My Master is a details man. He listens to things I say and files information away for future occasions which I enjoy immensely but am always surprised by. Most men are not particularly good at listening and absorbing information which tends to make both sex and dating an intensely frustrating experience.

I often assume that my Master will forget about things or change his mind and am impressed when he doesn’t lose the thread of the scene he’s planned or conversation he’s having when spontaneity and horniness would get the better of me every time.

So I shouldn’t have been surprised when after making Princess do the hard work with her own orgasm, he now turned his attention to the bed restraints he’d ordered me to bring that evening.

He blindfolded her and lay her down on her back and leaned across her to tie her hands tightly to the bed before she could work out what he was doing. Her legs remained free but her hands pinned her down so that she could only lie and squirm against the cuffs.

I was ordered onto my knees to lick her clit as he moved round to the other side of the bed. With my face buried in her sopping wet cunt, I couldn’t see what he was doing until he moved both Princess and I on our sides slightly so that he could lie on his side and slide his cock into me while licking Princess’s ass at the same time as I licked her cunt.

Princess struggled against her bonds to attempt to work out what was happening and was clearly confused by the overwhelming sensations and the movement of my tongue being controlled by how hard or deep my Master fucked me.

Talk about choreographing a scene, he was dictating both our responses and orgasms with his cock and actions and the fact neither of us could move without his say so in complete submission. Princess was begging to see him fuck me but couldn’t do anything other than accept that she was a sex toy to be brought to orgasm on his orders.

After the first orgasm, he did allow her the blindfold off and switched sides for he and I which allowed me to see his face in Princess’s cunt making her come with his tongue as I took his cock again and pressed my tongue between her ass as best I could while he made her twist her body off the bed in pleasure at all kinds of angles.

My Master and Princess have given me many excellent images over the past few months, but that one that will stay for a very long time indeed. No wonder he had planned the evening around it…



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