Sunny Day

No blog yesterday because the weather was too good to be indoors. Instead I went to the park to enjoy the sun and revel in the warm weather meaning less clothing.

Not just for me, but for all those men who take sunshine as an excuse to strip off. For every one you want to suggest some sun cream to, there’s one you’d probably volunteer to rub the sun cream onto.

I rather enjoyed sitting under a tree just reading my book, slightly hidden by my wig and a pair of sunglasses watching the world go by and admiring the view. I do like that with a Kindle no one knows what you’re reading which is how you get away with with reading BDSM erotica in a public park on a Sunday afternoon.

I had hoped to be wearing something short and slightly revealing at the same time, but my Master’s training has changed my body so much since last summer that none of my sun appropriate dresses fit any more.

I ended up in something I haven’t worn at all since I got my clit piercing: a pair of jeans. Only suitable for the weather since they are tight and cropped and expose some leg. I got out of the habit of wearing jeans when the piercer suggested avoiding them for the first two weeks after the piercing because of the pressure from the seam.

And then I sort of forgot I owned any until now. But I got intimately acquainted with the seam quite quickly and regretted leaving it so long. It really does press against the piercing, especially when you have your legs bent with a book propped on your knee, no knickers on and a glass plug in your ass.

The fact I had no bra on under the strapless top I was wearing was fairly obvious, but I doubt the added bonus of my jeans was and yet considering I was wearing far more clothes than most women in the park, I seemed to be attracting quite a few glances.

Maybe I’m not as subtle at looking at men in various states of undress as I think I am but by the time I got home, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to take my jeans off and play or keep pressing against that seam…

Sunny Day


Just as I was getting nervous as I walked to my Master’s house, he texted me with my orders and my nerves changed to anticipation.

Normally I leave my front door open for him to let himself in while I’m waiting for him blindfolded and kneeling. But today there was a switch in that I was to let myself into his flat, blindfold myself, kneel down and wait for him.

I’ve never been in my Master’s flat before I had no idea at all what to expect. As I knelt at the bottom of the stairs, blindfold tight and hands on the step, I could hear my breath catch with nerves and my legs shaking after the walk up the road filled with pighole and plug.

I couldn’t hear anything other than my own breathing until suddenly I heard my Master’s zip and felt his cock pushing into my mouth, deeper and deeper down my throat. Just as I got over my surprise, he had me bending over the stairs, ass in the air and his fist in my rubber filled cunt.

It felt so overwhelming that all I remember is coming hard around his fist and before I could draw breath he was fucking me as I bent over palms on the stairs and my legs shaking even more, making enough noise to wonder if my Master’s neighbours were home.

Feeling dazed, he made me stand up and walk up the stairs blindfolded, utterly helpless with no idea where I was going. He guided me into his bedroom and ordered me to lie down on the bed and started slipping his fist into me without the pighole.

I was surprised that I couldn’t take his fist more easily and I think my Master felt the same. I think it partly because I could barely hold my legs up and open for him after the walk and the previous fisting and fucking, but I still managed to take his clenched fist and rubbed my clit on his orders until I came almost immediately.

This time I remembered my manners and thanked him for the orgasm unlike on the stairs when I couldn’t speak or think straight. As soon as the words were out of my mouth, he ordered me up onto the bed on my hands and knees and put the pighole back in to make sure he was fucking Candi’s stretched cunt properly.

I haven’t been fucked in a long time and every deep thrust into my cunt felt incredible, especially as he grabbed hold of the corset to be able to fuck me harder and hear me make noise for once, both from my mouth and from the obscene sounds coming from the rubber of the pighole in my cunt.

Then he was coming into me and I could feel my cunt twitching as he did so that his come dripped straight out of me onto the shiny black latex. Especially as my stretched filled pussy pushed the pighole out and I could feel his come on my hands as I picked it up to get off the bed.

My Master ordered me to keep the plug in my ass and led me down the stairs and told me to let myself out. I have no idea how long I was in his flat, but I didn’t see it or him. I only took the blindfold off as I opened his door to leave.

I walked home even more aware of the noise of the latex and the plug near my stretched just come cunt, only vaguely noticing that someone shouted my name at me but I didn’t stop for fear of not being to able to string a sentence together.

Luckily even the fact the workmen were back outside my flat didn’t mean having to speak to them. I simply strolled past them into the house in latex and wig knowing they had stopped what they doing as I did. They definitely paid attention when I went out half an hour later dressed completely differently again looking like butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth.

I also realised that I knew after my morning what I want most in the world. Not just a fist in my cunt, but the pleasure of kneeling down and submitting to my Master to be allowed it…


Walk This Way

I’m not really a morning person, but it was well worth my waking up early today. Not only was the sun shining, but my Master messaged me asking what I most wanted in the world.

