I seem to have been kept apart from Princess’s cunt recently. Life just conspired to make it the territory of my Master recently and didn’t allow me the opportunity to get near it. Because I have a hormonal IUD as my chosen form of contraception I don’t have periods and I always forget other people do.

Last week when Princess was making me lose myself on the sofa, I very much wanted to reply with pleasing her but her period didn’t allow the opportunity on that occasion. So I’ve spent the whole week considering that I should put a period tracker for her on my phone and imagining getting the opportunity to lick her cunt next time I saw her.

She clearly still had sofas on her mind too when this time she licked me to several orgasms on the sofa in her and my Master’s living room so I could look up and see the people in the flats opposite and imagine how they would react if they could see us.

I always enjoy her tongue on me but it was the thought of doing the same to her that got me to orgasm so fast. I couldn’t hold back making sure I was face first in her cunt as soon as possible and she was so wet and horny, it only took one finger slipped inside with my mouth on her clit to make her come almost immediately.

She slipped off the sofa as soon as she came with my finger still inside her and sat astride my hand fucking herself back and forth as I kneeled on the floor. I could still feel her cunt clenching from the first orgasm and it didn’t take long to turn that into another one at that angle.

Princess’s cunt felt incredible, stretched open astride me and absolutely soaking wet with her clit harder than I’ve ever felt it. I couldn’t stop myself from brushing my index finger against it and feeling her grind against it. She was still so horny I added another finger and another against it using my knuckles to play withe her clit.

She was so wet that they moved against her easily and in no time she was pressing her cunt against them making sure I was grinding them hard and fast against her as she asked me to destroy her with them. I was delighted but not surprised when she came again ridiculously hard with me using the back of my hand to bring her to orgasm.

Who knew knuckles could have such an effect when they aren’t even being used to fist someone?


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