I think I might be back to normal again. That’s two mornings in a row I’ve woken up dreaming about my Master using the riding crop on me and my cunt has been wet and ready to be fucked.

This new found level of horniness must be why I’m taking advantage of a warm day in London to wash and dry all my latex and take all my sex toys out of storage so I can start working on my stretching again…


Many Thanks

I’m delighted to say the blog hit 20,000 views at the weekend! Thank you to everyone who has read, commented and enjoyed it so far. I’m sure my Master will be delighted to know how people are impressed by his training of me and Princess.

I’m enjoying knowing how global my cunt has gone with readers from Thailand, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Papua New Guinea, Norway, Brazil and Malaysia amongst others. It’s a filthy pleasure to be reminded that world is full of like-minded perverts.

I think all this attention is encouraging me too. Maybe I’ll do more Clips 4 Sale work

Many Thanks


I had so much to do yesterday. All kinds of boring domestic chores to make me feel like a 1950s housewife. But my Master had other plans to please him that didn’t involve doing the washing up.

He set me some research to find him some erotic stories about a girl becoming sluttier and physically changing her body in the process. And since I enjoyed scrolling smut on my phone with a huge cock in my cunt the other day, I asked if I could play the same way again now.

Unsurprisingly he agreed to my greed and allowed me to fill myself up with the John Holmes toy as I started searching for filth online. This afternoon’s scrolling was much less successful than the previous one though.

There was lots and lots of stories about girls getting sluttier, but all the body modification tales I could find were based around either sci fi or non consent which are personally my two greatest turn offs both in life and sex, even though I know lots of people enjoy aspects of both in their entertainment and fantasy lives.

But without getting into a debate about non consent as sexual fantasy I was disappointed to see so little consensual body modification erotica out there as if no one could enjoy or be wanting to have their body altered by someone or simply for themselves unless it’s in the realm of crossdressing or trans based sissification.

It taps into the idea that the only reason a man wants to change a woman’s body is because there’s something wrong with it rather than as a mutual project of him dominating and her willingly submitting. This also has shades of the belief many men have that women only dress up or wear make up for their attention rather because they also enjoy it.

I love that my Master takes such time and interest in modifying my body. My body being the operative word because he seeks to modify me differently to how he changes Princess. It’s individual and personal in the best of ways and it pushes me to submit rather than do things just for the sake of them.

So it irritated me that after almost three hours earlier I could only find one story that was even remotely consensually about body modification and featured a human woman. And then I realised that meant my Master’s kink is even kinkier than I realised seeing as he likes his sluts fully involved in their changes rather than given no choice.

And there’s really nothing hotter to me than that. No wonder I got nothing done except coming for him all afternoon and evening. Definitely the way to play housewife…


Stop Start

Before I met my Master and then Princess, I hadn’t really done long term relationships. My relationships with men had tended to be a selection of one night stands, flings and the occasional one that lasted six months.

Commitment was a word that scared me and I was still in the frame of mind to treat it as just fucking. I never expected things with my Master to be more than a fling and it surprised me how much I liked it when it developed into more. I only freaked out a tiny bit in fact.

My relationship with him is the longest I’ve ever had and then Princess has become my second longest relationship (and yes, I’m aware that I like to go straight to the advanced level stuff here with both D/s and three of us involved.)

So I’m learning that in long term relationship sometimes not having sex is as much part of it as having sex together. Life has been getting in the way of kink recently and it surprised me how much I noticed the difference.

Some of that is clearly that you can’t really continue to constantly have the sheer amount of sex we were all having together. Someone would do themselves an injury at that level of smut. There has to be a natural ebb and flow of sex in the long term I guess.

But for me having come from short term relationships when sex reduces or changes, it usually means the end of the relationship is nigh, that is quite a mental adjustment to me not to worry or feel guilty in any way about it.

And in fact it was me who was the reason of Princess and I not having sex the other night which was disappointing as I’d been looking forward to it all day, but also just one of those things that happens when you are a committed relationship with no pressure or sense of an end point in sight.

Not having sex but still wanting to spend time together is a new kind of intimacy for me and one I’m learning to enjoy. Don’t worry though, I’m unlikely to give up the corsets for slippers and TV because I’m still incredibly horny for both my Master and Princess, but it’s good to change and evolve…

Stop Start


I enjoyed this piece on the myths of sexual technique by Exhibit A when I read it last night. I grew up in pre internet days in a society that suggested sex was something men did to women and they just put up with rather than enjoyed. I had absolutely no sex education at school so our currency was women’s magazines instead.

A girl at my school with a copy of More! magazine with its infamous ‘position of the fortnight‘ was automatically elevated to Queen Bee status. We started with the more emotion focused problem pages of Nick Fisher in Just Seventeen or a well read copy of Judy Blume’s Forever with its emphasis on ‘popping your cherry.’

The older and more adventurous we got we worked up to More! and Cosmopolitan with their actual practical advice that promised a world of ‘reverse cowgirl’ or ‘driving any man wild with these top ten blow job tips‘ because we all wanted to know what the hell to do and very few places to get non biology based information on it.

