Shortly after I started sleeping with Princess, my Master ordered her to look the part of a slutty wife who fucks other women with her husband. He sent her to the hairdresser to get the blondest highlights she could get and made me so with her to make sure it wasn’t too tasteful and innocent looking.

That particular evening finished back at my house with Princess unaware my Master was here and filming her licking my cunt on the sofa and then the three of us making sure her beautifully blow dried hair was definitely bed head by the end.

She hasn’t had her highlights done since sadly but yesterday my Master ordered her to and she amused herself during the hours it took deciding what she could do with my cunt later when we met up.

Her hair looked fantastic. Very very blonde in the way that make her look even more innocent in polite company and twice as slutty in my company. I approved heartily and wasn’t surprised that my Master wanted a photo of her hair while she was licking my cunt.

Normally Princess loves to get face first into my cunt at any opportunity but yesterday she decided to tease me by using her hands first. And I was so horny for her. It’s been a while since we had the chance to play properly and it went straight to my cunt.

I’d already lost count of the orgasms she’d given me playing with my clit as we lay on my sofa when she started again doing something with her fingers either side of my piercing that felt incredible and just built and built into more and more pleasure.

And then completely and utterly unexpectedly whatever she was doing to my ridiculously turned on clit made me squirt so hard both of us could actually hear the sound of it happening.

I wanted to say something but I couldn’t do anything for the next few minutes except have an orgasm so intense I wasn’t sure if I was in my own body or not while it was happening. When I could put myself back together again afterwards Princess was shocked to see just how much I’d squirted on the sofa.

Didn’t stop her pushing me back on the patch again while she licked my cunt to another orgasm to make sure my Master got his photograph of her hair and I lost all ability to think straight again. I like this new blonder version of Princess a lot…


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