Sometimes living in London feels like possibility rather than annoyance and Pride is one of those times. I met up with Princess and my Master after the parade to enjoy the atmosphere in Soho and indulge in some world class people watching.

I enjoyed seeing both of them so relaxed and revelled in watching them watch other people. I don’t get to see my Master’s same sex side very much and it both enlightening and hot to see what catches his eye in a man. I’d have enjoyed seeing him flirt too but you can’t have it all.

I also enjoyed kissing Princess in public and her marking me with her red lipstick (even if it did make me look sunburned on occasion rather than sexy!) And there was that warm sense of pleasure that came from watching other women notice her. With a rainbow tattoo round her thigh and some very sexy short shorts she certainly turned heads.

But I think my favourite moment of an excellent day was seeing three women holding hands walking together on Greek Street and being reminded that three is very often the perfect number…


Opening Up

My Master has been working late a lot recently which is usually a line for married men to be having sex behind their wives’ backs. In this case he’s actually working late and encouraging me to have sex with his wife instead. And since our relationship is so modern in so many ways, it’d be a shame to miss such a chance to make it even more so.

Princess was the one coming to life in warm weather last night and getting incredibly horny in that way you know someone’s mind is only on orgasms and enjoyment and all the other background noise in their brain has gone quiet for a while to allow you to just fuck.

I started off licking her cunt. While I was making dinner she’d sneaked off into the shower and shaved herself completely smooth and her cunt literally looked good enough to eat. In fact it was a shame to only give her one orgasm that way so I kept my mouth on her clit after she came and kept going.

She seemed a little hesitant to begin with and then she started to do all the work for me, grinding her cunt down onto my tongue and fucking my face while I simply held still and her second orgasm was more like an explosion than anything else. Ironically she was more breathless at the end of it than I was.

I wanted to feel her cunt on me so I told her to lie on top of me and rub her cunt against mine. She looked incredible fucking me from above, tits shaking, both of us getting wetter and wetter from the feel of each other until I came just from the feeling her smooth shaved cunt against my piercing.

Then she asked me for something we hadn’t done in a while, to stretch her out with my hand and fist and fill her up. This was basically the way Princess and I started fucking each other and I have extremely happy memories of last summer with my fist her cunt nearly constantly.

Annoyingly few months ago, we went a little overboard and Princess got a small tear that took a few weeks to heal and had the effect of making us a little bit cautious about stretching while getting distracted into all kinds of other filthy fun in the meantime. But last night Princess asked me to stretch her out and put as many fingers as possible into her and I realised how much I’d missed it.

Her cunt was wetter than I’ve ever felt and three fingers almost felt like a joke. I added a fourth and brushed my thumb across her swollen clit until she asked for more as she squirmed under me. Her cunt took my duck bill shaped fingers with no difficulty as she fucked against me and pushed my hand deeper and deeper with her own hand.

I could feel my hand slip and slide that little bit deeper inside each time she thrust her cunt against me and I enjoyed making her go slower and less greedily than she really wanted so I could play with each area of her cunt I hadn’t felt in a while feeling each different wriggle, gasp and intake of breath from her as I did.

She seemed like she would take my whole fist without any lube when the widest point of my hand hesitated slightly and mindful that I was stretching her to orgasm rather than making a point, I turned my attention to cupping my fingers round inside her while she put the wand on her clit.

If her earlier orgasm was an explosion this was an earthquake. Her cunt clenched so hard round my hand I had to unfurl each finger gradually one at a time to get it to let go again. I’m not sure either of us wanted the feeling to end so I suspect that will only be the start of a summer of stretching…

Opening Up

Watchful Eyes

For all my slutty ways before I met my Master, I did not tend to any form of exhibitionism either sexually or personally. I’m fairly sure that if you asked most of my friends, co workers or acquaintances particularly before I moved to London they’d actually suspect I had terrible luck with men since my dates never turned into relationships rather than spending most of my spare time getting fucked.

Being a ‘shy’ slut paid off though as I very rarely had to bother with anyone’s preconceptions or worry that I’d fuck their boyfriend behind their back and it created a situation where I could hide in plain sight being almost pathologically private about sex. Even my best friend had no idea about my sluttiness or sex work at the time.

The secrecy added a layer of danger and power to it all that I loved. Slipping out of hot sweaty clubs to cool down and taking a different guy into an alleyway to fuck each time. Coming down in rooms later after all nighters knowing I’d fucked all the men there but them not knowing the others had too. Using my (non sex work) job to meet men and getting rewarded by my boss for ‘my excellent customer service’ in the process because no one guessed.

The only downside to having such a secretive sex life means I think it stopped me thinking about the side of sex that could be about performance or voyeurism even when I was having sex with more than one person. Luckily my Master has introduced me to that concept and after some initial nervousness I seem to have taken to it rather well.

I haven’t have had the chance to play with my Master and Princess in public (yet) but right from the beginning of our relationship he’s encouraged the idea of me learning to show off more. From dressing as sluttily as possible everyday in public to a memorable occasion I ended up giving myself an orgasm behind a Boris Bike stand in central London one night on his orders he certainly didn’t break me in gently.

Now you can hardly stop me from fucking myself or Princess in public bathrooms or changing rooms so it also crossed my mind the other night when the three of us were fucking in their living room that their neighbours might be able to see what was going on. The joys of London living means their flat is overlooked and their neighbours rarely close their curtains.

A few years ago the idea would have distracted me but this time it turned me on…

Watchful Eyes