Those magazines were better than nothing. I knew plenty of girls who had no idea oral sex existed until then and they gave us something that wasn’t entirely made up of rumour and urban myth unlike the whispers in the school changing rooms and the back seat of the bus.

But they were also false friends, like an older sister who told you how to suck cock and then told you were a slut for doing so. They still tapped into this idea that sex was currency for women and girls, something you used to bargain or impress or earn something from men or boys with. You did it to get him to buy you a drink or an engagement ring or because he’d finally ask you out if he thought you’d let him do X.

There was absolutely no approach that some women really really liked sex and wanted to have sex because it was fun and they were horny and they liked cock (obviously bi or lesbian women did not even exist in those days) and couldn’t wait to give a blow job as soon as possible.

Nor was there anything much about women’s sexual pleasure. It was all about pleasing your man and nothing about how he could turn you into a quivering orgasmic wreck with his fingers or tongue. The closest they got was suggesting you look at your cunt in a hand mirror to get to know it better.

And that was all you were allowed to do. Look but don’t touch. Girls didn’t masturbate in those days when all you had was yourself. Cosmopolitan just about allowed for such risque behaviour when the infamous Rabbit came along since you didn’t have to get your hands dirty (literally.)

No matter whether it was wanking or giving head it was all about the technique of achieving an orgasm in an efficient manner that could be quantified by ticking off milestones or specific acts. It was like drawing up a revision timetable with each subject allocated equal time and different colour of highlighter pen versus reading under the covers for fun.

I hated it. I knew from a really early age that my interest in sex was about the journey not the destination. I wanted to fuck because it turned me on not because of what was expected of me. But it was extremely difficult to shake off the sense that there was a correct technique for sex after growing up reading those magazines and that to do anything else was wrong.

It took me years to shake off that idea and learn how to embrace the fact that the only ‘correct’ technique for sex is the one that suits you and your partner(s) at that specific time. Anything else within the bounds of consent and respect is irrelevant because people are simply too individual for anything else

After all, as my Master taught me early on what’s the point of cake, not matter how perfect it looks if you can’t eat it…?


Old Friends

I woke up incredibly horny yesterday. I’d been dreaming about Princess and thoughts of her cunt went straight to mine. Usually my Master doesn’t allow me to masturbate but this time he allowed me the opportunity with only one proviso.

I had to see how much of the big plug I could take in my cunt while I was doing it. I had to think for a moment which plug he meant and then I remembered it was the big glossy black Ass Servant one he had in mind and got excited.

I haven’t used it for months and was intrigued to see how much more of it I could take than when I first got it last March. Last time I played with it I was sure I could have managed it all if I’d had permission to come so I was very hopeful.

I still had visions in my mind of Princess’s cunt and just as I was getting ready to play with the toy she texted me and I enjoyed telling her what I was doing. And she clearly enjoyed hearing it.

She has a way of playing with my clit when I’m kneeling that makes my clit so incredibly swollen and makes me squirt as I come. I love when she does it so I was picturing that as I got up on my knees to start riding the toy and she was obviously doing the same.


My cunt just swallowed the toy up and straight down further onto it to begin with than I used to be able to do right at the end of a session with it. All my Master’s training combined with the thought of making Princess so wet had quite the effect.

I then ran the Doxy against the toy because the vibrations are so strong it doesn’t need to touch my cunt to have an effect and the toy definitely slipped in a little further. I was sure I could have taken it all if my ass was a little bit more stretched at the moment.

Instead I flicked the Doxy onto my clit for a few seconds and then back to the toy and alternated for a few times so the toy just inched in very slightly more and stretched me so wide I came without warning.

That hasn’t happened for such a long time I was surprised and once my legs stopped shaking I texted my Master to tell him what had happened and apologise if I didn’t have permission to come.

Luckily he found the photos I sent hot enough to excuse my accidental orgasm and I know Princess enjoyed my description too. I very much like that one toy pleases three people so many ways at once…


Old Friends


Although I met my Master several months earlier, I associate the beginning of our relationship with Christmas more. I happened to be at my mother’s house for Christmas when our flirtation tipped into me getting wetter than I’d ever been after seeing a photo of him in drag.

The next few days were a stream of increasingly filthy texts and him starting to give me orders. I think I proved my potential when I sneaked away from family after midnight mass on Christmas Eve and put two fingers in my cunt and sent him the photograph.

Those of you who’ve been reading the blog this year might be surprised to know that I had never sent any photos like that before then and was so nervous about doing it that I could only manage to go through with it by putting myself in such an intense situation I couldn’t back out.

I was rewarded handsomely with a late night conversation with him after I’d gone to bed that turned into phone sex together. It was quite a struggle even for me not to make any noise as I came because it was so hot when he ordered me to come for him for the first time.

It was also the first and only time I’ve ever asked him to come for me and he sent me a video of it that I couldn’t stop replaying in my head the next day when I should have been paying attention to cooking Christmas dinner instead.

I had no idea what that first orgasm would lead to but I’m very glad I tried something new and followed my orders like a good girl for once instead of being as wilful and bloody minded as I seemed to have been being before than. I’ve been rewarded with so much more than just an orgasm for that.

I can’t promise you all quite that for Christmas this year but I do hope you all get the orgasms and enjoyment you do want…