First One

So the blog is exactly a year old today. Excellent going for someone who has never been very good at commitment or New Year’s resolutions before now. Considering how nervous I was about writing about my sexual life and posting pictures of my cunt in the public domain in those first few days I did not expect to still be here a year later.

Instead I’ve loved writing here. It’s partly excellent for organising my thoughts about my relationship, an excuse to show off what I’ve been doing and a way to record the sheer amount of training and effort my Master puts into me. Like a slutty diary everyone can read really.

And a lot of people have been reading it. Five thousand unique readers with almost 18 thousand hits from all round the world. Yesterday alone there were visitors from Venezuela, Pakistan and South Africa and I have regular readers in Poland, Brazil and Saudi Arabia. I rather enjoy the fact my cunt and my relationship with my Master and Princess have gone global.

The blog has given me the opportunity to meet people and make new friends, audition two potential sissy submissives, make and sell porn, wear my magic wand out with use, fuck a lot of large objects and fix up a loyal reader up with a woman to fist in real life.

As I mentioned before I’m slightly disappointed I didn’t manage to tick more full achievements off my list that my Master gave me a year ago but I did enjoy completing the following:

Trained my waist to 25″ in my corset without fainting. That’s a six inch reduction in 365 days and if my ribs allow, I’ll hopefully keep going to my 24″ target and celebrate with a new corset now I can fully lace myself into it on my own.

Taking my Master’s whole fist and four of his fingers at the same time in an early threesome with him and Princess. Not quite both fists but only a thumb away from both hands.

Wearing a wig and butt plug every time I went out for a month. My main issue at that stage was keeping the plug in as I walked. I should use my New Year relaxation to start back to that training in fact.

I think we’ve covered that I kept a public blog of my training but I also spent several nights with a girl. My relationship with Princess was the surprise of the year. I don’t think any of the three of us expected to turn into quite what it has and I couldn’t be happier that it has.

It’s certainly been the focus for both my Master and me this year and well worth any distraction from my list. It’s altered and strengthened my relationship with my Master and created a whole new one with her. I feel extremely lucky that he’s allowed me to share and shape her.

It’s taken my submission and his dominance in very different directions than I would expected a year ago and it’s been extremely good for me to be challenged by her in so many different ways as well.

I doubt 2017 can bring any surprises quite as unexpected as that but I look forward to what my Master has in mind all the same…


First One

Train Me


My Master and Princess were on a train last night and clearly in need of some entertainment to make the journey go quicker. And what better way than to use me to provide it?

I was lying in bed when my Master texted to say Princess was incredibly horny and he wanted to make her more so. Therefore I was to get on my knees and start fucking myself with the pink G spot toy while describing how it felt to both of them.

I love that toy. Small but effective in every way, it really does hit my G spot in the exact place to make me come with ease and I thoroughly enjoyed fucking myself slowly and steadily with it as my cunt got wetter and I was more turned on by sending them photos and videos on the train.

The toy got me right to the edge pressing in the right places and all I needed to do for the first orgasm I was ordered to have was brush gently against my clit piercing with my thumb and I went into an excellent and almost easy orgasm.

Princess asked my Master if I could try the toy again with the Doxy pressed against my clit as she knows how kneeling up always makes my clit swell and I come harder. He was clearly in a good mood because he ordered me to do just that as long as I put a small plug in my ass too.

I had a little issue managing the larger head on the Doxy with the smaller than I’m used to toy so when I was close to coming I had to switch from my knees to lying on my back. I’m very glad I did because I came so hard that I squirted all over the bed and ejaculated everywhere as well with the glass plug slipping straight out again.


I think I’d have collapsed and never got up if I’d been on my knees. As it was I had to ask for breathing space before my Master ordered me to ride the John Holmes toy for ten minutes to show how changed my cunt is.

He allowed me to lie down as long as I told Princess all the things I planned to do to her over the next few months. I told her there would be more photo shoots and that I would be fucking her more with the strap on and as I texted imagining her squirming on the train and my Master approving of my ideas, I couldn’t wait to slip the other toy into me again.

I sent my Master a photo of how easily the John Holmes slipped into my soaking wet come covered cunt and he admired how that huge cock is now easier for me than the little pink toy was when he first fucked me with it nearly two years ago.

I rode it for ten minutes allowing it slip in deeper and then pull back so I could get that feeling of a cock sliding inside you again and again and then my Master allowed me to come again with the Doxy on my clit and I was broken.

It took me a good hour my legs to stop shaking knowing my Master only stopped giving me more orders to come so he could do them in person tonight…

Train Me

Repeat Behaviour

My Master had choreographed everything so well the other night that we’d all come hard before dinner arrived and he’d provided drinks and the entertainment of sending Princess to the door to collect our meal.

