Willing And Able

I did laugh this week when Princess texted me to ask if I also wrote this week’s guest post on Girl on the Net’s blog and then I started reading it and wondered if I had too. If you haven’t seen it’s a fantastic filthy piece about sex and disability and it was almost more exciting to me to see that discussed than writing my own guest post on stretching there recently.

There is still this weird mix of prudishness and prurience when it comes to disability and sex. People either assume disabled people are sexless or ask invasive questions about sex almost immediately. Both manage to objectify disabled people in their own way and put them out there as ‘other’ in yet another way rather than including them in the conversation in same way as non disabled people.

So seeing someone write about sex and disability in such matter of fact terms (and without the word inspiring coming within a hundred miles of the piece) is glorious. I’ve written before how I feel about being disabled and still sexual but struggle with how negative  the reality of that can sound sometimes. But that guest post was incredibly positive and frankly hot.

I loved the emphasis on what you can still do around pain and fatigue and all the rest of it because sex is hands down my favourite way to use my body no matter what else is going on. It’s always been worth the extra rest needed and I much prefer the pain when it comes from getting fucked senseless and using all kinds of muscles you didn’t know you had.

It took me a little while to train myself past my chronic pain to enjoy the acute pain of a good spanking but it was so worth persevering for the pay off and I loved hearing that other disabled people do the same in that piece. It reminded me that there is a perk to disability sometimes in that you know your body incredibly well and that can be a huge advantage in pushing yourself sexually.

Knowing just how far you can push your limbs to hold you in that tied up position or how much you need to breathe in and hold to push yourself past a gasp and into an exhalation that equals a mind blowing orgasm are second nature when you already have to pace and work with your body minute by minute to get the most of it.

Plus when your body throws you curve balls all too often, you really appreciate when it works with you too with pleasure and sexual sensations. Feeling someone brush their hands along your skin or lace you tight into a corset or push inside your wet cunt feels all the better in the circumstances.

Not only is hot as hell, it often takes you out of yourself in a way that energises and enhances your body. Sex is also self care. An orgasm might take it out of your body but it calms and clears the mind so you feel rested and present in yourself in a way even sleep can’t always do.

I might be having an unexpected bad patch at the moment that’s set me back slightly but that post has given me the incentive to see what I can still come up with to make myself come in the meantime….

Willing And Able

4 thoughts on “Willing And Able

  1. tripx713 says:

    My wife has MS and the constant pain…or worse the numbness on her left side and the way it affects her ability to sense anything (stimulation) and the resultant frustration at her inability to climax due to the loss of feeling. We still have sex though because as a survivor of sexual abuse for 14 ears of her childhood, it is the one thing she has control over. She says, who, when, where, and for how long. I love your blog! Keep stretching and writing! I stretch too…anal. I love the feeling.


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