I’ve lost count of how many threesomes I’ve had with my Master and Princess over the last months (yes, my 2016 was pretty spectacular all said) and I remain amazed at how my Master choreographs each one differently.

There is allowance for old favourites with things each of us enjoys most, yet each threesome remains individual and unique. I love that he makes that effort and employs those details so when I think about fucking either of them, a montage of highlights flicks through my brain.

There’s orgasms for each of us, moments like the first time my fist slipped inside Princess’s cunt or my Master allowing me to top her in tandem with him as he shared his submissive wife with his sex toy.

It’s that collaboration with him I think I’m proudest of this year in my submission. It’s incredibly hot of course, but more than that it’s an incredible honour when someone you submit to allows you to play on an equal footing with their dominance. you know you’ve earned that opportunity.

So it seemed particularly apt that his choreography the other night involved all three of us working so together at once that both Princess and I were on top of my Master at the same time.

She and I took turns sitting astride his chest and his cock, fucking him and kissing each other. I love the feel of my Master’s chest when I’m on top of him. He’s solid enough to feel like you can really fuck him and bury your hands in his chest hair while doing so.

But I’ve never felt his chest hair against my shaved cunt before and between it and Princess biting at my lip as he fucked her to orgasm, I’ve rarely been wetter. So when he ordered me to get the Doxy I’d brought and put it between us to see who came first, I suspected it would be me even when he said first one to come got a spanking.

She continued to fuck his cock as hard and deep as possible while grinding against the Doxy as it pressed on both our clits at the same time at the highest speed and yet I still came before her because the feel of both of them together around the toy was so hot.

The orgasm was so worth it I didn’t stop to wonder if the spanking promised was a reward or a punishment until it was too late…


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