Unsurprisingly after all those orgasms we were hungry and enjoyed eating and drinking throughout the evening feeling very relaxed. Just as we were all thinking about calling it a night, I was reminded the new glass dildo with flogger tail was in fact on the bed and that my Master hadn’t had the chance to use it earlier.

But before I could mention that fact, Princess jokingly tried to flog my Master with it. For a man who had been ready to fall asleep only seconds earlier, he came back to life almost instantly at her brattiness, flipping her straight over and flogging her ass hard as he demanded an apology.

Watching her ass arch up in the air striped red was too tempting and he started fucking her ass with the glass end of the toy before she could say anything else to get herself in trouble after her disobedience.

The whole thing went straight to his cock and almost before she could realise, he was fucking her again with the toy still in her ass. She wriggled and squirmed and insisted her cunt was too ruined from before but forgot that she still had the cuffs from earlier on and that I could clip them back on if my Master told me.

But then she started asking him to fuck her harder and changing her mind about her cunt having had enough. Mine certainly hadn’t as I watched them fuck and I was incredibly wet when my Master ordered me to face him with my cunt over Princess’s face so she could lick me while he fucked her.

One of my favourite things is watching my Master and Princess fuck anyway but it was ridiculously hot seeing his cock sliding in and out of her as he held the glass ended flogger under her as a harness to lift her up to fuck her deeper and harder.

He came so hard into her that the movements of it went through her into my cunt and made me come again too, sitting on Princess’s face to keep her quiet from being even more bratty while she got fucked senseless.

Sometimes it’s only fair to save her from herself and get my own orgasm at the same time…



Repeat Behaviour

Alone Time

My Master is a very generous man. He allows me to use Princess when I want. I’m no longer allowed to give myself orgasms but get her to do it for me.

I already want to see her all the time, but that’s just added temptation right there. Sadly life has got in the way this week and I hadn’t been able to do receive any sexual favours at all for some time due to health issues.

But yesterday I felt well enough to certainly use Princess. I met her for lunch and then brought her back to mine enjoying walking down the street with her in the very short dress she was wearing.

She wasn’t wearing it very long when we got inside. I like her to be completely naked when I’m with her on my own so I can enjoy how different it is with a woman. I’m surprised that I haven’t been comparing sex with her to sex with men. I always thought I’d find something lacking without either the feel of a man or the presence of a cock, but it’s so different it doesn’t occur to me at all.

In fact it makes me wet in a completely different way being with a woman and I only had to kiss Princess to be dripping almost instantly. I also love the creativity that it requires especially since I still couldn’t be fucked myself yesterday.

Instead I had Princess on top of me rubbing her clit against my piercing feeling both of us get wetter and wetter as I spanked and flogged her gorgeous ass until I was able to start slipping my fist into her. I alternated between licking her sopping wet cunt and sliding my fingers into her and feeling her stretch and buck against my hand.

I love feeling her loose around my fingers, fucking her with my hand until she tightens round them as she comes. The contrast is delicious. As is licking her and feeling her squirm under my mouth.

To thank me for the orgasm I gave her with my fist, she licked my cunt and then handed me the wand to press against my clit since I had to miss out on her hand this time. Just as I was enjoying that combination immensely she slipped her finger into my ass and took me over the edge to actually making noise.

I am the most silent person sexually. It takes so much effort for to even moan or gasp when I’m getting fucked. My Master is teaching me to make any noise at all but only once has he got me to make noise without trying when he put the wand inside me on full power for the first time.

Princess used a combination of ass play and clit stimulation to make me unable to stop making genuine noise I couldn’t have stopped if I’d tried. I look forward to trying the same on her next time…

Alone Time

Ass Play

Several people recently have asked me about how to stretch their ass to allow for more play so I thought I’d give some advice on what I’ve done so far. Obviously  cis men get a very different experience from ass play than cis women but I think there’s enough overlap that I can share my stretching expertise.

When I met my Master I hadn’t had anal sex for about ten years and struggled to get a finger in my ass at all (although enjoyed it) so he immediately embraced the challenge to stretch til I could take a cock.

It didn’t take as long as I expected. He was able to fuck my ass within about three months which pleased both of us. He got to use plugs as much as possible in that time to get used to the sensation of something in my ass and to stretch me out.

I had a bit of difficulty to begin with the the plug he suggested first. Although the jiggle balls in it felt amazing, I couldn’t walk at all without the plug slipping out and I found the base hurt after wearing it for more than a hour or so.

I was determined to fill his order of wearing a plug overnight so I went onto Lovehoney and did some research about different sizes and shapes of plugs and ordered a selection. They often do offers on anal toys and have a 365 day return policy that allows you to really try stuff out.

I was drawn to curved plugs. Mainly designed to hit the prostate on men, I find them more comfortable for sitting and walking as a not very tall woman. I shied away from bigger bases to start with and then discovered that for me finger loops and T bars are more wearable for long periods of time too.

