Bathroom Break

As ordered the other night, I followed Princess in the toilets of the pub giving thanks for the fact there’s that cliche about women always peeing in pairs and taking their handbags with them.

Stereotype makes it much easier to slide into a cubicle together and for me to push her against the door and pull her tights down so I could feel how wet our conversation about oversized objects in someone’s cunt had made her.

I certainly didn’t need any lube to slip the pink G spot toy she loves so much into her soaking cunt. She enjoys that toy so much I bought a second one recently so she get fucked with it at my house and at her own so it was the perfect moment to surprise her with that.

She responded by pushing her tights down further so she could spread her legs wider and get fucked deeper and harder with the toy. Acutely aware of not making any rhythmic noises against the door as I fucked her, it was a delight to watch her arch her back and take the toy as deep as possible.

I then slid to my knees and licked her cunt while fucking her with the toy, pressing my palm against her each time she bucked backwards out of reach of my tongue. Normally Princess lifts her legs when she is about to come but obviously that’s not possible when you are standing up.

Instead she put her arms above her head and stretched up as high as possible as I fucked and sucked at her cunt until she came hard on my face and onto the toy. I slipped it out of her and made her suck it clean before sliding it back into my bag and slipping out of the cubicle.

I had sent my Master a photograph of the toy inside Princess so he knew I’d been following orders when I sat back down at the table. I’m sure he was imagining his turn next with the taste of Princess still on my lips…

Bathroom Break

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