Born This Way

I have always wondered if I was wired differently to most women. Not only do I seem to be more highly sexed than many of them, I also love love love penetration. The harder and deeper the better. I will always pick penetration over clit stimulation. Fingers, fist, toys or cock. My cunt loves to be filled up.

Other women seem to have limits in comparison and I always wondered if I was somehow weird compared to them but was it nature or nurture? Do I like penetration so much because I’m so highly sexed or am I so highly sexed because I’m used to getting fucked so hard?

I might never unravel the dilemma completely but I did discover today that I am genuinely wired differently to many women. I went for my scheduled smear test and learned all kinds of new things about my own cunt in the process. It turns out that my actual vagina is much longer than most women’s and my cervix tilts really far back and slightly off to one side.

According to the nurse, that combination makes tampons extremely difficult as they have to go in much further to actually do their job but she also winked and said it made me ‘very accommodating’ in other ways. Basically I’ve got more depth to take dick or any other object and there’s no chance of it hitting my cervix and creating a sexual cul de sac. I’m literally built to be fisted frankly.

I may be the only person who’s ever laughed during a smear test when I realised what the nurse meant. Not only is it reassuring to get a medical check that stretching myself isn’t causing any issues but it’s incredibly encouraging to find that I’m built to keep pushing further and further.

I wonder what my Master will do with that endorsement….

Born This Way

8 thoughts on “Born This Way

  1. New to this says:

    Ooh, that’s an interesting causal question… I wonder about wiring myself sometimes. I’m a woman in a same sex relationship, and I’m fascinated by our differences. Despite 20 or so years of sleeping with men I can generally take or leave penetration unless it’s fingers but she, as I delight in telling her for her filthy pleasure, is a cock-hungry slut who can’t get enough. She seems to have a very responsive g-spot and I imagine if I had that I’d feel the same way. I’ve set her a challenge to see if she can find mine, but I guess after all these years I’d have stumbled upon it if it was there!

    Your comment about laughing during a smear made me laugh – I’d definitely have just weed on the nurse if that was me šŸ˜.


    1. I’m really fascinated now I’ve started sleeping with another woman how much the physical variations in cunts affect sexual enjoyment. I’d only really seen my own close up before and never felt another cunt until I met Princess and there’s so much that be different with the same basic ‘design’.

      And you never know about the G spot. Sometimes they can be higher up than your fingers can reach by yourself. Also you might have a less responsive G spot but can unlock the mysteries of the A spot instead. So much possibility!


  2. New to this says:

    Very true about variations despite the basic design. And yes, I’m living in hope of new discoveries! I remember somewhere else you said (from memory so apologies if I’m misrepresenting) that you also used to have to concentrate quite a lot to reach orgasm whereas now they’re much easier to come by, so I’m living in hope (and training!) for that. And I’m not even sorry about the pun šŸ˜Š xxx


    1. Yes, you are quite right that I used to have to almost do that thing where you had to think really hard about your orgasm in case it would go away again but now they come much more easily like actual muscle memory if that makes sense?

      And who doesn’t love an orgasm pun huh?


  3. Hmmm. Interesting! I was once told that I’m a bit longer/deeper than most, and wasn’t quite sure what to make of that. As I recenty proudly attested, “I REALLY like things in my vagina,” there might be something to this.


    1. Oh interesting. Maybe physical shape just makes certain things feel better? I prefer indirect clit stimulation too as direct is just too much. Like penetration feels right but full on clit stimulation is almost unpleasant. I always felt like I was the ‘wrong way round’ to most women somehow?


  4. […] The cervix is an interesting thing. Usually only thought about in time of gynaecological things such as smear tests or inducing pregnancy, it crops up in terms of sex usually when women complain their partner’s cock hits at an odd angle in a painful way. It varies in size, shape and depth depending on your menstrual cycle and I never ever think about mine normally unless a nurse is pointing it out. […]


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