I also found that if there’s any reason you might need to take the plug out (and put it back in) when you’re out and about, glass or stainless steel are the best materials to use. They are easy to clean, discreet to put in a bag or pocket and unlike silicone don’t pick up odours or fluff.

I started off with my plug when I was doing something else that distracted me. I did a lot of housework in fact. Then I built up to wearing it 30 to 60 minutes a day longer each time and then wore it overnight. I went from being intensely aware of it to forgetting I had it in there quite quickly.

Not rushing and finding the right plugs for me were key to stretching my ass and taught me to be able to come just through anal. I’m a little out of practise though, maybe I need my own advice…


Ass Play

Playing Away

My Master has given me permission to use Princess any time I choose. I am not allowed to masturbate when I could have her lick my pussy instead and we both learn to be even more submissive to him at the same time.

He happened to be away yesterday and I happened to be near their flat and decided I would use the opportunity wisely. I had a lunch meeting which seemed to go on forever since I had a plug in my ass and a soaking wet cunt throughout knowing where I was going next.

I have only ever been in my Master’s house once before when he blindfolded me and fucked me in the latex catsuit, so it felt slightly strange that the first time I saw the place with his half naked wife in front of me.

But any strangeness went out of my head immediately when she started licking my cunt until I came. Her mouth feels so incredible on me that she makes me come every time, usually ejaculating as well as orgasming.

I’ve always enjoyed being licked but it’s rarely made me come. In fact not since a boyfriend I last saw in 2003 have I come from it, yet yesterday I wasn’t sure I could stop coming when Princess was doing it.

The she slipped her fist into me and fucked me with her clenched fist with the plug in my ass until I came again before almost lapping at me inside with two fingers and then a third as she slapped her palm against my clit.

I’m used to more fingers but this felt incredible. I just went blank apart from just coming and coming and again with hands on Princess’s beautiful tits and my legs wrapped round hers in a blur of orgasms.

She actually reduced me to a state where I couldn’t have let her touch me again everything was so sensitive. All I could do was lie on their bed and let the blood rush back to my head again and think how lucky I am right now…

Playing Away

A Whole Month

Nearly halfway through the year, it feels really good to have completely ticked something off the list my Master has given me for 2016.

Every single time I’ve gone out for the last month I’ve been wearing a wig and a butt plug as ordered and I’m convinced that it will be the most difficult thing I do from that list all year.

That’s partly because it’s almost 24/7 submission but done alone without my Master present which alters the dynamic in a way for me that things like waist training or not wearing underwear doesn’t.

Those things start out a challenge for me, something I am intensely aware of when I start. Every step was noticeable when I started wearing the jiggle balls, every breath in and out the first few days I wore the waist trainer or way I moved and bent over when I stopped wearing underwear.

And then they start to feel so normal, so usual that I forget I didn’t always do them and have to think back to how I was when I first met my Master. But I remained intensely conscious to the point of self conscious of the wig.

In contrast the only time I noticed the butt plug during that month was when I was walking back from my Master’s recently and due to the repeated orgasms he’d just given me mixed with a combination of lube and come, it slipped out as I was walking. A few more steps at a reduced speed proved to me that a latex catsuit would stop it crashing to the ground and I made it home unscathed and moderately amused.

The wig however became more and more challenging each time. I became so panicky about people who know me outside Candi seeing me with her that I had to message my Master and ask what to do when I thought I really couldn’t spend time with a mutual friend of ours the other night because of it.

I’ve been thinking a lot about why the wig is so problematic for me. Partly on a practical level of being used to short hair, it gets in my way far more than I’m used to and makes me impatient and too warm. But more than that, it’s a visible sign of my dynamic with my Master and I’m not used to that. It feels exposing and vulnerable in a way that the secrecy and privacy of our relationship doesn’t.

I have always thrived on secrets and hidden aspects in sexual relationships. Even where I’m open with someone on a personal level, if it suited our dynamic I might have been seeing someone else and not telling them or been having a relationship with someone I shouldn’t have been or doing things people who thought they knew me would be shocked by.

And in many ways my relationship with my Master carries on in that vein. It’s not public knowledge amongst people who know both of us, I don’t discuss it with friends and a huge part of it for me is about people not suspecting the level of sluttiness and kink just under the surface.

I revel in the fact that the average person I interact with in a week would never guess that I’ve been fisting myself in Selfridges or never wear underwear or suspect that under my fairly strong personality I’m incredibly sexually submissive. The wig is more overt, a more obvious sign of that to me than I’m used to or comfortable with.

Having to consider why I found the whole task so difficult it has made me more aware of why my Master set me as an order. I’m glad he did and even more glad I saw it through no matter how hard it became. I hate to disappoint or defy him, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t relieved to complete the task.

It has made me even more keen to move on to the rest of the list though in comparison…

A Whole Month