Warm Up

I’m off to see my Master and Princess later and I’m hoping that my cunt is back to functioning and after its recent tantrums. But I take my training seriously and realise if you’d had to rest and recuperate after an injury that you have to warm up again gradually.

So I’m testing myself out with candles again. Warm up in several meanings of the word…

Warm Up

Go Global

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I am not a traveller. I like to be close to home and near to my things like a proper home bird. My cunt however is much more cosmopolitan and enjoys the attention from all over the world that the blog and the clips afford it.

I’ve been loving seeing how that guest post for Girl On The Net changed my blog traffic (more readers for sure) and also from much further afield. I love that filth is a global language and I see hits from Fiji or Nigeria or China quite frequently.

When I was growing up the world was not as easily connected by air or online and things like stamps or pen pals from another country were still notable and I’m not even that old. So seeing these hits from places that are still so far away and different to my day to day world intrigues me.

I particularly wonder how someone in Sri Lanka or Saudi Arabia or Serbia comes across my cunt and my kinks. It’s like a bigger picture of my eternal interest in how kinks develop. Are you born with the predisposition and things throughout life trigger them off or do you actively seek them out because the interest is there?

Lots of people see the internet’s connection with porn and kink and sex as a bad thing and while I’m not a fan of the mainstream porn industry, I think the way the net brings consensual sexual interests together is a great thing.

I imagine someone in a country where sex expression is even less common than the UK stumbling across a photo of my cunt and discovering that stretching is a real thing it’s ok to like or realising that actually cunt turns them on when they never knew before. Or that they discover that poly relationships are a legitimate way to live from how I describe my Master and Princess.

I don’t for one minute think I have unlimited reach online but there is that awareness that in putting anything out there you can influence other people. Sharing stories and experiences is a way humans have bonded and developed for years and no matter how self aware we are we absorb stigma if we only ever hear things portrayed negatively or one way as ‘normal.’

I am sure I’d have made some dubious decisions along my sexual path anyway but I know I made more than needed because I didn’t have any access to the role model of kinkiness or queerness or non monogamy when I was younger and finding my feet. I wonder how different it would have been if that interest could have been validated instead of made to feel freakish or abnormal?

So I love that there’s even a tiny part that sex blogging about a niche kink plays in reminding people that their tastes might not be mainstream but they are valid. Because no one ever felt better about themselves or more turned on for being shamed for being themselves. Not even the people who like a humiliation kink thrive under that circumstance because it’s not the right context.

Here’s to spreading the word that there’s no one way to be sexually and that it’s a constant learning experience that virtual contact and validation can play a huge part in. I hope people reading sex blogs around the world, including this one, feel better about themselves and have better sexual experiences because of it.

I know I rather enjoy living in London and wondering if that person in Argentina is turned on by my cunt thousands of miles away or if someone in Poland will discover fisting this way. That’s a power dynamic I can’t help but get wet for…

Go Global

Bi The Way

It’s Bi Visibility Day which is surprisingly important in a world where the both gay and straight culture refuse to play nice with bi people. The L and G part of the umbrella think it’s not ‘gay enough’ and straight people think it’s a phase or greediness. They come at it from opposing points of view but the effect is the same that bisexuality isn’t seen as a distinct identity on its own.

This makes it tricky for a lot of bi people to come out especially if like many people their attraction varies from gender to gender rather than being equal in style and intensity with everyone so they feel much more romantic with men and more sexual with women for example.

All the difficulties and complexities of coming out as bi can mean that only the negatives of the whole identity gets talked about which is a real shame. I think if I’d known earlier than you can be bisexual without having to actually prove it through queer sex and that there were so many advantages to it, I mightn’t have been so slow to catch on to it.

There’s the obvious joy of cunt of course. Playing with Princess’s cunt is one of my favourite things in the world (along with making her come.) Cock will always be my first love but I am constantly delighted by how much cunt manages to keep me intrigued. It changes more from fuck to fuck than cock does and there’s more taste as well.

Plus getting to know Princess’s cunt has helped teach me all kinds of things about my own now I have had the chance to really feel the fluctuations, changes and party tricks it can offer you. I’m only limited by the reach of my own wrist these days which also makes me more grateful for the joys of sex toys.

If I love a dildo then I’m twice as in love with a double ended dildo. Princess fucks better with a double ended dildo than a lot of men do with their own dick. Plus she looks incredibly hot filled up and fucking me at the same time while her tits jiggle in rhythm with her filthy mind.

