Old School

I don’t quite know how my Master does it but he choreographs threesomes with Princess and me regularly without them ever seeming repetitive in any way but without doing anything simply for the sake of novelty or showing off because he can.

So I was intrigued when he texted me and told me to be at theirs at 6.30 and that he had a very particular image in mind for the evening. All I had to do was be easy to undress and to bring the bed restraints from my house.

He disappeared into the bedroom when I arrived leaving Princess and I none the wiser to what he was doing. He then called us in and ordered us to lie on the bed and kiss while he watched.

Pleased by Princess’s skill in turning me from a completely straight woman a year ago to one who fantasises about her cunt while coming round an enormous toy, he decided to reward her by letting her make herself come with just her hands. No wand or any other type of toy and he and I couldn’t touch her cunt to help her.

But we could touch her everywhere else and it was incredibly hot to see him rip her top off while she pulled her skirt up to show that she wasn’t wearing any underwear in preparation. Her hands went straight to her clit and he kissed her neck and tits while I kissed her mouth.

Then he and I took turns swapping and lavishing her body with attention as she begged for something in her cunt to help her come. It’s not very often you hear Princess say ‘just one finger’ but she was desperate for anything as she rubbed her clit.

My Master took pity on her just a little bit and put his finger in her ass while I pinched and played with her thighs and nipples and kept kissing her. She looked so hot with a combination of horniness, concentration and desperation on her face, convinced that she couldn’t make herself come like that without the help of something in her cunt.

Getting more and more frantic with her fingers on her clit, but sure it wouldn’t happen, she came hard pushing against his fingers and my face with her feet lifting off the bed with the strength of the orgasm. It was an excellent image and I approved heartily of my Master creating it.

And then he told both of us that was just the warm up and not even the image he had in mind for the evening at all…


Old School

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