My Master mentioned recently that he likes knowing what I’m doing while he’s fucking Princess and it got me thinking. What if he knew that Princess and I were doing the same thing at the same time while he was fucking her and thinking about me?

Handily enough Princess and I both own one of those John Holmes toys that has somehow become my most frequently used dildo so I had the image of us both fucking ourselves with it at the same time at some point. Me picturing her cunt filled up to stretching would certainly loosen mine nicely.

So when my Master texted me the other day to say Princess was sucking his cock, I sensed it was a good time to practise giving orders. Once I got the hang of not cramping his style or potential orgasms, I told her to take the toy out and put it inside her and show me her cunt in its full glory.

As I was giving the orders, I was pressing the tip of my toy up against my cunt and feeling it want to swallow it up, but holding back in case my Master had orders for me as well. He seemed more than happy though to let me direct and soon the toy was slipping into my wet cunt with ease.

Princess was having a little more trouble as she was surprisingly tight and could only take the tip of the toy before my Master took over and fucked her with his cock to help stretch her out a little more. I could picture just how much she wanted him inside her and was enjoying fucking myself to the image at home.

My Master had to slip a plug into her ass to be able to come into her cunt and the thought of it helped me take my toy as deeply as possible thinking about how they both react when they come. Unsurprisingly it took almost nothing more than playing with my piercing as I fucked myself to come when my Master gave me permission to.

And I think I could have come again if I’d been greedy thinking abut how this year will involve training Princess to take the bigger toys more regularly. Her cunt is glorious to the feel of my fingers but she still can’t take my Master’s fist fully.

I suspect that taking some inspiration from my Master’s patient and practised training of me from two fingers to huge toy and becoming a complete fisting slut should help her along to get past the widest point of his knuckles nicely.

Playing with Princess’s cunt more is my kind of New Year resolution…



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