It didn’t take me very long to reply that I wanted his fist in my cunt. Clearly it was the right answer when he messaged back telling me to dress to impress. I needed to shave myself smooth, wear the latex catsuit and the tightest corset possible and my choice of wig and be ready within the hour.

The instructions were no problem. I love getting ready for my Master. Every stage is submission in itself and gets me wet and prepared. The problem today was that my workmen are back.

They arrived just as I’d slipped into the latex catsuit and zipped it up completely and I had to stand at the front door discussing paving slabs while they tried not to notice just how incredibly skin tight it is.

I’m not sure if it was the sluttiness that greeted them or the slabs that scared them, but they left shortly after and didn’t give me any clue if they were coming back. When I explained this to my Master and asked for extra time, he told me that since I wasn’t sure if I’d be disturbed for the next few hours at home, I’d be going on an excursion instead.

Assuming he meant I’d be moving into my bedroom instead of performing in the living room, I followed the rest of his orders and warmed myself up with the fist toy on my bed. I had a little bit of trouble getting it in because while my cunt was greedy for it, kneeling over in latex and a corset is trickier than I thought.

As soon as I had and sent the photo to my Master, he ordered me to put my choice of toy in my ass and the largest pighole in my cunt next. I obviously chose my favourite black glass toy for my ass and then stretched myself wide with the pighole and sent my next photo.

And my Master informed me it was time for my walk. My mouth probably stretched wider open than my cunt at that precise moment. I know he enjoys making me nervous because it makes me submit more to him which of course makes me wetter and wider for him. But I wasn’t sure I could do this.

He told me to put the fist toy, the bombshell toy, a blindfold and some lube in a bag and walk up the road to his flat with the plug in my ass and the pighole in my cunt wearing the latex and corset and describing the journey as I went.

I’ve rarely been more nervous. I knew if I delayed I would lose my nerve so I moved quickly. I zipped the catsuit over the toys inside me, feeling so full stretched I wasn’t sure I could walk at all, packed my bag, pulled the closest pair of shoes on and pulled a coat over the catsuit.

And the minute I went outside, two of my neighbours appeared, apparently to ask questions about the workmen but really to stare at my new hair. I managed to get away and start walking, knowing their eyes were on me as I did.


I could only walk incredibly slowly, aware with every step that the toys were brushing against each other and that the catsuit was creaking against my skin, making it very apparent that I was not just wearing fashionable wet look leggings.

I’ve never thought of my Master as living far away from me before. I’d always felt like it was just round the corner, but that journey seemed to take five times as long as usual. All I was aware of was the sensations in my stretched soaking wet cunt and the fact that latex at 11am in the street was attracting quite some attention as I walked.

Then I had a fit of nerves of what my Master had in mind for me when I got to his flat….

Walk This Way

A Real Change

Changing room Tk Maxx

It’s taken me two days to get out to fulfil my Master’s last order of fisting myself to orgasm in public again which meant that I was more than ready to come, but that my ginger was past its best.

I will definitely be buying some more tomorrow but today I had to make do with the black glass plug in my ass instead. I had a little difficulty finding somewhere with enough space and time to be able to slip the fist in and play with it.

Then I nipped into TK Maxx for some kitchen stuff and realised they had proper changing rooms with suitably impressive sized mirrors to perform in front of. Plus that place is packed. I’ve definitely started to make more noise when I come so even if I didn’t have the ginger, it would be a challenge to make any unusual sounds at all in there.

I wandered round outside for 10 minutes picking up the maximum number of awkward looking items to try on to justify taking my time in the changing room and then queued up. Every cubicle was taken and when I finally got one, I knew there were people mere inches away from me on either side as I stripped off and knelt down over the fist.

Watching from all angles as it slipped into me got me even wetter and I had no difficulty getting the toy in quickly and easily before lying back on the bench with my feet stretched out resting on the mirror in front of me, watching my cunt gape open as I fucked myself hard.

I was sure the wall was moving in rhythm with me and making noise for me and I was incredibly aware of the sounds of my soaking wet pussy enjoying the toy. I never get to see myself as stretched as that and I’m wishing now I’d remembered to take a photo of my gape when I had the mirror there.

But the bench was slightly the wrong height for me to fuck myself to orgasm so I stood up and let the toy slip in and out as deeply as possible and it took hardly any time before I came hard. Turns out there’s nothing like not being able to make noise to make you want to make noise and I could have roared when I came.

It’s just as well I didn’t or I’d have missed the sound of myself ejaculating onto the hardwood floor as I came. I had to bite my lip not to make any more sound as it happened and my legs gave way onto the bench behind me.

