Colour Me Surprised

I really struggle with initiating sex. I’m never sure if that’s because I’m so sexually submissive or because I am terrible with initiating things generally or a mix of both. But even when I was practised at picking up men in bars and bringing them home, I’d always seem to fall at the hurdle of actually getting the sex started once we were there. Luckily most of them were horny enough to take charge and getting things going.

I’ve tried domming Princess on a few occasions and found it hot but incredibly hard work. My Master makes it look so easy to take control and be in charge but I find it challenging to both think of things to do and do them and make it flow easily no matter how much I want to fuck Princess.

Maybe I need more practice or to push myself more so I decided to try giving some orders on Saturday night when she and I were having dinner together. I’d made her envious and horny with my blue nail polish so it seemed a good idea to start with a non sexual order in telling her to put her hands out to paint her nails.

I am very methodical with my manicures so I kept her on her toes with orders to put her thumb out, lay her hands flat and wait between a base coat and two coats of that bright blue watching her squirm slightly brattily as I did.

Then I told her to stand up for me, hands in the air, and I slipped her shorts off so she was naked. Her order was to sit back down legs spread open so I could lick her cunt until she came and keep her from using her hands for mischief.

She didn’t need telling twice and she looked so good on my dining room chair smooth shaved cunt and swollen clit greedy for attention immediately. I enjoyed getting down on my knees in front of her and using my tongue and lips to make her come fucking herself against my face as she did.

The minute she’d come I ordered her to put her hands back on the table and finished her nails off with a top coat that meant she had to sit still and naked, cunt throbbing for me for a little bit longer.

I could get used to the effect that the power of orders have on her as well as myself. And I rather liked the matching nails too…

Colour Me Surprised

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