And then there’s the fact that threesomes are easier when you’re not straight. I love love love watching my Master fucking Princess and getting that slightly voyeuristic but yet front row seat to how well they know each other’s bodies and pleasure. Add in the advantages of three pairs of hands, three mouths and even more positions possible with all those arms and legs and I’m smitten.

Add in getting to see Sir watching and flirting with other men and I’m really not sure I could be tempted back to a straight relationship…

Bi The Way


I think I might be back to normal again. That’s two mornings in a row I’ve woken up dreaming about my Master using the riding crop on me and my cunt has been wet and ready to be fucked.

This new found level of horniness must be why I’m taking advantage of a warm day in London to wash and dry all my latex and take all my sex toys out of storage so I can start working on my stretching again…


Many Thanks

I’m delighted to say the blog hit 20,000 views at the weekend! Thank you to everyone who has read, commented and enjoyed it so far. I’m sure my Master will be delighted to know how people are impressed by his training of me and Princess.

I’m enjoying knowing how global my cunt has gone with readers from Thailand, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Papua New Guinea, Norway, Brazil and Malaysia amongst others. It’s a filthy pleasure to be reminded that world is full of like-minded perverts.

I think all this attention is encouraging me too. Maybe I’ll do more Clips 4 Sale work

Many Thanks


I had so much to do yesterday. All kinds of boring domestic chores to make me feel like a 1950s housewife. But my Master had other plans to please him that didn’t involve doing the washing up.

He set me some research to find him some erotic stories about a girl becoming sluttier and physically changing her body in the process. And since I enjoyed scrolling smut on my phone with a huge cock in my cunt the other day, I asked if I could play the same way again now.

Unsurprisingly he agreed to my greed and allowed me to fill myself up with the John Holmes toy as I started searching for filth online. This afternoon’s scrolling was much less successful than the previous one though.

There was lots and lots of stories about girls getting sluttier, but all the body modification tales I could find were based around either sci fi or non consent which are personally my two greatest turn offs both in life and sex, even though I know lots of people enjoy aspects of both in their entertainment and fantasy lives.

But without getting into a debate about non consent as sexual fantasy I was disappointed to see so little consensual body modification erotica out there as if no one could enjoy or be wanting to have their body altered by someone or simply for themselves unless it’s in the realm of crossdressing or trans based sissification.

It taps into the idea that the only reason a man wants to change a woman’s body is because there’s something wrong with it rather than as a mutual project of him dominating and her willingly submitting. This also has shades of the belief many men have that women only dress up or wear make up for their attention rather because they also enjoy it.

I love that my Master takes such time and interest in modifying my body. My body being the operative word because he seeks to modify me differently to how he changes Princess. It’s individual and personal in the best of ways and it pushes me to submit rather than do things just for the sake of them.

So it irritated me that after almost three hours earlier I could only find one story that was even remotely consensually about body modification and featured a human woman. And then I realised that meant my Master’s kink is even kinkier than I realised seeing as he likes his sluts fully involved in their changes rather than given no choice.

And there’s really nothing hotter to me than that. No wonder I got nothing done except coming for him all afternoon and evening. Definitely the way to play housewife…


Stop Start

Before I met my Master and then Princess, I hadn’t really done long term relationships. My relationships with men had tended to be a selection of one night stands, flings and the occasional one that lasted six months.

Commitment was a word that scared me and I was still in the frame of mind to treat it as just fucking. I never expected things with my Master to be more than a fling and it surprised me how much I liked it when it developed into more. I only freaked out a tiny bit in fact.

My relationship with him is the longest I’ve ever had and then Princess has become my second longest relationship (and yes, I’m aware that I like to go straight to the advanced level stuff here with both D/s and three of us involved.)

So I’m learning that in long term relationship sometimes not having sex is as much part of it as having sex together. Life has been getting in the way of kink recently and it surprised me how much I noticed the difference.

Some of that is clearly that you can’t really continue to constantly have the sheer amount of sex we were all having together. Someone would do themselves an injury at that level of smut. There has to be a natural ebb and flow of sex in the long term I guess.

But for me having come from short term relationships when sex reduces or changes, it usually means the end of the relationship is nigh, that is quite a mental adjustment to me not to worry or feel guilty in any way about it.

And in fact it was me who was the reason of Princess and I not having sex the other night which was disappointing as I’d been looking forward to it all day, but also just one of those things that happens when you are a committed relationship with no pressure or sense of an end point in sight.

Not having sex but still wanting to spend time together is a new kind of intimacy for me and one I’m learning to enjoy. Don’t worry though, I’m unlikely to give up the corsets for slippers and TV because I’m still incredibly horny for both my Master and Princess, but it’s good to change and evolve…

Stop Start