Idle Chat, Active Mind

I think my favourite people in the world are the ones you can talk to about sex without anything off limits. Like the night I accidentally told my best friend about this blog. Or a friend who asked me would I go to a sex club with her because I was the only person she wouldn’t be embarrassed to know she wanted and could laugh about the whole thing with afterwards.

Or that you get emails that end ‘bought my first spreader bar’ and you go green with envy. I was first introduced to the concept of spreader bars with this post from Girl on the Net and while the throatfucking still doesn’t appeal, the idea of having my legs pushed apart and chained there really does.

I imagine it going well with a latex catsuit and my Master’s cock. Or when he sometimes puts me on my tiptoes against the living room window and fucks me while I’m pressed on the glass, just keeping my balance and his cock inside me.

But then again it could also work when he likes to completely overwhelm me with orgasms and leave me barely able to move. The bar both helps and hinders that way, supporting you to start with and then pinning you into place with that mix of pleasure and pain as you can’t move willingly.

My mind is wandering now and I’m going to distract myself by Googling where to buy one…

Idle Chat, Active Mind

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