Broadening My Mind

For someone who’s fucked a lot of men, I’ve actually seen comparatively few huge cocks. Obviously by the law of averages some are smaller and some are larger but ones that make you raise your eyebrows at the size are surprisingly elusive.

Before I met my Master I wouldn’t have said I was a size queen. My main criteria for a cock was whether the owner could fuck me hard with it rather than quibbling over the dimensions. If pressed I’d probably have chosen girth over length for that filled up feeling I’ve always loved but I wasn’t exactly giving marks out of ten like an Olympic judge.

So I remember my first take-my-breath-away-how-big-is-that-cock extremely well because it blew my mind. This was pre internet porn when dial up meant a bigger cock just meant any clips took longer to download. Ironically I had only heard about John Holmes in those days as the inspiration for the Dirk Diggler character in Boogie Nights and it was impossible to separate the man and the myths.

I always expected that if you had a cock you could measure in feet not inches you’d carry yourself with a certain swagger from the secret of what you were packing. You’d be the man who actually had the reason for manspreading. But when it came to it I found the biggest cock I’ve ever seen in the flesh on man who worked in middle level IT who you’d never notice at a party.

Maybe I have dick-dar or he noticed me but I met him through a friend at the pub and promptly forgot about him until months later when he moved in with my friend. His flat was central to the city where I lived at the time and a favoured haunt to start or finish a night out so I got to know him a bit better but he still didn’t stand out especially.

But for some reason I ended up in the flat with him alone one night after some drug fuelled dancing to drum n’ bass and I was horny. We ended up in bed and he seemed to have a moment where it was almost difficult to undo his trousers. I didn’t think much until he actually pulled them off and his cock seemed to fill the whole room.

I literally couldn’t notice anything else but the longest thickest cock I’d ever seen. His hand seemed dwarfed by it as he got even harder and fuller. I couldn’t decide if it terrified or thrilled me but I was in a risk taking mood thanks to the popularity of speed in the 90s. I was my knees to get my mouth round him straight away and turned on to find that my mouth couldn’t close round his monster cock.

I’d never been so utterly filled up that way, forcing my mouth open, lifting my tongue back trying to swallow as much of this huge hard cock as I could. I couldn’t close my lips round him at all and it was making my mouth and eyes water from sucking and gagging like I was absolutely gorging myself myself on dick.

It was glorious and going straight to my cunt. Each time I had to open my jaw wider and lean into him lapping at the head of his cock and not being able to do anything but concentrate on it I was imagining my cunt taking him the same way. I had no illusions about being able to fuck all him but taking the top in my tight cunt was going to give him sensations to make up for him not being to able to fuck me completely senseless.

I don’t know if it was the drugs or being practically drunk on dick but I was so focused on his cock that I wasn’t paying enough attention to the rest of him and noticing his response to me. Instead of working with my mouth he was basically standing still and barely interacting. I assumed he was holding himself back not to come in my mouth so asked him to fuck me.

I don’t know if he thought I was being incredibly literal or not but without even checking to see if I was wet or acknowledging that he had a huge cock he went simply straight to fucking. I paused him for a condom but before anything else he went for penetration and into my cunt as far as possible without pause.

My cunt went dry instantly from pure pain and I sobered up in all ways making him stop and trying to explain that you can’t just go right in and fuck when your cock is built like a baby’s arm. He pouted and started pushing himself in more gradually complaining that he was close to coming.

I sensed there was very little to be gained trying to teach him and instead for one of the only times in my life I lay back and thought of England thinking ‘what’s the worst that can happen?’ as I suspected he’d have come within ninety seconds. It felt longer but I doubt it was.

He rolled off me and straight to sleep face first in his bed while I got up, got dressed and left with little more to say to him. I went home disappointed not have got to play properly with this new toy but comforted myself with the irony that his complicated double barrelled name included the word ‘broad’ proving that nominative determinism is alive and well and would make a great anecdote.

I rarely thought of him without that little chuckle to myself but only when I met my Master did I realise that such disappointing sex with such a huge cock had given the association that bigger was simply sore and held me back from being the size queen I was destined to be sooner.

