Girls Allowed

My Master is having a men only day today. I always like to think these are homo-erotically charged with undercurrents and flirtation but who knows? Male bonding comes in so many forms.

I had dinner with him and Princess last night and he teased me again about how long it took for me to realise I wasn’t straight. I feel so naive looking back on the number of times I ended up going to events or dinner with other women thinking it was just me being extroverted and making new friends and not realising until years later they were in fact dates.

It’s hard to imagine now that it never occurred to me those events were sexual (although I’ve not picked up on the intentions of men too in similar situations so I’m clearly slow as sand sometimes.) Because now as soon Sir plans a day doing manly things my mind goes straight to the girly things I will do to Princess’s cunt.

I imagine later that I’ll pull her onto my lap so that she’s on top of me and my hands can clasp her perfect ass and then brush round her thighs and onto her cunt and start gradually pulling her underwear down. She’ll wriggle and pause and try to pretend she isn’t holding her breath in anticipation but she won’t be able to hide it.

I’ll slip one finger into her cunt and my thumb round her clit and then when she relaxes down onto my hand I’ll add two more fingers pressing inside on her G Spot and fucking her cunt open. She’ll ask for the Doxy and I haven’t decided if she’ll get it or my whole hand yet.

But we’ve got the whole day together and I do like distracting Sir with photos of we get up to without him…

Girls Allowed

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