Bi The Way

It’s Bi Visibility Day which is surprisingly important in a world where the both gay and straight culture refuse to play nice with bi people. The L and G part of the umbrella think it’s not ‘gay enough’ and straight people think it’s a phase or greediness. They come at it from opposing points of view but the effect is the same that bisexuality isn’t seen as a distinct identity on its own.

This makes it tricky for a lot of bi people to come out especially if like many people their attraction varies from gender to gender rather than being equal in style and intensity with everyone so they feel much more romantic with men and more sexual with women for example.

All the difficulties and complexities of coming out as bi can mean that only the negatives of the whole identity gets talked about which is a real shame. I think if I’d known earlier than you can be bisexual without having to actually prove it through queer sex and that there were so many advantages to it, I mightn’t have been so slow to catch on to it.

There’s the obvious joy of cunt of course. Playing with Princess’s cunt is one of my favourite things in the world (along with making her come.) Cock will always be my first love but I am constantly delighted by how much cunt manages to keep me intrigued. It changes more from fuck to fuck than cock does and there’s more taste as well.

Plus getting to know Princess’s cunt has helped teach me all kinds of things about my own now I have had the chance to really feel the fluctuations, changes and party tricks it can offer you. I’m only limited by the reach of my own wrist these days which also makes me more grateful for the joys of sex toys.

If I love a dildo then I’m twice as in love with a double ended dildo. Princess fucks better with a double ended dildo than a lot of men do with their own dick. Plus she looks incredibly hot filled up and fucking me at the same time while her tits jiggle in rhythm with her filthy mind.

And then there’s the fact that threesomes are easier when you’re not straight. I love love love watching my Master fucking Princess and getting that slightly voyeuristic but yet front row seat to how well they know each other’s bodies and pleasure. Add in the advantages of three pairs of hands, three mouths and even more positions possible with all those arms and legs and I’m smitten.

Add in getting to see Sir watching and flirting with other men and I’m really not sure I could be tempted back to a straight relationship…

Bi The Way

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