A Small Favour

I don’t ask for much (since I’m already rather lucky with two hot partners to have orgasms with) but occasionally I like to ask a favour from people. I enjoy writing the blog here and interacting with readers but I find the sex blogging world a bit intimidating.

There’s a lot of who you know that makes me feel a bit like there’s a gang I’m not invited to join. Some of this is because some people who able to be less anonymous online and can go to conventions, meet ups etc to network and chat in person.

But because it’s my cunt featuring prominently here rather than my charming personality I find the idea of putting myself out there to interact with other sex bloggers a bit tricky. There seems to be a dividing line of sex bloggers who review toys and write erotica and post naked but not necessarily pornographic photos and those whose online presence is more about porn or sex work which is more overt.

These camps don’t seem to overlap and I’m not entirely sure which I belong to so I’ve never ventured into either preferring to read blogs that appeal to me and spend my spare time finding erotica on sites like Literotica that I enjoy.

But I really enjoyed coming across new Tumblrs and blogs when I did the guest post for Girl on the Net so I want to use that to keep finding new filth online so I’m looking forward to the Molly’s Daily Kiss Top 100 Sex Blogs as a way to find people all in one place. And I’m hoping that one of you lovely people might nominate this blog to join them?

I’m sure you’ll all reap the rewards if I have to up my game and post more often to prove my place….

A Small Favour

10 thoughts on “A Small Favour

  1. tripx713 says:

    I’m not quite sure where you fit in either, but I know I look forward to your posts. I weed through the email alerts that I know are just pictures and find yours. Then I read it with open-eyed wonder, and a little jealousy that you’ve found your wonderful couple. I see the divisions in the blogging world as well and even follow many different types. I think they all have their purpose and the ones that reply to my comments wind up being my favorites…go figure. I have met fellow bloggers before and even had a wild 8 month relationship with one. It was definitely worth the meet.

    as far as which camp you belong to…hmmm…yours is biographical, using word pictures as opposed to actual pictures. I feel as if words are more appealing even though I do like the pictures as well. Your personality peeks through words and I think you do have a sparkling personality. Keep writing and I’ll keep reading!!


  2. New to this says:

    Interesting post, and kind of mirrors my experience as a reader… there are a few sites that I really like and visit frequently, but many others I’ve tried, expecting to love and not got into. Interestingly the “gang” thing seems to come across as a reader too, so as well as feeling like the writing’s perhaps not for me, I also sometimes feel like I’m not part of the audience that’s “meant to get it” which possibly adds to their inaccessibility for me. Nominated you just now, my request is awaiting moderation xx


    1. Hello! Waves to new reader! I’m delighted to see that in the sex blog world we’re all slightly nervous about ‘not doing it right’. Like when you discover all the other grown ups round you are faking it til they make it too šŸ™‚ Maybe we all need to just do what we enjoy with our own blogs and pretend it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks? Or is that too grown up in itself?

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      1. One of my biggest hold backs is writing about my own sexual experience. I do operate a online sex toy store so you would think I’d be beyond concerned. Your right, we should just do us.


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