Sing For My Supper

My Master was clearly pleased how my cunt was behaving after my time off and straight after letting me come a second time riding the John Holmes toy with the Doxy on my clit suggested we have dinner together on Friday night.

I wasn’t sure if he was suggesting a civilised meal or a debauched threesome but either way I was happy. I’m easy going about social plans with him and Princess but I did hint that perhaps we should stay in as I had an interesting outfit to wear that was not restaurant appropriate.

Sir knows I rarely try to influence his orders so took the hint seriously and we arranged I’d see them at their flat later. I’m particularly enjoying getting dressed up at the moment after basically wearing house clothes and pyjamas for weeks but even I was impressed by how slutty tonight’s outfit was.

I’ve discovered how delightfully impractically slutty bodysuits are recently and both my Master and Princess seem very taken with them. I wore one the other night to a local restaurant with them that was just the ‘make the table next to us tut, but he couldn’t stop staring when his girlfriend wasn’t looking’ level of see through on the nipples.

But tonight I needed something that would raise that game and see if the civilised meal would be postponed by some debauchery. When I arrived and Sir was in the shower I enjoyed taking my jacket off and giving Princess a sneak peek of my top so she was already getting turned on when he walked out of the bathroom in just a towel.

Literally within seconds of seeing my completely sheer body suit with just sequinned stars covering my nipples, my Master’s cock was hard, the towel was on the floor and so was I, kneeling with his cock in my mouth as Princess watched.

He ordered us both into the bedroom where Princess took over sucking his cock and I enjoyed playing with her cunt as she did, watching her get wetter and more open with each slap I gave her cunt and groan my Master gave as she deep throated his cock.

Sir stopped her before she made him come and he and I both slipped two fingers inside her cunt and made her come beneath us, holding her legs up and open so she could get fucked harder and deeper than usual.

I’m still a little delicate so my Master let me lie down on the bed, bodysuit now open and my face buried in Princess’s cunt as he teased me with his cock until I squirmed back onto it and fucked me firmly but gently while spanking my ass until I came.

I got my breath back with my cunt over Princess’s face, holding her legs up for him agains so he could fuck her ass until he came inside her and she was gasping with another orgasm thanks to the wand on her clit.

Definitely a delightful taste of debauchery before dinner…

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Sing For My Supper

Ass Play

Several people recently have asked me about how to stretch their ass to allow for more play so I thought I’d give some advice on what I’ve done so far. Obviously  cis men get a very different experience from ass play than cis women but I think there’s enough overlap that I can share my stretching expertise.

When I met my Master I hadn’t had anal sex for about ten years and struggled to get a finger in my ass at all (although enjoyed it) so he immediately embraced the challenge to stretch til I could take a cock.

It didn’t take as long as I expected. He was able to fuck my ass within about three months which pleased both of us. He got to use plugs as much as possible in that time to get used to the sensation of something in my ass and to stretch me out.

I had a bit of difficulty to begin with the the plug he suggested first. Although the jiggle balls in it felt amazing, I couldn’t walk at all without the plug slipping out and I found the base hurt after wearing it for more than a hour or so.

I was determined to fill his order of wearing a plug overnight so I went onto Lovehoney and did some research about different sizes and shapes of plugs and ordered a selection. They often do offers on anal toys and have a 365 day return policy that allows you to really try stuff out.

I was drawn to curved plugs. Mainly designed to hit the prostate on men, I find them more comfortable for sitting and walking as a not very tall woman. I shied away from bigger bases to start with and then discovered that for me finger loops and T bars are more wearable for long periods of time too.

I also found that if there’s any reason you might need to take the plug out (and put it back in) when you’re out and about, glass or stainless steel are the best materials to use. They are easy to clean, discreet to put in a bag or pocket and unlike silicone don’t pick up odours or fluff.

I started off with my plug when I was doing something else that distracted me. I did a lot of housework in fact. Then I built up to wearing it 30 to 60 minutes a day longer each time and then wore it overnight. I went from being intensely aware of it to forgetting I had it in there quite quickly.

Not rushing and finding the right plugs for me were key to stretching my ass and taught me to be able to come just through anal. I’m a little out of practise though, maybe I need my own advice…


Ass Play

New Toys

So my box of anal toys arrived on Saturday. Sadly not quite in time to try them for the first time at my shoot, although it was very tempting to have it captured on camera the first time I used them.

I’m looking forward to trying the largest of them which is a beautiful black glass number with a ring handled base. I’ve never used an anal toy with as big a base or that’s as long and curved before.

I plan to slip it into my pussy first to let the glass warm up. I like my glass toys cold in a hot wet cunt but in my ass I prefer them as warmed up as I like my ass to be when my Master fucks it.

I always use lots of lube with anal toys as much to feel prepared as be prepared, but there’s something glorious about using your own wetness to enhance the lube as I press the head of the toy against my ass.

It will feel like I couldn’t possibly fit anything in there because it feels so tight and then there’s a second when the toy starts push inside and I feel the weight of it in my cunt but my ass still isn’t sure.

There’s a feeling of pressure that’s almost uncomfortable and almost makes me want to stop, but also to lean back into it and then my ass opens up and the toy glides right inside and fills me up.

Even a couple of months ago I couldn’t get any more from it that the delicious feeling of being all filled up and stretched out, but my Master’s training has got me to a stage where I can come from anal alone.

He taught me with his cock but now when a toy curves round and presses onto my full cunt I can feel the orgasm start in my ass and finish as my pussy pushes its own toy out and it reminds me how it feels when My Master comes into my ass.

I’m very much looking forward to my new toy just thinking about it…

New Toys

Magic Numbers

Did anyone like to guess how many toys I would buy at Lovehoney last night? If you had three you were right. And if you had four you were also right.

Technically three things went into my basket but one of them had two items as a set so I was able to cheat slightly and treat to myself to an extra toy

All of them were anal toys and for once I’ve showed some strategy and made sure all of them were bigger than the ones I’ve used for my Master’s most recent challenge but smaller than the biggest anal toy I currently own.

So hopefully that’s four orgasms right there. Oh two are glass for a hint of sparkle….

Magic Numbers