Stretch Back

Three aubergines and a dildo

I was a little bit dubious when my Master started me off on fucking fruit and veg. I had visions of things going slightly wrong somehow or discovering why people use actual sex toys instead these days.

But the night he challenged me to work up through five different fruit and veg in size order coming each time with a pear, an avocado, mango, aubergine and a butternut squash still rates as one of the best nights I’ve ever had fucking myself. Who knew an aubergine would teach me how to squirt properly?

When Princess texted me telling me she was watching videos of me knuckle deep in an aubergine to orgasm, it reminded me I’ve been neglecting these purple pervertables in favour of the bigger flashier custom sex toys like my beloved John Holmes dildo.

So when I nipped out on Saturday morning to buy milk, I couldn’t help but take advantage of one of those bowls of aubergines on the local market as well. Seemed a good way to warm up for an evening in with Princess…

Fucking an aubergine

Stretch Back

Night Out

I do rather enjoy socialising with my Master and Princess out in the public realm. This is mainly because I enjoy their company immensely but also because of the opportunities it creates.

My Master and Princess invited me for drinks on Saturday night with a mutual friend of ours and once the niceties of times and places were established, unsurprisingly my Master had orders for me.

I was to dress to show off my waist and tits and I was allowed to surprise him I wanted. I would also need to wear something where I could kneel down to suck his cock in the toilets while we were out.

I haven’t had much chance to get dressed up recently so I almost couldn’t think what to wear but luckily Princess reminded me that I own a ridiculously short skirt that would give me a chance to wear the thigh high boots I bought a few weeks ago.

I teamed both with a very tight top and the waist trainer and went to do my make up. I couldn’t understand why there was glitter on a top I’d never worn before and it kept distracting me in the mirror until I realised it was that it was so tight across my bare tits, the ball of my nipple piercings were showing through.

Reluctantly I added the sheerest bra I own as even by Candi’s standards that’s a little much for Saturday night in the pub especially since I’m supposed to only know my Master and Princess relatively casually.

Luckily our mutual friend is a nice but massively unobservant man so short of my Master making me kneel down in front of him, he’s unlikely to pick up the dynamic between the three of us.

This does allow for some ridiculous humour when discussing sex over a few drinks. Said friend is rumoured to be extremely well endowed and conservation almost always turns to his cock at some point in the night.

This time was a game of comparison with other phallic objects. He giggled at the idea of cucumbers and plantain for size and girth and bemoaned the trope of the aubergine emoji as the international symbol for a cock because who has ever actually heard of someone fucking an aubergine?

I was very careful not to meet my Master’s eye across the table while he and our friend laughed about other over the top items you could fuck yourself with. Coke cans came up, making me bite my lip and then there was much amusement about the improbability of a butternut squash being a sex toy.

(I Googled ‘fucking a butternut squash’ while writing this just out of curiosity. I’m amused to see how many food bloggers who think they are being a bit edgy by swearing come up in the search just under a man with his cock inside a squash.)

Luckily before I actually started to squirm (or blush) at the table, my Master offered to get another round in and as he passed, told me to check my phone. I didn’t need telling twice to follow Princess into the toilets while he was at the bar and make her come with the sex toy he had ordered me to bring…


Night Out



Aubergines and G spot toyMy idea of size has changed radically since meeting my Master. Both my pussy and my ass were so tight when our relationship started that a cock filled me right up. Now I’m interested not just in being filled up, but stretched and pushed further.

I bought that pink toy last March and it took a lot of work by my Master to get it in my ass first time. Now I look at it and think it seems so small for my ass and barely a warm up for my pussy.

At my shoot on Saturday I momentarily got confused as to which pighole was which because I don’t think the largest one looks as big as I think it should, yet I was terrified by the smaller one first time I saw it a few months ago.

I still think the ass servant toy is enormous though which is why I’m so pleased to have almost taken it all the other day. I might have to find someone who can grow aubergines that big next…


Taking Orders

waist trainer & aubergine

My Master had me on my toes with his orders today. I’m forbidden to come again until I have my tongue in someone else’s cunt so my morning started off with searching dating apps for women to meet.

But I had some work to do this afternoon so I couldn’t spend all day gazing at hot women and imagining making them come. When I told my Master what my plans for today were, he told me to go out to them with one of the aubergines in my cunt.

I was quite distracted by the time I arrived at my meeting feeling filled and stretched by the feeling of keeping a smooth slick aubergine in my cunt as I walked around.

I was even more distracted when I realised it was at a church building. I’m not particularly used to dealing with the clergy at the best of the time, but knowing I was doing so with a large vegetable stuffed inside my bare cunt felt completely depraved.

When my Master messaged to see how I was getting on and just how distracted I was, I told him. And he promptly ordered me to go to bathroom and send him a video of me stroking my clit.

It seemed so wrong and yet I did it and enjoyed it, knowing the inappropriateness of the whole thing was making me soaking wet. I then sat through my meeting acutely aware of the aubergine, my soaking wet cunt and the fact I’m forbidden to orgasm until I follow further orders….



Taking Orders