My Master gave me an order last night to find a video that had both an impressive outfit and some impressive fucking and share it with him (and you all.) If the video impressed him more than the image he had in mind, I’d get a reward.

It was trickier than I imagined. His exact words were ‘ an outfit that amazes you and makes you wet’ and it’s incredibly difficult to match the small amount of porn I find a turn on with a good outfit.

But this video of a catsuit and harness leapt out at me. Apart from the bit where he touches the soles of her feet, I could imagine myself in the situation with my Master to the point where both times I watched it, I was picturing how I’d sound while he did those things to me.

I’ve never had any particular interest in bondage before but something about the helplessness and submissiveness of her arms and legs being bound (and how impressive that white latex looks round her tits) went straight to my cunt.

I’m just hoping my Master will accept forced orgasms with the wand as fucking since I liked the video so much…


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