So I’m supposed to be going on a date tomorrow night and I’m conflicted about it for several reasons.

It came about unexpectedly when a guy I knew through work and I were out drinking and he kissed me. I liked the attention and I liked the kiss more than I expected, but I also felt cautious about the whole thing.

I belong to my Master and his ownership of me is literally marked on my body with the modification of my clit piercing. I am reminded of it repeatedly throughout the day that way but never more so than when another man is interested in me.

I don’t want to do anything to jeopardise that ownership nor my relationship with Princess but I do tend to respond to the attention of men. Prior to meeting my Master, I have never really done relationships of any length or commitment. I was more the fuck them and move on type in fact.

I am much more practised in the art of attracting men in both public and private settings than than keeping their interest. Most of my sexual encounters could be measured in evenings or maybe weeks and a lot of the allure was the chase rather than the connection per se.

It still comes relatively naturally to me to flirt and attract attention from the opposite sex. Partly through habit but also because the changes my Master has made to my body as Candi certainly catch men’s eye and Princess has encouraged me to be more of a show off.

I felt oddly guilty after the guy kissed me as if I was sharing something with him that was for my Master and Princess and it only calmed when my Master made it clear that he rather liked the idea of showing me off in person to another man and gave me orders if I went on the date.

But I’m still not sure. Part of me relishes the idea of showing off each slutty kinky little change my Master has made me as someone discovers my new waist, my pierced nipples or my changed stretched cunt.

And part of me likes that no one else has seen those things in person or touched them about from my Master and Princess. After years of exhibitionism through casual sex, I like the secrets I have from the outside world with only two other people and I’m not sure I’m ready to show those off to anyone else.

And that’s even more unexpected for me than the kiss was…



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