So I cancelled my date. Part of it was that post Christmas thing when you’ve lost the will to socialise and just want to lie in bed, but I knew there was more to it when I texted my Master to tell him.

I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was though. Yes, there was the slight worry that my date wouldn’t be good in bed as my Master has ruined me for life there. That made me realise I was actually quite nervous about showing off the obvious signs of my kinks to someone new.

I had no worry that he wouldn’t enjoy the pierced nipples and clit, but at the back of my mind I wondered how my stretched cunt would be received. Most men are borderline obsessed with a tight cunt and I was apprehensive about the response to my mine and the looseness I’ve worked hard at.

I love that work I’ve put in at my Master’s orders and I love how much easier I find it to come now, but I’m still cautious about having a part of my body judged especially by someone who probably doesn’t share the same kink.

I kept dithering between wanting to show my cunt off and make my Master proud and having to explain something in real life that’s incredibly personal and full of potential for misunderstanding and not knowing which side was winning: show off or shyness.

The only thing for it was to talk to my Master about it all. He knows me well enough to ask the right questions that made the whole thing make sense. I was apprehensive personally but also felt it wasn’t the right time to go on a date with someone else because I don’t feel I’m working hard enough at my submission to him at the moment.

At the back of my mind I’m very aware that I really didn’t end up ticking as many things of my Master’s list for 2016 as I’d have liked and that seeing another man outside those rules felt a bit like going out to play before I’d done my homework.

I’d discussed this a bit with my Master recently and he was happy that I was making progress elsewhere, especially with training Princess and obviously I am not going to tell him differently as he clearly knows his own mind.

But I know when I look at the list I want to make an excuse or justification for each bit I didn’t achieve and I know myself well well enough to know that as soon as I do that, I know I haven’t done my best and am disappointed in myself.

Part of it is that I am much more used to active submission to him such as explicitly kneeling in front of him that I struggle to recognise my indirect submission through things like training Princess as still being overtly submissive and am harder on myself than I should be.

So when my Master told me there’d be direct orders if I went on the date, I changed my mind again. Who know what 2017 will bring?



So I’m supposed to be going on a date tomorrow night and I’m conflicted about it for several reasons.

It came about unexpectedly when a guy I knew through work and I were out drinking and he kissed me. I liked the attention and I liked the kiss more than I expected, but I also felt cautious about the whole thing.

I belong to my Master and his ownership of me is literally marked on my body with the modification of my clit piercing. I am reminded of it repeatedly throughout the day that way but never more so than when another man is interested in me.

I don’t want to do anything to jeopardise that ownership nor my relationship with Princess but I do tend to respond to the attention of men. Prior to meeting my Master, I have never really done relationships of any length or commitment. I was more the fuck them and move on type in fact.

I am much more practised in the art of attracting men in both public and private settings than than keeping their interest. Most of my sexual encounters could be measured in evenings or maybe weeks and a lot of the allure was the chase rather than the connection per se.

It still comes relatively naturally to me to flirt and attract attention from the opposite sex. Partly through habit but also because the changes my Master has made to my body as Candi certainly catch men’s eye and Princess has encouraged me to be more of a show off.

I felt oddly guilty after the guy kissed me as if I was sharing something with him that was for my Master and Princess and it only calmed when my Master made it clear that he rather liked the idea of showing me off in person to another man and gave me orders if I went on the date.

But I’m still not sure. Part of me relishes the idea of showing off each slutty kinky little change my Master has made me as someone discovers my new waist, my pierced nipples or my changed stretched cunt.

And part of me likes that no one else has seen those things in person or touched them about from my Master and Princess. After years of exhibitionism through casual sex, I like the secrets I have from the outside world with only two other people and I’m not sure I’m ready to show those off to anyone else.

And that’s even more unexpected for me than the kiss was…




Although I met my Master several months earlier, I associate the beginning of our relationship with Christmas more. I happened to be at my mother’s house for Christmas when our flirtation tipped into me getting wetter than I’d ever been after seeing a photo of him in drag.

The next few days were a stream of increasingly filthy texts and him starting to give me orders. I think I proved my potential when I sneaked away from family after midnight mass on Christmas Eve and put two fingers in my cunt and sent him the photograph.

Those of you who’ve been reading the blog this year might be surprised to know that I had never sent any photos like that before then and was so nervous about doing it that I could only manage to go through with it by putting myself in such an intense situation I couldn’t back out.

I was rewarded handsomely with a late night conversation with him after I’d gone to bed that turned into phone sex together. It was quite a struggle even for me not to make any noise as I came because it was so hot when he ordered me to come for him for the first time.

It was also the first and only time I’ve ever asked him to come for me and he sent me a video of it that I couldn’t stop replaying in my head the next day when I should have been paying attention to cooking Christmas dinner instead.

I had no idea what that first orgasm would lead to but I’m very glad I tried something new and followed my orders like a good girl for once instead of being as wilful and bloody minded as I seemed to have been being before than. I’ve been rewarded with so much more than just an orgasm for that.

I can’t promise you all quite that for Christmas this year but I do hope you all get the orgasms and enjoyment you do want…



My best friend is brilliant. She’s a gorgeous butch dyke with the sharpest hair cut and sense of humour I know. And she’s the most accepting person I know without straying over into enabling or ignoring my mistakes.

She’d been hoping since we met that I might actually be queer or amenable to experimentation and while I’m sure she was the one who hoped to convince me to cunt, she admired my Master for getting me to try it out.

So you can imagine how I pleased I was when she met Princess and liked her. But what most people won’t be able to imagine is how pleased I was when she wanted to both fuck Princess and be her friend.

