunt watered.

The second orgasm came quickly after the first with the ginger making me want to howl to cool my ass down while flat on my back with my cunt obvious in the mirror as I fucked myself hard, writhing because of what was in my ass.

The third orgasm was back up on my knees, heels up in the air, feet ground into that carpet thinking how long I was taking even to try on eight bras. The second I felt the orgasm building, I pulled the fist out and squirted all over the floor.

It seemed like the biggest wet patch I’d left on anything as I got dressed again, legs shaking and my head pounding from the feeling of it all. I slipped the glass toy back in my ass and the fist and the ginger in my handbag and left the bras hanging where they’d been the whole time, apologising to the attendant that I must have spilt some water and walked out past everyone waiting.


My legs may have been weak, but I very much doubt anyone other than my Master, who I was sending the photos to as I left would have guessed what I’d been doing in there…



I did not get to play with my Master last night. But in the meantime he told me he wasn’t finished with my cunt for the night.

He wanted to know what it looked like after I tried stretching it all day with a plug (but failed because nothing would stay in without slipping out) and then he ordered me to take the fist again.

I was so loose he could only describe my cunt as a mess. I wasn’t sure whether to be insulted or thrilled.

loose cunt

But that fist toy slipped incredibly easy as my warm up. The plug I’d been wearing slipped right out as the fist filled my cunt up nicely. My Master approved of course and ordered me to have three orgasms before I could sleep.

Having had five orgasms earlier in the day I wasn’t sure I could manage even one and then I got going with the wand. It took me a while to build up to the first one but then it was so intense when it happened, that my cunt pushed the fist out with ease.

I replaced it with the head of the wand itself for the next orgasm and then I could feel the pressure of wanting to squirt and took it and used it full speed on my clit as I squirted all over the bed.

I don’t know what I expected when my Master started training me to stretch, but it wasn’t being able to squirt so much easily…

full of fist



My Master has plans for me today.

Earlier today as I was still lying in bed messaging him, he had me slip the Belladonna Bitch Fist inside me to see how wet and ready the conversation had made and to make me come immediately.

I couldn’t manage an instant orgasm so my punishment was to keep the fist inside me and come four more times in a row with it until I was exhausted and my legs were shaking.

I’m having a late lunch with a friend who knows nothing of my life as Candi and while we catch up on the last few weeks of our lives, I will be wearing Candi’s hair and Candi’s corset. And I’ll have to think up an explanation for both without explaining about my Master. Especially as she knows him in real life, but has no idea of my relationship with him.

To add to the discomfort I’m wearing a plug in my ass and I would be wearing one in my cunt as well, but not even the largest one will stay in for me to move around in it. If I behave well this afternoon, my Master will come round this evening after she leaves and fist me until I scream.

He’ll also get to try out the latex catsuit for the first time. I really hope I don’t fuck up my orders…