Spring Open

I’ve been experimenting with Princess for a while using two fingers inside her cunt to bring her to orgasm. It began out of practicality over winter when getting completely naked was too cold and we adapted to fucking with clothes still on.

It’s easier to reach two fingers inside while you’re still half dressed than a fist or four fingers and it’s made me get more creative with movements and actions to bring her to orgasm that way.

Lots of concentration on her G spot and playing with her clit after teasing my fingers along the inside of her thighs and across her cunt to make her shiver and squirm has been equally fun for both of us and I’ve been enjoying the same number inside me.

Yesterday though when we were fucking and it was warm enough to strip off completely I had an urge for her to put as many fingers inside my cunt as possible and start stretching me out a bit more now spring is here again.

But Princess had other ideas and despite me asking for two then three fingers, she kept stroking my cunt with just one finger until I was frustrated but turned on and as close to bratty about it as I get about it.

Then just as I was about to pout and protest, she licked my clit until I came, never taking her finger out of my cunt circling it round, brushing against my G spot and fucking me slowly and steadily all while I squirmed in pleasure to an excellent orgasm.

Keeping that one finger inside my cunt she switched to stroking my clit with both fingers on either side of it back and forth until my clit was swollen and I was writhing off the bed incredibly close to the kind of orgasm that makes your head spin.

She literally had me in the palm of her hand pacing me back and forward until my clit was almost painful I was so turned on and close to coming, all with one finger inside and two fingers around my clit.

When I came it was less like an orgasm and more like losing grasp of reality. My mind went blank with anything except the intensity and enjoyment of that orgasm and it made me miss her finger when she finally slipped it out again.

It also made me greedy to see how much further she can push me with more fingers inside while she plays with my clit. I might have to get to try with an orgasm for each extra finger til we get to the fist or I actually pass out in pleasure…

Spring Open

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