Impulse Purchase

My Master is a man who likes details. Sometimes I think details turn him on as much as latex or a stretched wet cunt or giving orders. Luckily I am also a details person so I look forward to those little enhancements to his orders and tasks.

So I wasn’t surprised when my task to find three slutty looking outfits also involved fucking myself wearing them but I knew I needed to add details to the encounter to impress him.

I started with a little sparkle. A very tight low cut gold top that barely held my tits in place as I sat on the bench in the changing room with my legs wide apart and the toy inside me as I sent my Master a photograph.


Once I had both hands free again, I lifted my feet up against the wall opposite so the toy slipped deeper inside as I fucked myself hard and slow legs as far open as I could get them. It didn’t take very long to give myself an orgasm like that much to my Master’s approval and amusement that someone else would be buying the top afterwards.

I thought he’d like the second outfit even more though. A very tight black leotard that gave quite the view of my tits and new waist and my legs all at once. I was tempted to wear it over the fishnets for full impact but that would have meant ripping them to fuck myself and I think I prefer the idea of him doing that.

For full effect this time, I stuck the John Holmes toy to the floor and rode it with the leotard pulled to one side, fucking myself so hard the buttons on it popped open and I made my legs hurt with how hard I pushed down onto that massive cock until I came again.


Luckily both my Master and I liked the look of the black leotard so much I wanted to buy it even before I pretty much ruined it with lube and my own wet cunt so I didn’t mind taking it off too much.

My third outfit was a very clingy Nineties style silver dress which reminded me of being a slutty teenager fucking in alleyways on nights out. I pulled the skirt of it up and bent over the bench and fucked myself from behind with the toy until I came for the third time in about fifteen minutes.


My legs were shaking as I got dressed again in my own ridiculously slutty outfit and took the black leotard out to buy. I’d tried to make sure it was presentable before I left the changing room but I’m sure from the look the guy behind the till gave me I hadn’t entirely managed it…

Impulse Purchase

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