A Gift

My Master had a birthday recently and it’s hard to know what to get a man who already has a beautiful blonde wife and a slutty submissive. Somehow socks don’t seem like they’d cut it here.

But it seemed logical to combine the blonde wife and the slutty submissive in some way in order to celebrate his day so I organised a shoot with me and Princess to perform on camera just for my Master to see.

I had no doubt how gorgeous Princess would look on film but I was pleasantly surprised how naturally she took to performing on camera. No shyness, but plenty of sluttiness and stunning submission for him to look at.

I was slightly concerned that my Master would question whether I had permission for that part of my training with Princess and wondered how he would respond to my initiative. But I wanted to do something specifically for him to show how much I value his ownership and guidance.

But I woke to a message from Princess saying he had got instantly hard at the first photo and was now fucking her and it was followed by a message from him telling to give myself three orgasms with the John Holmes toy and the Doxy in quick succession and I knew he rather liked the gift.

In fact he’s already decided we need to do another shoot and embrace the porn star style more next year. I can’t wait…

A Gift

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