Hard to Swallow

It’s not even midday on Monday morning and I’m annoyed already by this Cosmopolitan article about why you shouldn’t swallow. (Spoiler alert: being joyless about sex isn’t given as a reason.)

Obviously if you prefer not to swallow or give oral sex that’s a perfectly legitimate preference. BUT in the same way it’s rude and immature for a grown up to refuse a foodstuff they’ve been offered by saying ‘ewwww! Gross!’ or turning their head away like a fussy toddler, not having a respectful conversation about oral sex is the same.

No one feels good if someone pulls away from their cock (or cunt) or makes catty comments about smell or taste. Simply set your boundaries before you use your mouth for anything else and don’t act like semen is radioactive waste or a waste of your time.

Men can help make this easier by giving a heads up when they are about to come or if there’s more come than usual to prevent any misunderstandings. Also the sound and movements of a man about to come in your mouth is ridiculously hot. Make more of them please.

And now I’m reminded it’s far too long since I had my Master’s cock in my mouth and I can’t think of much else….

Hard to Swallow

One thought on “Hard to Swallow

  1. I love the taste of both mine and my wife’s cum. Mixed together is an entirely different meal and one to be shared. The writer of that quoted article is a stuck-up prude.


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