Soft Butch

I think Princess is rubbing off on me. Teaching me about the joys of fucking women has not only made the last few months incredibly fun but it also seems to be making me more aware of women.

My Master wanted me to take Princess out on Saturday night to a lesbian bar and show her off but I couldn’t find anywhere that wasn’t a basement in Dalston where it was probably too dimly lit to show much off.

He does like the idea of us attracting some attention while out and about and he does have a good reputation when it comes to introducing me to women so I might learn to like attracting attention to me and Princess in public.

While I was plotting when and where we could do this, I had to get on with the day to day of life which being me involved trialling a new hairdresser and ending up with a style my best friend described as ‘so fucking gay.’ (Which is a compliment from a butch with good hair.)

And then also being me, there was a trip to the hospital for a test. I’m an old hand at these things so it was all very straightforward until they mentioned I needed to take my piercings out. I explained I’d have difficulty and the nurse went off to check leaving me with her colleague.

Who happened to be a very hot soft butch who definitely noticed my hair and didn’t read me as completely straight which is new for me. It didn’t help that because of the gloves she was using we were discussing latex within a few seconds of meeting.

But that was totally fine until the other nurse returned to double check the metal of my nipple piercings and I also had to confess to the clit piercing too. The cute butch didn’t say anything but as she had my arm in her hands at the time, I felt her try not to laugh too much.

She proceeded to carry on dealing with preparing my veins for an injection and the conversation was flirtier than I’d expect over saline and sticky tape. Not the first time a queer woman has flirted with me, but the first time they’ve also read me as queer and it felt fun but odd, like I was letting a haircut speak for me.

Yet it was also fun and lighthearted and then she had to use a longer cable or tube than expected and walk behind me carrying so it didn’t touch the floor and without thinking I said ‘I feel like a puppy being walked’ and as soon as I said it, there was that tension of realising you are both thinking kinky things and the tone has changed.

Not the moment to be in a backless hospital gown frankly…

Soft Butch

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