My Master was as I said very clear about the importance of his relationship with Princess right from the first time he and I met. I have never had any jealousy toward her or their relationship because there was never any sense of competition or comparison between us on his part.

But I was always apprehensive about us having a threesome together. Not because I felt that there would be any hierarchy per se but I was aware that being the third person to their couple could have presented potential issues.

Luckily none of us are the jealous type and knowing that my Master would take charge of any scenario meant that was the least of my worries. It would be the epitome of being given orders which always pleases and reassures me.

I was more concerned with with the fact I’d never had any interest with having sex with a woman before and that I wouldn’t be attracted to Princess, but basically faking a same sex experience with someone for my Master’s gratification.

Of course I had no idea at that point that Princess’s preference for sexual partners outside her relationship with my Master is for women so had no idea she was looking forward to the idea of a female-female-male threesome immensely.

But considering how nervous I was about the whole idea, I’m actually sure that knowledge wouldn’t have helped because for the reassurance it would have given me was she was keen, it would have made me feel even more inexperienced and nervous about it all.

I must have said no to my Master at least ten times over the idea right from the very start of our relationship. He never pushed me or coerced me into it and I knew that if I continued to say no there would be no sulking or annoyance on his part because he’s too secure in his dominance and too decent for that.

So resolute was I in my 100% straightness that I seem to remember I was still saying no the day before it happened. But then my Master gave me the order that he was bringing Princess to my house that night and it just felt right. All my previous nerves were gone and it was just butterflies of excitement throughout the day at the thought of pleasing him.

The fact he kept me blindfolded the whole way through the threesome and I never saw Princess’s face until after I’d fucked her for the first time certainly didn’t give me much time to do anything apart from enjoy myself. As introductions go it’s hard to beat…



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