Old Friends

I woke up incredibly horny yesterday. I’d been dreaming about Princess and thoughts of her cunt went straight to mine. Usually my Master doesn’t allow me to masturbate but this time he allowed me the opportunity with only one proviso.

I had to see how much of the big plug I could take in my cunt while I was doing it. I had to think for a moment which plug he meant and then I remembered it was the big glossy black Ass Servant one he had in mind and got excited.

I haven’t used it for months and was intrigued to see how much more of it I could take than when I first got it last March. Last time I played with it I was sure I could have managed it all if I’d had permission to come so I was very hopeful.

I still had visions in my mind of Princess’s cunt and just as I was getting ready to play with the toy she texted me and I enjoyed telling her what I was doing. And she clearly enjoyed hearing it.

She has a way of playing with my clit when I’m kneeling that makes my clit so incredibly swollen and makes me squirt as I come. I love when she does it so I was picturing that as I got up on my knees to start riding the toy and she was obviously doing the same.


My cunt just swallowed the toy up and straight down further onto it to begin with than I used to be able to do right at the end of a session with it. All my Master’s training combined with the thought of making Princess so wet had quite the effect.

I then ran the Doxy against the toy because the vibrations are so strong it doesn’t need to touch my cunt to have an effect and the toy definitely slipped in a little further. I was sure I could have taken it all if my ass was a little bit more stretched at the moment.

Instead I flicked the Doxy onto my clit for a few seconds and then back to the toy and alternated for a few times so the toy just inched in very slightly more and stretched me so wide I came without warning.

That hasn’t happened for such a long time I was surprised and once my legs stopped shaking I texted my Master to tell him what had happened and apologise if I didn’t have permission to come.

Luckily he found the photos I sent hot enough to excuse my accidental orgasm and I know Princess enjoyed my description too. I very much like that one toy pleases three people so many ways at once…


Old Friends

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