But I suppose the good news is my Master would have missed out train me up like he has and stretching me out for you all to see if my first massive cock hadn’t disappointed me so much…

Broadening My Mind

Go Global

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 13.32.53

I am not a traveller. I like to be close to home and near to my things like a proper home bird. My cunt however is much more cosmopolitan and enjoys the attention from all over the world that the blog and the clips afford it.

I’ve been loving seeing how that guest post for Girl On The Net changed my blog traffic (more readers for sure) and also from much further afield. I love that filth is a global language and I see hits from Fiji or Nigeria or China quite frequently.

When I was growing up the world was not as easily connected by air or online and things like stamps or pen pals from another country were still notable and I’m not even that old. So seeing these hits from places that are still so far away and different to my day to day world intrigues me.

I particularly wonder how someone in Sri Lanka or Saudi Arabia or Serbia comes across my cunt and my kinks. It’s like a bigger picture of my eternal interest in how kinks develop. Are you born with the predisposition and things throughout life trigger them off or do you actively seek them out because the interest is there?

Lots of people see the internet’s connection with porn and kink and sex as a bad thing and while I’m not a fan of the mainstream porn industry, I think the way the net brings consensual sexual interests together is a great thing.

I imagine someone in a country where sex expression is even less common than the UK stumbling across a photo of my cunt and discovering that stretching is a real thing it’s ok to like or realising that actually cunt turns them on when they never knew before. Or that they discover that poly relationships are a legitimate way to live from how I describe my Master and Princess.

I don’t for one minute think I have unlimited reach online but there is that awareness that in putting anything out there you can influence other people. Sharing stories and experiences is a way humans have bonded and developed for years and no matter how self aware we are we absorb stigma if we only ever hear things portrayed negatively or one way as ‘normal.’

I am sure I’d have made some dubious decisions along my sexual path anyway but I know I made more than needed because I didn’t have any access to the role model of kinkiness or queerness or non monogamy when I was younger and finding my feet. I wonder how different it would have been if that interest could have been validated instead of made to feel freakish or abnormal?

So I love that there’s even a tiny part that sex blogging about a niche kink plays in reminding people that their tastes might not be mainstream but they are valid. Because no one ever felt better about themselves or more turned on for being shamed for being themselves. Not even the people who like a humiliation kink thrive under that circumstance because it’s not the right context.

Here’s to spreading the word that there’s no one way to be sexually and that it’s a constant learning experience that virtual contact and validation can play a huge part in. I hope people reading sex blogs around the world, including this one, feel better about themselves and have better sexual experiences because of it.

I know I rather enjoy living in London and wondering if that person in Argentina is turned on by my cunt thousands of miles away or if someone in Poland will discover fisting this way. That’s a power dynamic I can’t help but get wet for…

Go Global

Return The Favour

Princess warmed me back to orgasms gently yesterday and it gave me a new lease of life. As invigorating as an afternoon nap, I was suddenly full of energy to reacquaint myself with her cunt as well as my own.

But I wanted to tease her. First I told her to take her top off and I ran my fingers along her stomach and arms feeling her wriggle under the light pressure. I brushed my hand across her bra feeling the warmth of her skin under the fabric, swirling my thumb round her nipple until it woke up under the pressure.

I slipped my hand inside her bra, pinching her now perked up nipples and played back and forth with them feeling her shiver and reach up toward me to kiss me hard. Just as she was distracted by that I took my other hand and trailed the back of it down her cunt so my knuckles grazed against her and her clit woke up too.

Pulling her panties off showed me her clit was so swollen it was obvious she wanted me to play with it immediately. I was feeling generous and nostalgic for it so I didn’t hold myself back pressing my fingers gently in small circles and feeling her whole body tense up with being turned on.

Her cunt was dripping wet and I couldn’t resist slipping two fingers into her and swirling them round in circles that stretch her open and make her greedy for more. I kept up the circular motion on her clit too and felt her cunt come to life under my fingers. I love that feeling when her cunt changes from smooth to swollen and desperate for an orgasm.

I almost lost my rhythm when she reached down to my own soaking wet cunt and crooked her finger just inside me which tipped me into an orgasm feeling how wet we both were together. But I wanted to make her lose control and come without abandon so it didn’t take me long to get my attention back.

