Two At A Time

slut paddle

My Master clearly woke up horny yesterday because by 10.30 he’d fucked Princess in the ass, come in her throat and arranged a threesome with me. I found it extremely difficult to focus all afternoon with that in mind.

It’s been a while since we’ve all been able to play together so I wanted to make an effort and packed a bag of pure sluttery to take to their house. Two new toys to play with: a leather paddle with the word slut in it and a double ended dildo.

My Master was aware of both but Princess wasn’t at all so I was intrigued to see what he would have planned with them. I do like his ability to surprise me even when I know what he has in mind.

double dong

I started the evening by surprising both of them with my completely sheer black bodysuit that made the previous one look almost demure. Totally see through it only needed some black stockings and a quarter cup bra and black corset to finish it off to full effect.

It certainly declared how ready to fuck I was and neither of them made me wait too long to get started. Princess was so keen in fact she was being a little bit bratty so my Master had no choice but to tie her face down on the bed with her mouth on my cunt while he alternated the Doxy on the jiggle ball butt plug in her ass and the slut paddle on her skin to punish her.

Sadly the paddle didn’t brand her fully with the word slut, but it did offer several orgasms worth of fun for her from hard stinging spanks to soft thwacking slaps and almost soothing sounds as she squirmed into my soaking cunt and tried to pull away from the Doxy overloading her senses.

I think she thought my Master was taking pity on how helpless and being used she was when he allowed her to sit up again and took the cuffs off her arms and legs. Right up until the moment he blindfolded her that was.

But instead he slipped one end of the huge double dildo in her cunt and the other into mine and then held her arms behind her sliding us together on the same huge toy. He then guided her hands down so she could feel that we were sharing it and watched as she started to fuck the toy and by extension my cunt.

The toy was just a little bit too long for us to push our cunts together and feel the Doxy at the same time but putting it on full power allowed us to get a good effect as we fucked each other with an enormous cock as my Master enjoyed watching us.

I’m particularly looking forward to buying a slightly shorter double ended dildo for next time and not being so greedy about length for once…

Two At A Time

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