Stretch Back

Three aubergines and a dildo

I was a little bit dubious when my Master started me off on fucking fruit and veg. I had visions of things going slightly wrong somehow or discovering why people use actual sex toys instead these days.

But the night he challenged me to work up through five different fruit and veg in size order coming each time with a pear, an avocado, mango, aubergine and a butternut squash still rates as one of the best nights I’ve ever had fucking myself. Who knew an aubergine would teach me how to squirt properly?

When Princess texted me telling me she was watching videos of me knuckle deep in an aubergine to orgasm, it reminded me I’ve been neglecting these purple pervertables in favour of the bigger flashier custom sex toys like my beloved John Holmes dildo.

So when I nipped out on Saturday morning to buy milk, I couldn’t help but take advantage of one of those bowls of aubergines on the local market as well. Seemed a good way to warm up for an evening in with Princess…

Fucking an aubergine

Stretch Back

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