I hadn’t had the chance to wear my corset for a long time and when I was getting ready for my Master the other night, I was most excited to reacquaint myself with it that I laced myself into long before he made a detailed plan to come round.

I love the feeling of lacing myself into it and seeing my body shape change in an instant in the mirror. It takes a lot of work to season a corset to fit your body and only your body and now when I get into either of mine, they mould to fit me properly.

My Master however didn’t think it was tight enough and he laced me into it so tightly that it actually hurt to breathe while I was fisting Princess and I had to ask him to loosen it before he was able to fuck me.

I wore it all evening though even as we ate and I was almost surprised to notice I still had it on when he unlaced before they went home. The next day I could really feel the effort wearing it after a prolonged break creates and my muscles ached in a way that mimicked being tightly bound.

Princess struggles with this constricted feeling, but I love it. It makes me feel secure in some ways and as if my sexual energy and power is concentrated by being pushed into a smaller space with the momentum that creates.

Wearing the corset or waist trainer feels like my body being supported and guided. It’s more comfortable now for walking or standing for any length of time and it makes me feel stronger and stand taller even though essentially I lean against it. It actually describes my relationship with my Master quite well.

So I was interested to read this piece today about why people enjoy bondage for a variety reasons and why being immobilised or restricted can actually be very comforting when you’d think it would be unpleasant.

I enjoy tying Princess to the bed very much but I think I might be wanting to experiment with more forms of constriction myself in the future…


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