Three Is The Magic Number

My Master was feeling sociable over the long weekend inviting me round for both drinking and plenty of fucking. I’m not sure if he really needed to send Princess to the shop for mixers when I got there or if he was being cunning.

But it did give us the perfect opportunity to welcome her back by finding me on my knees with his cock in my mouth. She was a  little bit jealous until our impromptu threesome later that night where she got to swallow Sir’s come before their friend came to join us for drinks.

The three of us went to Pride in July and it was one of my favourite days of the summer. As well as hanging out together we met up with a friend of my Master and his date for the day who was great fun and seemed to very much enjoy Sir’s company. So I wasn’t surprised when he turned out to be the friend my Master had invited round to join us for drinks.

We had fun getting drunk and silly before he went off to meet some friends for a night at the Two Brewers. Princess and I poured more drinks while my Master showed him out and it’s just as well we know how to entertain ourselves the two of us because Sir was gone for quite some time.

Princess and I would have been disappointed if he’d come back and hadn’t told us that there’d been kissing but we were thrilled and more than a little turned on when he told us that the kissing had turned into the friend wanting a proper taste and sucking Sir’s cock in the communal hallway outside their flat.

We spent the rest of the night trying to persuade him to go round to his friend’s the next day and fuck. Surprisingly he didn’t take his wife and submissive up on the encouragement to fuck another man even if he did agree with us that it was impressively slutty for him to have got his cock sucked by three different people in the space of two hours…

Three Is The Magic Number

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