My best friend is brilliant. She’s a gorgeous butch dyke with the sharpest hair cut and sense of humour I know. And she’s the most accepting person I know without straying over into enabling or ignoring my mistakes.

She’d been hoping since we met that I might actually be queer or amenable to experimentation and while I’m sure she was the one who hoped to convince me to cunt, she admired my Master for getting me to try it out.

So you can imagine how I pleased I was when she met Princess and liked her. But what most people won’t be able to imagine is how pleased I was when she wanted to both fuck Princess and be her friend.

In my friendships and relationships with the people I care most about I like to share the things that make me happy. I don’t believe in possessiveness or exclusion. Essentially I am always happy to offer to share my playthings with people who appreciate and respect the invite rather than keep them to myself.

It works very well for me that my Master likes to share Princess with me and me with both other men and the readers of this blog or Clips 4 Sale. A huge attraction to him was that he wasn’t looking for another girlfriend but a submissive and I love seeing him and Princess together as a couple.

I think that idea is quite challenging for most people who’ve been taught monogamy is the only way to have a relationship or that three’s a crowd. And even the ones who are more used to the idea of open relationship might not extend that to friendships too.

But I love the idea of my best friend flirting with Princess and I love the idea of Princess responding. She looks so innocent around the more experienced more dominant dyke. Yet the first time they met, Princess rendered my friend speechless and blushing by mentioning out of the blue how she liked to masturbate to videos of me fucking myself with candles.

So they are well matched to play fantastically flirtatious games together. I have no fear of falling out favour with either of them and I doubt my Master is anything more than entertained by the whole idea. He certainly liked hearing how Princess kissed my friend hello on the cheek the other day seconds after being face first in my cunt.

I’m certainly intrigued to see where a girls’ night in (or out) goes in the next few months…






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