Finger Fun

Princess doesn’t like penetration as much as I do (although to be fair I’ve rarely met a woman who likes penetration as much as I do.) Instead she has a greedy clit that begs for direct stimulation.

She particularly likes the Doxy with its deep rumbling vibes that make the Lovehoney wand seem just that little bit tame. When I bought mine last year it took me weeks to get used to the strength of it but she was straight in there with the highest speed pressed on her clit lapping it up like she’d found her new home in life.

So it works well that Princess always wants the Doxy when we’re fucking as it often helps take the strain physically when I’m not well enough to fuck as much as I want and last night was no exception.

I had finally found my perfect shade of blue nail polish for Princess and I promised to tease her until her cunt was dripping wet by running my hand up and down her bare thighs so she could see flashes of blue as she squirmed for me, catching her breath as my fingers brushed closer and closer to her cunt.

I love the juddering breath she takes when I do this and my hand reaches that smooth fine velvety skin right at the top of her thigh where it folds into the firm flesh of her soft shaved cunt. Tracing my finger lightly back and forth causes her to tense in that way that is pure untapped pleasure waiting to unfold and it’s glorious.

I curled my fingers round from there to cup her cunt in my hand before slowly rubbing small circles on her clit  to make her sigh and breathe shallowly. Just as I was about to lean over and put the Doxy on her she asked for it in that way that demands an orgasm.

I was feeling generous so I let her hold the Doxy on her clit as I slipped one finger inside her. My Master wants her cunt stretched and ready but because she doesn’t revel in that same fucked wide open feel I do, I needed to get creative to follow his orders but make her come for me right then and there.

With the Doxy rumbling on her clit at the lowest speed, I pressed my finger against her G Spot until she pressed down against me and turned the toy up like the greedy girl she is. As soon as the Doxy speeded up I pressed my finger up and down firmly rubbing her G Spot but pulling her cunt open and closed with each stroke.

I knew she couldn’t work out what motion I was using but I also knew she was loving it as she inched the Doxy higher and harder as I fucked her cunt slowly and steadily with this stretching action. It took her a little longer than usual to come but I could feel it building under my hand until she and her cunt exploded into an incredibly intense orgasm.

It’s amazing what you can achieve with one finger, a sense of purpose and the wand doing the hard work…

Finger Fun

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