Night Out

I do rather enjoy socialising with my Master and Princess out in the public realm. This is mainly because I enjoy their company immensely but also because of the opportunities it creates.

My Master and Princess invited me for drinks on Saturday night with a mutual friend of ours and once the niceties of times and places were established, unsurprisingly my Master had orders for me.

I was to dress to show off my waist and tits and I was allowed to surprise him I wanted. I would also need to wear something where I could kneel down to suck his cock in the toilets while we were out.

I haven’t had much chance to get dressed up recently so I almost couldn’t think what to wear but luckily Princess reminded me that I own a ridiculously short skirt that would give me a chance to wear the thigh high boots I bought a few weeks ago.

I teamed both with a very tight top and the waist trainer and went to do my make up. I couldn’t understand why there was glitter on a top I’d never worn before and it kept distracting me in the mirror until I realised it was that it was so tight across my bare tits, the ball of my nipple piercings were showing through.

Reluctantly I added the sheerest bra I own as even by Candi’s standards that’s a little much for Saturday night in the pub especially since I’m supposed to only know my Master and Princess relatively casually.

Luckily our mutual friend is a nice but massively unobservant man so short of my Master making me kneel down in front of him, he’s unlikely to pick up the dynamic between the three of us.

This does allow for some ridiculous humour when discussing sex over a few drinks. Said friend is rumoured to be extremely well endowed and conservation almost always turns to his cock at some point in the night.

This time was a game of comparison with other phallic objects. He giggled at the idea of cucumbers and plantain for size and girth and bemoaned the trope of the aubergine emoji as the international symbol for a cock because who has ever actually heard of someone fucking an aubergine?

I was very careful not to meet my Master’s eye across the table while he and our friend laughed about other over the top items you could fuck yourself with. Coke cans came up, making me bite my lip and then there was much amusement about the improbability of a butternut squash being a sex toy.

(I Googled ‘fucking a butternut squash’ while writing this just out of curiosity. I’m amused to see how many food bloggers who think they are being a bit edgy by swearing come up in the search just under a man with his cock inside a squash.)

Luckily before I actually started to squirm (or blush) at the table, my Master offered to get another round in and as he passed, told me to check my phone. I didn’t need telling twice to follow Princess into the toilets while he was at the bar and make her come with the sex toy he had ordered me to bring…


Night Out


I hadn’t had the chance to wear my corset for a long time and when I was getting ready for my Master the other night, I was most excited to reacquaint myself with it that I laced myself into long before he made a detailed plan to come round.

I love the feeling of lacing myself into it and seeing my body shape change in an instant in the mirror. It takes a lot of work to season a corset to fit your body and only your body and now when I get into either of mine, they mould to fit me properly.

My Master however didn’t think it was tight enough and he laced me into it so tightly that it actually hurt to breathe while I was fisting Princess and I had to ask him to loosen it before he was able to fuck me.

I wore it all evening though even as we ate and I was almost surprised to notice I still had it on when he unlaced before they went home. The next day I could really feel the effort wearing it after a prolonged break creates and my muscles ached in a way that mimicked being tightly bound.

Princess struggles with this constricted feeling, but I love it. It makes me feel secure in some ways and as if my sexual energy and power is concentrated by being pushed into a smaller space with the momentum that creates.

Wearing the corset or waist trainer feels like my body being supported and guided. It’s more comfortable now for walking or standing for any length of time and it makes me feel stronger and stand taller even though essentially I lean against it. It actually describes my relationship with my Master quite well.

So I was interested to read this piece today about why people enjoy bondage for a variety reasons and why being immobilised or restricted can actually be very comforting when you’d think it would be unpleasant.

I enjoy tying Princess to the bed very much but I think I might be wanting to experiment with more forms of constriction myself in the future…




I have missed dressing up for my Master so much recently. It get ready sets the scene for me right from the start. Even before we’ve even arranged what time we’re meeting or he’s given me any orders I’m already deciding what to wear for him.

This time was easy though. I’d had a little splurge in the Ann Summers sale since they specialise rather well in the kind of underwear you only wear to off as much as possible.

And I’m sure my Master isn’t the only one to enjoy a revealing black bra on a Friday night….


Repeat Behaviour

My Master had choreographed everything so well the other night that we’d all come hard before dinner arrived and he’d provided drinks and the entertainment of sending Princess to the door to collect our meal.

Unsurprisingly after all those orgasms we were hungry and enjoyed eating and drinking throughout the evening feeling very relaxed. Just as we were all thinking about calling it a night, I was reminded the new glass dildo with flogger tail was in fact on the bed and that my Master hadn’t had the chance to use it earlier.

But before I could mention that fact, Princess jokingly tried to flog my Master with it. For a man who had been ready to fall asleep only seconds earlier, he came back to life almost instantly at her brattiness, flipping her straight over and flogging her ass hard as he demanded an apology.

Watching her ass arch up in the air striped red was too tempting and he started fucking her ass with the glass end of the toy before she could say anything else to get herself in trouble after her disobedience.

The whole thing went straight to his cock and almost before she could realise, he was fucking her again with the toy still in her ass. She wriggled and squirmed and insisted her cunt was too ruined from before but forgot that she still had the cuffs from earlier on and that I could clip them back on if my Master told me.

But then she started asking him to fuck her harder and changing her mind about her cunt having had enough. Mine certainly hadn’t as I watched them fuck and I was incredibly wet when my Master ordered me to face him with my cunt over Princess’s face so she could lick me while he fucked her.

