What a Day!

I was a little apprehensive about performing on camera (while someone else held it) for the first time, but today’s shoot was so much fun I wished it had gone on twice as long as it did.

They say no one likes a show off but I think when it’s your cunt that likes to show off, people make exceptions. Especially when they get to see the evidence of it.

I particularly enjoyed discovering that my trick of female ejaculation wasn’t a one off and that it was captured on camera today more than once.

Water bottles, aubergines, Coke cans, dildos, pighole, fist toy, butternut squashes. I lost count of how many things I played with today. Turns out being dressed up completely in rubber really does turn me into a sex toy…



What a Day!

Very Natural

Someone commented here the other day that I seem to be a veritable fruit and salad bar at the moment on my stretching mission which made me chuckle.

I hadn’t really thought about it until he said it, but everything my cunt can’t get enough does seem to be either a fruit or vegetable or drinkable. Seeing a bottle of pomegranate juice in Sainsbury’s today seems to have combined the two nicely no less.

So when one of my favourite sites Hey Epiphora tweeted about fruit and veg shaped silicone toys earlier, I clicked through straight away. Their aubergine and the asparagus look a little skinny for my tastes but the gherkin appeals for keeping my cunt strong enough to work up to larger and larger objects like the silicone Prosecco bottle.

But I think my favourite is the corn on the cob cock extenders. I immediately starting imagining how the rough and smooth texture of those little kernels would feel inside me as my Master fucks my ever more stretched cunt…


Very Natural

More than Squirting

There are few things I love more than when my Master sets me a challenge and I’m not sure I can do it, but end up doing even better than I could have imagined.

And tonight I did just that and learned a new skill that gave me one of the most intense orgasms of my life and left me grinning from ear to ear.

My Master instructed me today that he wanted my audience to watch me squirt. I was to remember the last three things that made me squirt and come twice doing each one while filming it for you all.

I lined up an aubergine, the big John Holmes toy and the magic wand and warmed up gently alternating with the aubergine and the toy making sure I was getting nice and loose.

I copied what I’d done with the aubergine the last time, filling myself up with it, legs spread wide and the wand on my clit and brought myself to a very satisfying orgasm with the aubergine shooting out of me at that moment. But no squirting this time or the second time I tried.

Next up I tried the big toy, fucking myself back and forth with it to loosen me up even further as I buzzed the wand faster and faster. Another orgasm. And another. But still no squirting.

Clearly I was using the wrong kind of pressure on myself. I decided to go back to the aubergine and the wand, but the aubergine slipped out part way through and desperate to be filled right up, I pushed the wand inside and put it on full power.

I expected to come straight away but oddly nothing happened. I momentarily panicked that I’d run out of orgasms for the day. And then I started to feel the wand slide further down inside my cunt and the pressure of an orgasm start to build.

The wand slipped far enough down that it was only just the depth of it inside me, no further up and the more intense feeling of pressure like I’ve never felt before as I came.

I was absolutely sure I must have squirted and my brief disappointment when I saw the sheet was dry under me was completely blown away when I saw a trail of something white on my ass cheek, knowing I hadn’t used any lube this time and realised I hadn’t squirted but managed proper female ejaculation.

I watched the video back and the last minute clearly showed a white liquid not unlike come squirting down the head of the wand and out of me. I touched it and it felt and tasted exactly like when my Master comes into my mouth.

What a video to have filmed as my first long length clip. I look forward to my Master seeing what his orders make my body able to do…





More than Squirting


open aubergine

I’ve spent my evening stretching myself wider and further than I imagined I could. The first aubergine slipped in and out with very little trouble, opening me up nicely and feeling so damned good.

Whether using gravity to help or just my own muscles I squeezed this smooth beauty out of my cunt repeatedly, enjoying the feeling of being stretched so wide it’s almost perfect yet painful as it just pops out. I only stopped because I was worried for the state of the aubergine.

I turned my attention to the pear, thinking smaller would be easier. And yes, it slips in there with ease but that small shape is misleading. It takes much more strength to hold the smaller object with its bottom heavy weight inside my cunt that I expected.

It felt a bit like the first few times I wore the jiggle balls last year. A delightful presence in your cunt that you have to concentrate on. I’ve definitely found my next round the house pussy plug. Perfect size and shape to stretch me but not slip out as easily as the avocado.

And it does not slip out as easily. Even with the trick of gravity I had to push my pussy muscles to the limit to squeeze the pear out. It uses all the same ones as squirting but no luck on that tonight. Just the most gorgeous gape as my cunt remembered what just happened.

Encouraged by the pear, I went for the mango. I had very carefully bought the hardest and least ripe one I could find so that I could manhandle it to my heart’s content. And the first few tries were like mauling it. I thought it would never fit inside me and then my cunt relaxed and swallowed it completely.

Looking down you wouldn’t have known I had anything inside me at all. My cunt lips looked full and swollen but my gape was hidden and everything looked surprisingly innocent considering I had a 350g mango completely tucked away inside me.

Normally I love seeing my cunt stretched open as if inviting some kind of filthy encounter to happen to it but this time seeing it stuffed full was even more impressive and hot. It took even more effort from my muscles to push a whole mango out from totally invisible to sliding out of me but it felt incredible.

I couldn’t get enough of it, cramming it back inside me and squeezing it out time and time again. My cunt seemed to love it, rippling like waves as it filled up and out each time. Eventually it was the rest of me that gave way with my legs and stomach muscles giving way and shaking with the exertion.

I would have loved to finish with the huge aubergine but I left my cunt wanting more for next time….



I have a fun evening planned with another bag of spoils from the market today. I spent an hour comparing the size and width of aubergines especially to make sure I can challenge myself for my Master.

It makes me laugh like I look like such a conscientious housewife checking the produce for quality when really all I care about is how well it will fit in my cunt. It does make me wonder what other women have in mind when vegetable shopping now…

two aubergine

pear and mango



Wet January

I can’t stop thinking about playing with the aubergine the other night. That feeling. Those orgasms. The squirting.

Every time I think about it, my stomach flips and my cunt gets wet and ready to be filled up like that again.

I thought you might like to see the mess I made my sheets coming and squirting like I did. Lying it in later that night with a pair of panties in my sopping cunt kept my mind very active indeed.


Wet January