Two fingers wide apart in her cunt and my thumb on her clit I bent over her and pulled her nipple into my mouth feeling all three so turned on under me. I nipped and pinched at her swollen nipple with my teeth and fucked her with my hand feeling her cunt tense and tighten before tipping into an orgasm that lifted her off the bed and closer to my hand and mouth.

She looked and felt so good like that I kept my hand where it was and lifted the Doxy onto her clit so we could do it all over again straightaway…

Return The Favour

Girls Allowed

My Master is having a men only day today. I always like to think these are homo-erotically charged with undercurrents and flirtation but who knows? Male bonding comes in so many forms.

I had dinner with him and Princess last night and he teased me again about how long it took for me to realise I wasn’t straight. I feel so naive looking back on the number of times I ended up going to events or dinner with other women thinking it was just me being extroverted and making new friends and not realising until years later they were in fact dates.

It’s hard to imagine now that it never occurred to me those events were sexual (although I’ve not picked up on the intentions of men too in similar situations so I’m clearly slow as sand sometimes.) Because now as soon Sir plans a day doing manly things my mind goes straight to the girly things I will do to Princess’s cunt.

I imagine later that I’ll pull her onto my lap so that she’s on top of me and my hands can clasp her perfect ass and then brush round her thighs and onto her cunt and start gradually pulling her underwear down. She’ll wriggle and pause and try to pretend she isn’t holding her breath in anticipation but she won’t be able to hide it.

I’ll slip one finger into her cunt and my thumb round her clit and then when she relaxes down onto my hand I’ll add two more fingers pressing inside on her G Spot and fucking her cunt open. She’ll ask for the Doxy and I haven’t decided if she’ll get it or my whole hand yet.

But we’ve got the whole day together and I do like distracting Sir with photos of we get up to without him…

Girls Allowed

A Little Buzz

I know I said I’d been having a bad patch recently but when my Master messaged me at the weekend asking what I was up to I decided it was worth exhausting myself to see what he had in mind. I hadn’t had an orgasm since I’d last fucked him a few weeks ago and I’d spent to night before face first in Princess making me incredibly horny.

Knowing I need a little help at the moment, he ordered me to use the Doxy but this time instead of simply sliding it into my stretched cunt and lying back I was to ride it like a cock. Seeing as my Master was the man to convert me to fucking on top after years of those men who lie there immobile while you fuck him til your thighs burn only for them to stop straight after they come, my ears pricked up at this order.

I liked the idea of seeing how much deeper I could take the Doxy this way and practising leaning into the power of its vibrations and finding out how holding still versus fucking myself against it worked. But my Master never likes to let me go at my own pace.

Even when I’m masturbating I have to prove my submission to him by focusing my pleasure to his orders and enjoyment. To some people that might sound constricting but to me it literally opens me up both physically and mentally. Submission to his domination is an immediate turn on for me even if he isn’t physically present.

He had me slide the Doxy into me and slide it in and out of my cunt slowly and steadily on the lowest setting for ten minutes making sure I didn’t come under any circumstances. I felt a little bit tight by my standards but some generous lube had the toy slipping inside and feeling myself actually stretch open in the process.

I love that feeling more than anything else as my cunt literally comes to life wrapping itself around a huge toy or Sir’s cock or Princess’s fingers. It’s like a moment of sexual energy that brings the horny feelings in my mind and body together and turns thoughts into intentions. As soon that sensation happens I know my body is working with me and it’s going to be pure pleasure.

I started myself off gently running the Doxy for a minute stationary in my cunt feeling that shiver and shudder of getting turned on and then I started sliding the toy in and out, pushing it in as deeply as comfortable and pulling it out so that the widest point stretched me wide to the point of pleasure-pain.

It didn’t feel like ten minutes as time stood still while I was so focused on the sheer enjoyment so it’s just as well my Master texted me at exactly ten minutes to remind me that I needed to pay attention to my orders. I was up on my knees, rocking against the Doxy like a huge cock almost instantly.

I turned the speed up just as my cunt got greedy before stopping and staying still so that the toy and the vibrations filled me up. It felt so good I had to put my hands on the bed to steady me and seeing the wand moving in my cunt with only my muscles holding it place made me want more.

