Valentine’s Day

I’m not a huge fan of obvious romance.The idea that you have to buy twelve red roses on February 14th doesn’t appeal because humans aren’t one size fits all and to me any kind of ‘romantic’ or thoughtful gesture should be person specific rather than a tick box exercise.

Being cynical like this meant I didn’t have plans last night until my Master had to work late and suggested that Princess entertain herself by coming round and fucking me. Now that’s a person specific thoughtful gesture and a half.

My only instructions were that I had to make Princess come at least five times including the double ended dildo and share the details of each orgasm with my Master. That’s my way of showing him I care.

Princess arrived with a butt plug and therefore it seemed obvious that I should start her orgasms off by licking her cunt until she came. I do like that feeling of kneeling in front of someone concentrating on their enjoyment.

But I like it even better when they end up sliding off the sofa and straddling your lap as you make them come again with the Doxy against their bare cunt and your fully clothed one as they fuck themselves against the toy.

I couldn’t resist pushing Princess even further with a third orgasm still across my knees but leaning back with her cunt pushed up in the air playing with her favourite spot when she masturbates and her clit at the same time. Watching her fall back against the sofa barely able to speak afterwards made me feel very smug.

And ready to eat some dinner to give me energy to create a floor show for my Master with the double ended dildo next…

Valentine’s Day

One thought on “Valentine’s Day

  1. […] Dinner with Princess the other night was very enjoyable but so was after dinner when she pulled me down on the sofa and licked my cunt til I was incredibly wet. She then left the room for a minute and I took the chance to slip the little pink G spot toy inside me and fuck myself until she came back. […]


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