Memory Lane

Never underestimate the power of an orgasm. Not only have they given me incredible pleasure to give and receive in my lifetime but thinking back on them yesterday also sent me off into sexual nostalgia of other kinds and remembering the men involved in them.

I think it wouldn’t be an understatement to say that it would take a better memory than mine to recall all the men let alone the orgasms. From the minute I discovered fucking I wanted to experiment with as much as it as possible with as many people as possible.

And since I never do anything by halves I spent most of my teens and twenties fucking with unfettered enthusiasm and dedication. If I’d paid half as much attention to anything else I could have taken over the world but I probably wouldn’t have had half as much fun along the way.

In fact the only thing I love more than sex itself is sex with a good anecdote and unlike the orgasms (and the names of the men) those I do remember and thought I might enjoy sharing them with you in a slutty version of Throwback Thursday.

But it made think before I write about other people how those people might recall me. I suspect a large of number of them might refer to me as Crazy Candi because quite frankly I was. While I loved the sheer thrill of casual sex and the enjoyment of using sex as reason to meet people, go places and discover things, I also used sex as an emotional stopgap to deal with my life.

And my life was not straightforward in those days. My childhood gave me more baggage than I realised at the time and I wasn’t as well adjusted to being ill as I am now. Fucking was a glorious outlet from that all. But in amongst all my self knowledge about men, late night bars, an unfailing knack for finding drugs anywhere and sex itself I lacked the self awareness to realise that just because I could do something (or someone) didn’t mean I should.

I made a lot of dubious choices often without thinking past the pleasure of the here and now and I left a trail of chaos in my wake in the process. More than one fuck buddy in those years had me in their phone as ‘Trouble’ and that reputation made many more men want to see if it was well deserved. Having been raised by wolves, I was basically feral in those days.

I was still emotionally stunted when I met my Master although I had switched from fucking as many people as possible to making just as many mistakes with fewer men by then. My Master came along and calmed me down nicely and he and Princess are working wonders on me these days.

If that all sounds slightly depressing, it’s not. I love the changes now and I have no regrets about my past life and I’ve been chuckling all day remembering some of the shenanigans I got up to and looking forward to sharing them with you in the future. I’m also wondering how many best man’s speeches they might have cropped up in over the years too…

Memory Lane

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