Although I met my Master several months earlier, I associate the beginning of our relationship with Christmas more. I happened to be at my mother’s house for Christmas when our flirtation tipped into me getting wetter than I’d ever been after seeing a photo of him in drag.

The next few days were a stream of increasingly filthy texts and him starting to give me orders. I think I proved my potential when I sneaked away from family after midnight mass on Christmas Eve and put two fingers in my cunt and sent him the photograph.

Those of you who’ve been reading the blog this year might be surprised to know that I had never sent any photos like that before then and was so nervous about doing it that I could only manage to go through with it by putting myself in such an intense situation I couldn’t back out.

I was rewarded handsomely with a late night conversation with him after I’d gone to bed that turned into phone sex together. It was quite a struggle even for me not to make any noise as I came because it was so hot when he ordered me to come for him for the first time.

It was also the first and only time I’ve ever asked him to come for me and he sent me a video of it that I couldn’t stop replaying in my head the next day when I should have been paying attention to cooking Christmas dinner instead.

I had no idea what that first orgasm would lead to but I’m very glad I tried something new and followed my orders like a good girl for once instead of being as wilful and bloody minded as I seemed to have been being before than. I’ve been rewarded with so much more than just an orgasm for that.

I can’t promise you all quite that for Christmas this year but I do hope you all get the orgasms and enjoyment you do want…


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