About Candi

You can spend a lot of time trying to work out how to meet someone who matches your kinks perfectly and allows you to start really exploring your sexual tastes. People go to munches, sex parties or try specialist online sites from Fetlife to just writing a good OKCupid profile.

Or you can do what I did and meet someone at a wedding and thinking you are just going to have a fun little fling until it transpires you are incredibly sexually well matched together and an excellent submissive fit to his Dominant style and honoured to wear his collar.

Before you know it you’re enjoying submitting to him through body modification such as piercing and waist training before starting to stretch your cunt open for fisting, double penetration and oversized objects such as aubergines, butternut squashes, huge dildos and cans of Coke.

The next logical step sexually is that your Master knows you better than yourself and despite your belief that you are 100% straight he suggests you both fucking and fisting his wife as part of a threesome. Not only are the orgasms exceptional but it turns out to be the ultimate blind date when you also fall in love with her and the joys of cunt and begin a relationship with both of them together and individually.

Three is quite definitely not a crowd for us but our relationship(s) don’t subscribe to a lot of the mainstream ways multi partner open or poly relationships are portrayed so it’s a joy to write about this alongside the stretching and general smut. I can’t help you if you’re wondering about managing jealousy or linking your Google calendars but I can tell you about love and respect, making sure everyone gets enough orgasms and who sorts out dinner afterwards.

Hopefully reading about how my love of submissive filth and stretching is enhanced by my relationship gives you a good idea of who Candi is. You can email me at stretchingcandi@gmail.com or follow me on Twitter at @stretchcandi.

I enjoy getting ideas of what to play with next and hearing what you’re stretching and playing with too…

latex rear butternut (1)

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