In my friendships and relationships with the people I care most about I like to share the things that make me happy. I don’t believe in possessiveness or exclusion. Essentially I am always happy to offer to share my playthings with people who appreciate and respect the invite rather than keep them to myself.

It works very well for me that my Master likes to share Princess with me and me with both other men and the readers of this blog or Clips 4 Sale. A huge attraction to him was that he wasn’t looking for another girlfriend but a submissive and I love seeing him and Princess together as a couple.

I think that idea is quite challenging for most people who’ve been taught monogamy is the only way to have a relationship or that three’s a crowd. And even the ones who are more used to the idea of open relationship might not extend that to friendships too.

But I love the idea of my best friend flirting with Princess and I love the idea of Princess responding. She looks so innocent around the more experienced more dominant dyke. Yet the first time they met, Princess rendered my friend speechless and blushing by mentioning out of the blue how she liked to masturbate to videos of me fucking myself with candles.

So they are well matched to play fantastically flirtatious games together. I have no fear of falling out favour with either of them and I doubt my Master is anything more than entertained by the whole idea. He certainly liked hearing how Princess kissed my friend hello on the cheek the other day seconds after being face first in my cunt.

I’m certainly intrigued to see where a girls’ night in (or out) goes in the next few months…







I’ve lost count of how many threesomes I’ve had with my Master and Princess over the last months (yes, my 2016 was pretty spectacular all said) and I remain amazed at how my Master choreographs each one differently.

There is allowance for old favourites with things each of us enjoys most, yet each threesome remains individual and unique. I love that he makes that effort and employs those details so when I think about fucking either of them, a montage of highlights flicks through my brain.

There’s orgasms for each of us, moments like the first time my fist slipped inside Princess’s cunt or my Master allowing me to top her in tandem with him as he shared his submissive wife with his sex toy.

It’s that collaboration with him I think I’m proudest of this year in my submission. It’s incredibly hot of course, but more than that it’s an incredible honour when someone you submit to allows you to play on an equal footing with their dominance. you know you’ve earned that opportunity.

So it seemed particularly apt that his choreography the other night involved all three of us working so together at once that both Princess and I were on top of my Master at the same time.

She and I took turns sitting astride his chest and his cock, fucking him and kissing each other. I love the feel of my Master’s chest when I’m on top of him. He’s solid enough to feel like you can really fuck him and bury your hands in his chest hair while doing so.

But I’ve never felt his chest hair against my shaved cunt before and between it and Princess biting at my lip as he fucked her to orgasm, I’ve rarely been wetter. So when he ordered me to get the Doxy I’d brought and put it between us to see who came first, I suspected it would be me even when he said first one to come got a spanking.

She continued to fuck his cock as hard and deep as possible while grinding against the Doxy as it pressed on both our clits at the same time at the highest speed and yet I still came before her because the feel of both of them together around the toy was so hot.

The orgasm was so worth it I didn’t stop to wonder if the spanking promised was a reward or a punishment until it was too late…



Since my Master had carefully planned a threesome for exactly a year since my first with him and Princess, I thought I should make a little effort for the event.

Getting dressed up for the first one certainly helped me overcome my nerves beforehand but I loved that getting ready on Friday was more about excitement and anticipation than apprehension.

I actually dug out the photo of my outfit from last year and I liked it but I laughed at the corset. Not even steel boned back then, my waist has been trained down five inches in total in 365 days and I can lace myself into it almost as tightly as my Master can.

I wanted to wear something that shows how much I enjoy these threesomes and don’t take them for granted after a year and I also wanted to create a response in both of them. So what else could I choose to wear but the black bodysuit I had to buy after making myself come in it recently?

I picked out a leather skirt to wear with it and look like a total domme and then I thought about how I didn’t own a skirt the first time I walked up the road to fuck my Master in his bed. So I took the skirt off and just wore the bodysuit on its own.

All it needed was some fishnet stockings, a black corset, thigh high boots and a very demure long black coat to cover it all for the walk. There was definitely a cheeky hint of fishnet clad thigh on the way, but I actually looked less slutty to passers-by than when I went out in shorts recently.

But I did want to make a big revel to my Master and Princess when I got there and luckily they were both lying on their bed together when I got there looking almost sleepy. I took my coat off and walked into their bedroom and they both sat straight up.

Together but in their separate ways they’ve turned me into a massive show off so I very much enjoyed the reaction to the fact I was basically dressed like a slutty superhero. Definitely reminds me to polish my superpower of stretching my cunt.

And my Master started me off again by immediately pulling me astride him and pulling the bodysuit open and pushing his cock inside me…



Times Change

So as I said, right up to almost minutes before my first threesome with my Master and Princess I still wasn’t sure I was going to do it and then it just sort of happened on my Master’s guidance.

And she’s completely changed my life. I still don’t know if I’m interested in having sex with any other woman except Princess but I am very very sure about how much I want to have sex with her.

I always worried that if I fucked a woman I’d be mentally comparing it to sex with a man and using cock as some kind of yardstick that cunt had to measure up to. But not once has that happened with Princess.

Right from the start her cunt has been a pleasure to play with and through getting to know her more and my Master and I training it, I think of it as one of the greatest joys in my life. Just thinking about it goes straight to my own cunt every time.

I am very glad my Master encouraged me to try something new last year. I’m also very pleased that Princess was the first woman I fucked and it’s been so ridiculously hot getting to know another woman’s body. Particularly such a beautiful woman.

I feel extremely lucky my Master allows me to share her and in fact has arranged another threesome for tonight no less…

Times Change