Sir had given me orders to come three times around the Doxy without switching it off or stopping. The first came as I put it on full speed and leaned into it brushing my fingers across my clit piercing exploding into an orgasm so intense I couldn’t tell if it was lube or me ejaculating dripping down the toy.

Riding the Doxy

The second orgasm was still on my knees pushing against the Doxy and pulling it out my cunt to that widest point that makes me feel filled and fulfilled in equal measure. It was so strong the bed seemed to tilt as I went a bit wobbly with intensity. The third orgasm came easily was I rolled onto my back and my legs pulled up into the air with the toy buried as far as possible in my exhausted cunt.

No sooner had I lifted my phone to thank my Master for the orgasms and describe them to him than he pushed me further by changing the order to five orgasms without switching the wand off. There was no chance in hell I could have taken another moment of those vibrations let alone another orgasm.

All I could do was lie back with the Doxy on my thighs feelings the muscles in both my legs and my cunt twitch in exhaustion and pleasure feeling utterly fucked…

A Little Buzz

Stretch Back

Three aubergines and a dildo

I was a little bit dubious when my Master started me off on fucking fruit and veg. I had visions of things going slightly wrong somehow or discovering why people use actual sex toys instead these days.

But the night he challenged me to work up through five different fruit and veg in size order coming each time with a pear, an avocado, mango, aubergine and a butternut squash still rates as one of the best nights I’ve ever had fucking myself. Who knew an aubergine would teach me how to squirt properly?

When Princess texted me telling me she was watching videos of me knuckle deep in an aubergine to orgasm, it reminded me I’ve been neglecting these purple pervertables in favour of the bigger flashier custom sex toys like my beloved John Holmes dildo.

So when I nipped out on Saturday morning to buy milk, I couldn’t help but take advantage of one of those bowls of aubergines on the local market as well. Seemed a good way to warm up for an evening in with Princess…

Fucking an aubergine

Stretch Back

Finger Fun

Princess doesn’t like penetration as much as I do (although to be fair I’ve rarely met a woman who likes penetration as much as I do.) Instead she has a greedy clit that begs for direct stimulation.

She particularly likes the Doxy with its deep rumbling vibes that make the Lovehoney wand seem just that little bit tame. When I bought mine last year it took me weeks to get used to the strength of it but she was straight in there with the highest speed pressed on her clit lapping it up like she’d found her new home in life.

So it works well that Princess always wants the Doxy when we’re fucking as it often helps take the strain physically when I’m not well enough to fuck as much as I want and last night was no exception.

I had finally found my perfect shade of blue nail polish for Princess and I promised to tease her until her cunt was dripping wet by running my hand up and down her bare thighs so she could see flashes of blue as she squirmed for me, catching her breath as my fingers brushed closer and closer to her cunt.

I love the juddering breath she takes when I do this and my hand reaches that smooth fine velvety skin right at the top of her thigh where it folds into the firm flesh of her soft shaved cunt. Tracing my finger lightly back and forth causes her to tense in that way that is pure untapped pleasure waiting to unfold and it’s glorious.

I curled my fingers round from there to cup her cunt in my hand before slowly rubbing small circles on her clit  to make her sigh and breathe shallowly. Just as I was about to lean over and put the Doxy on her she asked for it in that way that demands an orgasm.

I was feeling generous so I let her hold the Doxy on her clit as I slipped one finger inside her. My Master wants her cunt stretched and ready but because she doesn’t revel in that same fucked wide open feel I do, I needed to get creative to follow his orders but make her come for me right then and there.

With the Doxy rumbling on her clit at the lowest speed, I pressed my finger against her G Spot until she pressed down against me and turned the toy up like the greedy girl she is. As soon as the Doxy speeded up I pressed my finger up and down firmly rubbing her G Spot but pulling her cunt open and closed with each stroke.

I knew she couldn’t work out what motion I was using but I also knew she was loving it as she inched the Doxy higher and harder as I fucked her cunt slowly and steadily with this stretching action. It took her a little longer than usual to come but I could feel it building under my hand until she and her cunt exploded into an incredibly intense orgasm.

It’s amazing what you can achieve with one finger, a sense of purpose and the wand doing the hard work…

Finger Fun