I’m a submissive slut to my Master who writes about her training to stretch her cunt for more fucking, lots of fisting and some unusual objects. I love the whole D/s dynamic and want to show how submissiveness is more than passivity and Dominance is more than barking orders.

I’m also in a relationship with my Master’s wife Princess and write about the three of us together and my individual relationships with both of them. Three is quite definitely not a crowd for us but doesn’t also subscribe to a lot of the mainstream ways multi partner relationships are portrayed.

I can’t help you if you’re wondering about managing jealousy or Google calendars but I can tell you about love and respect, making sure everyone gets enough orgasms and who sorts dinner afterwards.

Hopefully reading about how my love of submissive filth and stretching is enhanced by my relationship and intersects with being invisibly disabled and opinionated gives you a good idea of who Candi is.

You can email me at stretchingcandi@gmail.com. I enjoy getting ideas of what to play with next…

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