I know there are more pressing issues about the lack of disabled toilets in public places than me being able to slip into them with my Master to suck his cock, but the shortage of a well placed one in the pub the other night meant I didn’t get the chance in the end to complete that order for my Master.

Then a slight miscommunication with Uber by Princess and I after a few drinks meant not being able to go back to my Master and Princess’s house to end the night with me on my knees (and yes, I know there are more pressing issues with Uber than that too, but it was a frustrating end to an enjoyable evening.)

My Master decided Princess and I needed to make it up to him next day. He sent me a photo of Princess sucking his cock and ordered me to get ready take the John Holmes toy. It didn’t take much to get me ready when he then sent me a video of him flogging Princess’s ass bright red with the new flogger I gave her.

Each new stripe on her ass, each sound of the leather on naked flesh, each slight squirm from her with her ass in the air went straight to my cunt. The John Holmes toy slipped in easily even if I’m tight at the moment and couldn’t take as much of it straightaway.

Another video of Princess pressing the wand against her clit while my Master fucked her cunt with his hand made me ready to fuck myself with the John Holmes toy especially when I saw the beautiful gape Princess has these days.

I had just managed to come when my Master ordered me to warm myself back up to my stretched self with exactly 30 minutes of fucking myself with the John Holmes toy. I was to come after 20 minutes and then again at 30 minutes.

My cunt was so ready for a long slow fucking even I was slightly disappointed by how tight I’ve got recently. But after about 15 minutes I could feel my cunt stretching open and I came hard at 20 minutes.

Although it turns out my clock is a little slow so in order to make my Master’s exacting standards for orders, I had to come again in six minutes not ten. I was so wet and stretched by then it wasn’t a problem to come but I couldn’t get up again for the next half an hour.

I definitely need more practice to get me back to my stretched and slutty self…


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