My Master was as I said very clear about the importance of his relationship with Princess right from the first time he and I met. I have never had any jealousy toward her or their relationship because there was never any sense of competition or comparison between us on his part.

But I was always apprehensive about us having a threesome together. Not because I felt that there would be any hierarchy per se but I was aware that being the third person to their couple could have presented potential issues.

Luckily none of us are the jealous type and knowing that my Master would take charge of any scenario meant that was the least of my worries. It would be the epitome of being given orders which always pleases and reassures me.

I was more concerned with with the fact I’d never had any interest with having sex with a woman before and that I wouldn’t be attracted to Princess, but basically faking a same sex experience with someone for my Master’s gratification.

Of course I had no idea at that point that Princess’s preference for sexual partners outside her relationship with my Master is for women so had no idea she was looking forward to the idea of a female-female-male threesome immensely.

But considering how nervous I was about the whole idea, I’m actually sure that knowledge wouldn’t have helped because for the reassurance it would have given me was she was keen, it would have made me feel even more inexperienced and nervous about it all.

I must have said no to my Master at least ten times over the idea right from the very start of our relationship. He never pushed me or coerced me into it and I knew that if I continued to say no there would be no sulking or annoyance on his part because he’s too secure in his dominance and too decent for that.

So resolute was I in my 100% straightness that I seem to remember I was still saying no the day before it happened. But then my Master gave me the order that he was bringing Princess to my house that night and it just felt right. All my previous nerves were gone and it was just butterflies of excitement throughout the day at the thought of pleasing him.

The fact he kept me blindfolded the whole way through the threesome and I never saw Princess’s face until after I’d fucked her for the first time certainly didn’t give me much time to do anything apart from enjoy myself. As introductions go it’s hard to beat…



Go Slow

My Master was very clear with me about his relationship with Princess from the moment we met. I had no issue with him having a girlfriend as that would have been hypocritical on my part since I was sleeping with a married man at the time.

That did make me wonder briefly if my Master was optimistic about how Princess didn’t object to him having sex with other people as I have to admit I’ve heard quite a few variations of that line from coupled up men over my slutty past.

But perhaps selfishly I didn’t really care because I never thought at the start that things would be anything more than a (hopefully) filthy fling between us. His relationship was his issue and I just wanted to fuck him.

Unusually for me though I didn’t fuck him for several months after we met. I have never been one for observing any kind of ‘rules’ about sleeping with people like waiting til the third date or not.

I’m of the opinion the ‘right’ time to have sex with someone new is when you both want to rather than it being a socially acceptable timeframe. Wait five minutes or five years but the most important thing is that you both want to have sex with each other then.

However, I have generally tended to the five minutes scale of things. Prior to my Master I haven’t particularly well acquainted with the idea of commitment and relationships or frankly, delayed gratification.

I tended to pick my sexual experiences on how hot the other person was or how horny I was. How good an idea fucking that specific person was rarely entered my head because I was only ever thinking with my cunt.

I would have very happily fucked my Master the first time I met him and had he been a different kind of man it might well have been a fling that didn’t even involve going home together as I’d have sneaked out of the wedding we were at together and fucked him somewhere privately before going home alone.

Yet right from the start he exerted control of the situation and made me wait. He was extremely flirtatious and excellent company but he made it subtly clear we weren’t going to fuck then.

My assumption to begin with was that his girlfriend wasn’t quite as tolerant about other people as he suggested but then my Master spent the next few months quite obviously pursuing something with me and making me wait.

He made it quite clear that he wasn’t offering me the relationship he had with Princess which relieved me. I might not have realised I was looking for a D/s relationship (or that’s what this would become) but I did know I didn’t want a boyfriend.

So the clearer he was about the fact he and Princess were genuinely happy with the idea of both of them sleeping with other people as an enhancement to their relationship rather because anything was missing, the more I enjoyed waiting to fuck him.

Little did I realise at the time it was his first act of domination over me…

Go Slow


Wine bottle in your cunt

My Master sent me an image that went right to my cunt the other night especially since it involved an order as well.

He wants me to be able to take a wine bottle in my cunt as my next challenge while training Princess to be able to do the same. I’m very comfortable with cans in my cunt but less so with bottles so this will be quite a step up.

I do so enjoy training Princess particularly on his orders and for his enjoyment but I might have to introduce a little competition here for myself to make sure I meet his challenge. Princess is much better with a bottle than I am so far and I need to use her skills to enhance mine.

Plus the timing of his order gives me an excuse to look for interesting shaped bottles in supermarkets and shop for Christmas. I think a drink beforehand might be ideal here…


Sexual Politics

I have a love-hate relationship with feminism. At its most basic in allowing women and men to have equal rights, I’m all in. But in its most common form of wanting white middle class cis women to have the same rights as white middle class cis men and not changing a system that marginalises a lot of people, I’m not so keen.

The type of stereotypical feminism that wants more women on banknotes and boardrooms isn’t my bag at all. It has an uptight moralistic tone I don’t care for which is all for choice for women as long as it is the choices those women would make for themselves.

But those choices don’t seem to include sex work or shaving your cunt or being slutty. Those are all things that apparently women have no agency over and are only forced into doing to please men. They don’t really choose or want things like that apparently.

So for years I was torn and confused. I wanted and approved of many things feminism did such as increasing women’s financial rights, access to abortion and personal safety but I felt out of place within that environment at the same time.