One of my favourite things is watching my Master and Princess fuck anyway but it was ridiculously hot seeing his cock sliding in and out of her as he held the glass ended flogger under her as a harness to lift her up to fuck her deeper and harder.

He came so hard into her that the movements of it went through her into my cunt and made me come again too, sitting on Princess’s face to keep her quiet from being even more bratty while she got fucked senseless.

Sometimes it’s only fair to save her from herself and get my own orgasm at the same time…



Repeat Behaviour


After over 45 minutes of me licking and sucking and teasing Princess’s cunt with my mouth, my Master finally allowed that she could come.

But burying my face in her clit with his cock deep in my cunt wasn’t enough to push her over at that point. She was ravenous for for something inside her by this point and mixing my thumb and tongue was simply keeping her on the edge further.

My Master took his cock out of my cunt and slid it down her throat as he ordered me to start slipping my hand into her aching begging cunt. It was a joy to trail one finger up and down and watch her cunt literally open for it.

If she’d had her hands free she’d have been shoving all four fingers inside her immediately but I enjoyed adding them gradually, fucking her deeper each time until my hand was right up to the knuckles.

My Master lubed me up and I slid my hand right into her cunt as she gasped and groaned around his cock and once I was up to the narrowest point of my wrist, fist clenched I started to fuck her as hard I possibly could until she was begging me to destroy her cunt and coming so hard round my fist I couldn’t move it for a second.

Her gorgeous stretched cunt was still crying out for more though and my Master leaned himself down, cock still in her mouth and two fingers slipped into her slick cunt beside my fist.

We started off at two different rhythms as we explored her eager pussy begging for both of us and then it just worked to fuck her together. Four fingers from my Master and a whole fist from me brought her to another orgasm where no discernible words came out as she stretched further round our hands.

But my Master wasn’t done with his beautiful stretched slut of a wife yet. He ordered me to keep my fist buried deep in her and to press the Doxy against her swollen clit as he went back to fucking her face with his cock so she couldn’t keep protesting that it was too much for her.

Within minutes, she was begging for me to turn the Doxy up and fist her harder and harder. She was pressing so hard against my fist and the toy I could hardly breathe in my corset as her ruined cunt came around me for the third time in under an hour.

My Master rewarded her by unclipping her cuffs from the ties on the bed and allowing her to sit up and recover slightly before ordering her to put his work shirt over her waist trainer and go to the door to collect dinner from the delivery driver with no panties on and the cuffs clinking around her hands and wrists while we drank the champagne he had brought…


Teasing Times

Friday nights are full of promise. That perfect balance between the end of a week and a start of a weekend, they seem to have their own rules so when my Master told me to keep mine free this week I couldn’t say no.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had the chance to play with my Master and Princess together and so it seemed apt that a little more anticipation would build the occasion further.

I managed to send my Master a text about my address by accident rather than to my friend and his Friday afternoon mind was woken up by it. He ordered me to interrupt my meeting to go into the bathroom and slip four fingers into my cunt and send it to him and Princess.

Of course I was happy to oblige and then await my next orders from him, getting wetter and more ready as the day went on. Just as I was tempted to ask instead of await, he told both Princess and I to get dressed and when she got to my house for me to tie her to the bed and tease her clit with my tongue without her coming until he arrived.

She looks so good in her waist trainer with her arms and legs wide and tied to my bed that I had no difficulty diving into her cunt almost immediately. I haven’t had the chance to taste her in so long that it was a treat to.

Although maybe not for her since my plan was to tease and almost torture her with my tongue and mouth and hers was to be licked until she came hard and quickly. But where’s the fun there?

It was in me kissing her cunt and biting and sucking her thighs til she squirmed before flicking my tongue across her clit and fucking her lightly with it to get her dripping wet before distracting myself with sucking her clit and licking her until she tried to push herself over the edge with her own hands.

At that level of brattiness, I made her sit up to kiss me instead to prevent her hands misbehaving. I was about to take pity on her and ask my Master where he was when he texted to say he was five minutes away. I tried to reply with how horny Princess was but she was literally biting my hands in frustration at that point.

The only option I had was to tell her to lie back down and start again because what could I enjoy more than the power of having a beautiful woman’s cunt being pushed into your face as she fucks your mouth and begs you to make her come?

Turns out the only thing is my Master coming up behind me while I lick her delicious cunt and teasing me with his hard cock before fucking me hard and deep until I come around him.

Only then was Princess allowed to come but by then my mouth wasn’t enough for her hungry cunt…


Teasing Times


After giving Princess her present after being so good about delayed gratification recently, I enjoyed her offering her thanks in return. She has excellent manners and both of us were incredibly horny due to all that delayed gratification.

I couldn’t get enough of her two fingers brushing against my G spot and was practically begging her to add another when she stopped to tease me with her tongue before returning to fucking me with her fingers inside me and on my clit. That orgasm barely took a moment to come.

I was getting wetter and wetter watching her up on her knees, tiny waist on display and sliding her fingers into me and pushing her palm against my soaking wet cunt. Another orgasm didn’t take long.

Much as I’d enjoyed giving her orders earlier, I was thoroughly enjoying her response to them. They’d made me soaking wet and asking me if I wanted another orgasm. How could I say no to such a lovely face and such lust? I couldn’t and neither could she.

Without having to say any more she was lying on top of me with four fingers inside my cunt as I pulled my legs up round her back as high as possible. Always a favourite position for me with a cock, it felt even deeper with her hand and I had another very intense orgasm that left me unable to do much more than grasp her tightly to me and lie back to recover.

My Master wasn’t joking earlier when he reminded me that Princess responds very well to rewards….