Princess doesn’t like tights. Or that’s what she told me when we first met. But she’s enjoyed a few occasions of playing with me while I’ve been wearing them, feeling me get wetter and wetter under her hand still wearing a pair under a dress or short skirt.

But I don’t think that’s influenced her as much as my love of black fishnets. They have the effect of making any outfit look as slutty as I feel. It’s impossible to look demure in a pair of them.

So I wasn’t entirely surprised when she sent me some lesbian smut from Tumblr that prominently featured fishnets and suggested that I wore them the same way some time for her.

tumblr-postClearly I’m losing my talent for delayed gratification from spending time with Princess and her brattiness is rubbing off on me because I wore my fishnets the next time I saw her as a massive hint that I had been thinking about what she’d said.

It didn’t take very long before she was playing with my cunt through the fishnets with me kneeling over her on my sofa just wearing the tights and kissing her as she made me orgasm hard leaning my tits in her face.

She wasn’t content with just one orgasm so started licking my clit through the fishnets. I’ve had many many thoughts about having fishnets ripped open and being fucked through them, but for some reason being licked through them never occurred to me.

But I know I’ll be thinking about that particular sensation a lot afterwards because it felt so good. And it looked amazing too. Princess on her hands and knees, gorgeous ass up in the air, big eyes staring at me enjoying her tongue on my cunt.

It made me so turned on that when she took a photo of my cunt to show me, my clit had swelled up so much my piercing had actually slipped inside the clitoral hood which alarmed me afterwards when I thought it had fallen out. Who knew it could play hide and seek?

That moment of mild peril was well worth the orgasm though. And I love the photo too. It reminds me how much I love my clit piercing. Looks so good and feels so good…



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