I had to sit there for a few minutes while my legs stopped shaking and I could get dressed again. I could feel how wet I still was as I stood in the queue afterwards. I might be keen to shop for more than ginger after discovering what fun changing rooms can be…

come on floor

A Real Change


changing room

So I needed to find somewhere I could wear a wig and fist myself to an orgasm three times in a row on a Saturday afternoon in London. I only had one place in mind. I needed to see what the deal with the lingerie department in Selfridges is still like.

I was ready with my fist toy in my bag and the ginger from last week’s figging and  wandered round looking for something sheer and slutty to try on, banking on the fact those changing rooms always had deep carpeting and heavy lockable doors to account for the fact women got their nipples out on the other side of them.

I went round and round that department looking for something to suit my needs. I wanted to be wearing something overtly sexual for this one and everything was functional. Even Agent Provocateur seemed tame. I worried that I wasn’t going to be able to impress my Master again.

Then I stumbled across a rack of barely there lingerie. Small, sheer, leopard print. no mistake why you’d wear it underwear. I took eight items into the changing room and lined them up.

And ignored them completely. I was already wearing a red velvet harness bra under my dress and all I wanted to do was strip off and get down on my hands and knees on that plush cream carpet as my Master instructed.

I had the black glass plug in my ass and I needed the ginger as well with the fist toy slipping in and out of my cunt til I came three times as I’d been told. I was down with my ass in the mirror trying to feed the ginger into my ass in no time.

I couldn’t get the base of the glass toy and the carved base of the ginger to share nicely. But I knew my Master wanted me choking back exclamations as my ass throbbed and my cunt clenched round the fist toy so I went with the ginger.

And then I leaned down and slipped the fist toy inside as I listened to the noise of the fitting rooms going on outside the door. I fucked myself to the first orgasm riding the toy, seeing my ass stuffed full of ginger in the mirror over my shoulder as my ass burned and my cunt watered.

The second orgasm came quickly after the first with the ginger making me want to howl to cool my ass down while flat on my back with my cunt obvious in the mirror as I fucked myself hard, writhing because of what was in my ass.

The third orgasm was back up on my knees, heels up in the air, feet ground into that carpet thinking how long I was taking even to try on eight bras. The second I felt the orgasm building, I pulled the fist out and squirted all over the floor.

It seemed like the biggest wet patch I’d left on anything as I got dressed again, legs shaking and my head pounding from the feeling of it all. I slipped the glass toy back in my ass and the fist and the ginger in my handbag and left the bras hanging where they’d been the whole time, apologising to the attendant that I must have spilt some water and walked out past everyone waiting.


My legs may have been weak, but I very much doubt anyone other than my Master, who I was sending the photos to as I left would have guessed what I’d been doing in there…


Back and Forth

I came so close to completely taking the whole ass servant toy on Saturday that I just had to try again last night to see if I could just stretch that little bit further over the ridge at the base and let the whole toy slide up and out into my cunt and be allowed to come according to my Master’s challenge.

When I first got the toy in early March I was convinced I’d never manage it all either in length or girth and I’d never got further than half way until Saturday when my cunt just seemed to open up and allow it glide inside with ease.

I was so stretched after an afternoon’s filming as I straddled the toy that I really couldn’t tell from the feelings in my cunt if I’d taken the whole thing. I was having to gauge by how much lower I was sitting on my knees than when I started rather than anything else.

And I stopped just shy of the ridge that would have meant my cunt closed round the toy, stretched incredibly wide yet filled right up. I just knew that if I let my cunt go the extra few centimetres, I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from coming and I didn’t have permission to since I had no toy in my ass.

I’ve been kicking myself ever since and dying to see just how much of that black silicone my pussy can gobble up again. I definitely got further playing by myself last night than any other time I’ve played with it on my own, but I couldn’t get anywhere near as close as I did on Saturday. Maybe having the toy in my ass makes more difference than I expected?

But I did feel so much more stretched last night. I can’t wait to take the whole toy, but I also want to really feel it when I do…

Back and Forth



Aubergines and G spot toyMy idea of size has changed radically since meeting my Master. Both my pussy and my ass were so tight when our relationship started that a cock filled me right up. Now I’m interested not just in being filled up, but stretched and pushed further.

I bought that pink toy last March and it took a lot of work by my Master to get it in my ass first time. Now I look at it and think it seems so small for my ass and barely a warm up for my pussy.

At my shoot on Saturday I momentarily got confused as to which pighole was which because I don’t think the largest one looks as big as I think it should, yet I was terrified by the smaller one first time I saw it a few months ago.

I still think the ass servant toy is enormous though which is why I’m so pleased to have almost taken it all the other day. I might have to find someone who can grow aubergines that big next…