The feminism I encountered wanted women to be sexually liberated but never submissive. Women who allowed men to tell them what to do were viewed as some kind of traitor to the cause. They definitely weren’t real feminists according to their rules.

It took me a while to find a feminism that was more inclusive than exclusive and once I did I think it made me a more compassionate person but also more able to reconcile the fact that submission to a man isn’t inherently wrong in anyway.

My submission is given freely and willingly to a man who respects me and my body and who I respect and trust utterly. He puts as much work (if not more) in dominating me as I do into submitting to him which makes it very mutual.

There may be a power dynamic inherent to our relationship that I would never change but there is no misuse of that power on his part. It’s submission not subjugation and I see no shame in being a sexually submissive woman.

That view was confirmed today when I saw this tweet discussing whether submissive women can be feminist or not…



Sexual Politics

Impulse Purchase

My Master is a man who likes details. Sometimes I think details turn him on as much as latex or a stretched wet cunt or giving orders. Luckily I am also a details person so I look forward to those little enhancements to his orders and tasks.

So I wasn’t surprised when my task to find three slutty looking outfits also involved fucking myself wearing them but I knew I needed to add details to the encounter to impress him.

I started with a little sparkle. A very tight low cut gold top that barely held my tits in place as I sat on the bench in the changing room with my legs wide apart and the toy inside me as I sent my Master a photograph.


Once I had both hands free again, I lifted my feet up against the wall opposite so the toy slipped deeper inside as I fucked myself hard and slow legs as far open as I could get them. It didn’t take very long to give myself an orgasm like that much to my Master’s approval and amusement that someone else would be buying the top afterwards.

I thought he’d like the second outfit even more though. A very tight black leotard that gave quite the view of my tits and new waist and my legs all at once. I was tempted to wear it over the fishnets for full impact but that would have meant ripping them to fuck myself and I think I prefer the idea of him doing that.

For full effect this time, I stuck the John Holmes toy to the floor and rode it with the leotard pulled to one side, fucking myself so hard the buttons on it popped open and I made my legs hurt with how hard I pushed down onto that massive cock until I came again.


Luckily both my Master and I liked the look of the black leotard so much I wanted to buy it even before I pretty much ruined it with lube and my own wet cunt so I didn’t mind taking it off too much.

My third outfit was a very clingy Nineties style silver dress which reminded me of being a slutty teenager fucking in alleyways on nights out. I pulled the skirt of it up and bent over the bench and fucked myself from behind with the toy until I came for the third time in about fifteen minutes.


My legs were shaking as I got dressed again in my own ridiculously slutty outfit and took the black leotard out to buy. I’d tried to make sure it was presentable before I left the changing room but I’m sure from the look the guy behind the till gave me I hadn’t entirely managed it…

Impulse Purchase

A Glimpse

nipple-shotI think my trip out for the evening in latex got me in the mood to show off because when my Master messaged me today to see if I wanted to go out dressed up, I was already wearing a pair of fishnets and the waist trainer just for nipping out to do some errands.

Funnily enough he didn’t ask me to add anything to that outfit and simply laughed when I told him what I was wearing bearing in mind that I didn’t even own a short skirt when I met him.

He did give me some orders to try on the three sluttiest outfits I could find when I was out and fuck myself to an orgasm in each of them with the John Holmes toy and send him photos and descriptions.

Strangely I had some difficulty finding anything sluttier looking than I was already wearing especially when on such an unseasonably warm day I had to take my coat off and realised my top was showing my nipple piercings off very obviously…

A Glimpse

Take Away

I love when my Master has plans in mind for me and Princess together. I like letting him just take charge and having things unfold without any more input from me than total obedience and a gaping cunt. Few things get me wetter than being told exactly what to do and simply doing it.

Princess though is much brattier and mischievous and says out loud what her cunt is thinking compared to my silence. And tonight her cunt was demanding getting something inside it as soon as possible, preferably my Master’s cock.

Which is exactly why he made her wait a little longer by making her watch me suck his cock while she squirmed impatiently before swapping over so she had his cock in her mouth and her ass up in the air.

She was so horny she was taking his cock even deeper in her throat than usual and tilting her ass right up as I stood behind her and fulfilled my Master’s desire for me to look like that professional domme with the new leather flogger in my hand.

I had no problem following my next order to flog each side of her ass until it was red and she was choking on his cock. I do find this slightly sadistic side when presented with her ass and something to spank it with and love the sound it makes when I do.

She was certainly ready to lick my cunt once I’d finished flogging her getting me ready for my Master’s fist inside me for the first time in months. He reminded me that thanks to him I’m far more of a slut for fisting these days than for cock.

Although because I’m greedy I didn’t object at all when he fisted me wide open and then slipped his cock inside my stretched wet cunt and fucked me hard and deep on top of me until he came to combine both pleasures.

His timing of the whole evening was perfect as dinner was due to arrive after he came into me and he ordered me to try and compete with Princess’s outfit last time all three of us had fucked.

I did love seeing her with a pair of cuffs round her wrists and ankles carrying food but I particularly enjoyed zipping up my latex over my come covered cunt and making sure my boots were quite definitely thigh high when I went to answer the door this time.

I don’t think the driver was in any doubt about what had been happening to work up an appetite and he certainly took his time handing over the the food very precisely and slowly.

With the street light outside shining on the latex and showing off the corset, he didn’t seem too disappointed not to get a tip from me as well as a private view…

Take Away